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Why Should You Use Animations In Your PowerPoint Presentation?

Animations are just super-engaging; there’s no denying that. Over the years, several global and specifically New York animation studios have started to harness animation’s power for various purposes.

Animations can actually be used for marketing, product introductions, turning a boring subject into an exciting one, and specifically for professional presentations, which is today’s topic.

So, there’s a tool which I’m sure that everyone has heard of. “PowerPoint” this tool allows you to create stunning presentations by leveraging built-in tools such as transition effects, visual tools, and even animations.

Using animations in your presentations can add more value to the message behind your presentation. This grabs your viewers’ attention while enabling them to better understand your presentation, which can be about a product, service, business plan, investment, or literally anything.

Furthermore, several presenters still doubt the viability of using animations in their presentations.

Thus, presenters make the overall presentation super-normal, which compromises the presentation’s quality in terms of what it could’ve been with a blend of animations.

The after-effects? Well, a boring presentation could cost you your engagement, a negative impression, a tedious experience, and so much more. Hence, you need to know what needs to be done to make your presentation interesting.

Today, this article will tell you why you should focus on including animations in your presentations. So, without any further ado – let’s start.

Does Your Presentation Really Need Animations?

Trust me! Literally, any type of presentation in the world can include animations. Using animations enhances the beauty of your animation. They can be used to amplify the reach of your message.

The primary goal of including animations in your presentation is to make sure that your audience understands the message. This should be your top priority. Creating a presentation without visual brilliance is actually a risk.

However, with engaging visuals, you just add more to the value that your presentation is delivering. Just go over the internet and try searching for some of the best animation styles or trends. You’ll find several types of animations that you can include in your presentation.

Let me give you an example here too. You may have heard of motion graphics. If you have never heard of it, let me tell you that it is an animation style. This specific style can be used to get your message across to your audience effectively.

Specifically, if your presentation is super-technical, the chances are that your audience may get bored or could not understand the concept of what they’re seeing. This especially happens during a conference or a long business meeting when a mind becomes overwhelmed by the information or numb due to constant communication.

So, the best way to minimize this risk and catch your audience’s attention in my perspective, you can use motion animation. So, here’s your answer to “Whether your presentation should have animations or not?”

You can also go on searching for the best “New York animation studios.” Look at their portfolio and what they’re doing to stay competitive. This would give you an idea of what you need to do with your presentation to make it more engaging and effective.

Let’s hop on to the next heading now, shall we!

How Animations Help Highlight The Important Points Of Your Presentation?

Animations have a specific look and feel attached to them that just feels comforting and engaging. Depending upon the type of animation that you’re using, the shift of colors, stunning transitions, engaging effects, and much more just add more value to a presentation.

But how do these animations help in directing your viewers’ attention to the core message or specific points of your presentation?

By strategically aligning your presentation’s core messages with the incorporated animations, you can control the viewers’ attention and divert it to the presentation’s core message.

For example, while designing your presentation, you can leverage specific animations to deliver the presentation’s highlights to the audience.

You can use specific characters to explain technical terms to the audience. Furthermore, these characters can be highly viable if your audience is new to the presentation’s subject.

In contrast, an audience that already knows about the subject and is focused on your presentation’s value would feel delighted knowing that you put this much effort into the presentation to help them better understand the message behind the presentation.

Moreover, my pro tip here for you would be to think of your presentation as a whole picture and animations that you’re about to integrate as the missing pieces (puzzle). Start putting the pieces together where necessary and see how this approach is shaping your presentations.

For example; Your presentation is about “Why EV charging stations should be installed everywhere?” For this, you may require graphs or maps to elaborate your point, right? So, to elaborate, I recommend you use static images.

These static images would prove to be extremely powerful when it comes to conveying your idea. Your audience needs to see the whole idea behind the presentation; hence, this integration would help you improve your presentation’s overall aesthetics, giving it a strategic advantage.

How Animations Help In Making The Message Clearer To The Audience?

This part will specifically focus on why I’m convincing you to add more animations to your presentation. So, let’s get rolling!

There are times when the audience feels as if the information displayed in front of them is super cluttered, has unnecessary information, the point of the presentation is twisted, or in the fewest possible world, the presentation isn’t just clear enough.

So, keep the message of your animation video simple and straightforward; you need to use the best animation videos that perfectly represent the presentation’s core objective simply and clearly.

Furthermore, you can leverage the learning approach about your audience. What they prefer, and how’d they want to see a presentation?

Learning these aspects will enable you to create a presentation while keeping the clarity, tone, representation, narration, and pretty much everything else clear and precise.

Also, keeping the message clear and represented in an innovative way using animation would help your audience recall your presentation whenever they feel needed. This means that your presentation would become unforgettable in the long run.

Several New York animation studios create presentations, marketing videos, explainer videos keeping simplicity and effectiveness in mind.

Moreover, my pro-tips on keeping the message and purpose of your presentation are the following:

  • Integrate minimal but effective animations.
  • Use content that resonates with your audience.
  • Don’t use fluff that much.
  • Use characters for explaining various aspects of your presentation.
  • Surround your presentation with compelling visuals and reasons.
  • Incorporate straightforward text and images.

While several other things need to be addressed while creating the best presentation using animations. The aspects mentioned above are the primary ones. They’re enough to set you on the right path.

With them, you can quickly clarify your message and bridge the communication gap between your presentation and your audience.

Wrapping Up

There you’re!

Here’s everything you need to know to create the perfect animation-centric presentation for your business, marketing plan, product, service, or literally anything.

People just love animation, and that’s a fact. More importantly, if your product or service’s targeted audience is on the young side, animations may be the best way to get your message through them super-effectively.

Furthermore, the content mentioned above explains the importance of animations in presentation. Nobody likes a plain old 1950s presentation with graphs and maps and whatnot!

Nowadays, people love a stunning presentation embedded with super-engaging visuals for, i.e., animations. So, just focus on giving the people what they want, and in return, you’ll get what you want.

I know it would take some time to figure out all the ins and outs of animations, plan the overall presentation, and ensure that it doesn’t become too much animated.

But by the end of the day, when you’re done with your animation-oriented presentation, you’ll rest assured that your presentation is going to stand out and yield excellent results.

A pro-tip, in the end, would be to adapt to what New York animation studios are doing. These agencies are highly competitive, and to stay on top, they adapt and test the latest tools, tech, and trends. So, see what they’re doing and plan your next presentation animation smartly.

Author Bio

Daniyal Vadsaria is a professional digital marketer with years of experience in leading brands, working with multiple industry verticals. Currently, he is a Managing Partner of BuzzFlick, which is a specialized video animation service provider. Being a powerful industry voice, Daniyal also offers his services as a consultant in building and implementing brand growth strategies.

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