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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap Generator contains all the links to your website. The sitemap is of two types: HTML and XML. HTML maps are designed for search engines and properly designed, they will deliver crucial information about your site that will help you in sitting at the top of the search engine results page. and that's what you get from an XML sitemap generator tool from our website.

Among the important information that the map has the possibility of displaying include: the last time your site was modified and how frequently you change the site.
Fresh content is of good importance in SEO, therefore, when search engine bots find a report of the fresh unique content according to their SEO guidelines the site will be ranked high on the search engine results page.
HTML sitemap performs a huge function in helping users to conveniently navigate your site. By just following your links the users will be able to find all the information that they want.


The fact that XML maps list pages accordingly and provide additional information about those pages helps search engines crawl your site more intelligently. This basically means that a good sitemap serves as a roadmap for your website that leads search engines to all of your important pages. XML is especially important if: Your site is not well structured or well linked (internal links) Your site is new and does not have many external links. Some pages on your site are created dynamically (as it is on some e-commerce websites) Your site is large and/or has a lot of archived content that may not be linked well An example is a user-generated content site such as job boards, whose pages get archived (and forgotten) after a period of time.

Your site is just an average website, but you care that search engines index it properly. XML map can also be useful for search engine optimization (SEO). Why? Because they allow Google and other search engines to easily find important pages on your website, even if your internal link is wrong. This is important because Google and other search engines index and rank specific web pages, not entire websites. Home page URL has already been crawled and indexed by search engines, there is still a need to provide them with a properly defined sitemap to help expose other pages that would otherwise be hidden from spider bots. Think of your website as a house and every page. of your site as a room. Google can know the house from the "outside view", but not necessarily every room. Now, think of a site map as a floor plan or map of your house and the rooms in it.

This blueprint to easily and quickly find all the rooms within your home And speaking of quickly finding your pages, if you posted content and it was copied and published elsewhere, Sitemaps can be very helpful in establishing yourself as the source original content How? Because through the help of an XML map, Google will be able to find it first on your site, since the XML file helps it to crawl your site faster and more often. Summary: duplicate content issue resolved! All these benefits make you just want to create an XML for your site. And that's why we created the Sitemap Builder.