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How To Start A Women Clothing Tops Business Online in UK Here Is A Complete Guide!

To start an online business is quite a time-taking and a bit difficult only if you are unknown to the basic points. To start and run an online store means that you should be working hard and passionately to get the best for your stores.

In this guide here, we have made sure to mention all the key points that can clear all the basic facts to Start Women Clothing Store. This article will be helpful for all kinds of people.

The ones who are unable to run their store after opening and for the ones who don’t have enough money to get their store in running.

As we all know, competition is quite tough, everyone is busy making their sales and stores better than others. Therefore, to all those retailers out there, make sure to read this article till the end to know all those best points.

Factors to know and work on

Several different things should be kept into consideration to get the best results. Many important factors should be dealt with proper care so that you get no problem in the future. This article is a perfect guide to let you all know how you can actually start an online clothing business from home with little or even no money. Let’s move to those important points quickly:

Know and Define Your Niche

Whenever one starts a business of clothing, whether he wants to start a physical store or he wants an online store. He surely needs to tell his customers about what his store is. Just make sure to make your niche the most expressive and most unique. The more unique your niche is the more you will have customers at your store.

For example, if you see that there are more stores for regular size women’s cotton tops, you can go for an online plus size store to make your plus size customers happy. If not this, then look for the number of stores for women’s clothing or men’s clothing.

If there are fewer stores for women’s clothing at your location then go for men’s clothing stores and vice versa. There is another way to know your niche, you need to research the market. Look for the target market, look what kind of people live around your location, look what kind of clothes do they wear, look what do they prefer in clothing, look what do they want in the future in their clothing wardrobes.

All these points will help you know what you need to stock in your stores like it can be cheap tops or cotton tops or linen tops to cater to the needs of women. Besides this, you also need to know about your competitors. Look what they sell, what they provide to their customers. What are the points they lack in? Knowing all these points will help you decide your niche for sure.

Sourcing your products

After knowing your niche, you should also be known about the ways how to source your products in an online clothing business. This is something very important as you can never run your business without knowing this. Choosing a business model is very important.

There are several different business models through which you can source your products. Out of those, below is the list of top models that you should surely be known to. In every business model, there are some pros and cons, we will make sure to make all those pros and cons clear to you so that you can choose which business model can be the best for you.

  • Dropshipping
  • Private on-demand
  • Cut and sew
  • Boutique


This is the one for those who want to start the clothing business with almost nothing. We know many people have nothing with them but they still want to run a store.

Dropshipping is the best way as in this you don’t need to purchase clothing in bulk or you don’t need to store the products before in your store. In this, you only need to find a good supplier and get linked to it.

Whenever a person orders something from your online store, the order will be placed directly to the supplier. The payment that would be done by the customer will be divided into both the parties; the supplier and the store owner. This way, you actually don’t need to take tension of stocking ladies’ linen tops beforehand.

You only need to contact a trustworthy and reliable supplier and add their products on your website so that customers come to the website and can have their favorite clothing from you.

Dropshipping is the easiest way with no money and with little to no risk, too. Besides this, if you are the one still with some confusion, I can recommend you a website known as Oberlo from where you can have the rest of the information for sure.


Another way to have fewer risks of loss and to start with little money is the way known as print on demand. This is the same as drop shopping but has one difference only. In this, you can actually add pictures of ladies beach tops on your online platform from where your customers can actually order their product and your supplier will print out that product for them and then supply it to them. Like drop shipping, again you don’t have to stock products before in your store to run a clothing business.

Cut and Sew

Cut and sew is the way that is the most time-taking and is a long process to be done. Plus, this is a model for those who have the investment to start a fashion clothing business.

A business model in which you have to take care of almost all the things. From the selection of fabric, then the cutting, then the manufacturing, and then the final product.

This is a long process and is the expensive one too. This is suitable only for those who have a good amount of money to start an online clothing store. Make sure to research this model on your own and read other maximum details about this before getting into this business model.

Make Your Logo

The logo of the online website or store is very important. This is something that will be helping your customers in knowing what you are and what are you delivering. Make it most interestingly and uniquely, make it the most attractive to let your customers be attracted towards this.

Sales Platforms

Choose a sale platform for your store is very important. There are different platforms like online websites, social media platforms. For the beginner, I would surely recommend Shopify as this is one of the most recommended sales platforms through which you can make your online clothing store.

You can customize the theme of the website, the colors, and many more. You can use this platform to make your online clothing website look more catchy and attractive. You can also look for the best products to add to your home page to make it look the most attractive.

Market your clothing business

At last, you are almost done with all the basic points to open an online clothing store. It’s finally the time to market your business. There are several best ways through which you can do this. Let’s look below in the article to know those best ways.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Influencers Marketing

Social Media Marketing

This is one of the best ways through which you can have customers at your online store. You can attract customers and can drive sales to your store through the most captivating and eye-catching product. Instagram is one of the best ways through which you can have most of your sales.

Many of the popular brands are driving sales through this so without any doubt, you need to work on this harder. Once you have customers through Instagram, you can get yourself a women’s top supplier in the UK that can let you have your tops at your store.

Paid Advertising

This is another way to raise your sales. You can advertise your online store by paying for it. There are several paid advertising platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. But as I have already said that you can have more sales through Instagram so work on that first.

Influencers Marketing

Another good way to drive sales is with the help of influencers. The fashion influencers are making it easier for the store owners in having more customers. You just need to send your products to them for free and in return, they will make sure to wear your product, click pictures and add it to their profile while mentioning you. This will help you have more customers for sure.


Concluding, the above-mentioned points are the best to run an online clothing business. All you need to do is to note all these points and work on this to have good sales of the year.

You can have tops, dresses or you can also click to see more about to know the finest products to add to your store.

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