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8 Best products to sell online to make money 2021

From a real-life hologram projector to a face mask that can magnetically attach to your glasses. Today we’ll be looking at some amazing new eCommerce product ideas that you can sell in 2021.

8. Modmount

This product is the future of phone mounts. Modmount was designed to be the most versatile and universally compatible phone mount. Allowing you to mod any phone of any shape or size easily.

The mount is compatible with other accessories as well including pop sockets, finger rings, steelies, and much more.

The mount was designed using high-quality materials that are both durable and affordable meaning this mounting system is far cheaper than comparable products on the market. You can mount your phone to your car’s dashboard, any wall in your home, your bicycle, your desk, your bike, or even a tripod.

There’s a mount adapter to suit any need you think of.

There’s even amount that can be used as an armband for your daily jog, best of all the mount can be used with apple’s new mag safe system, this means even if you have the new iPhone 12 you can still mount your phone to any surface in your home, car or office.

Attaching your phone is quick and easy just push and twist, your phone will instantly lock into place securing it anywhere that you have a mount attached. This is a new eCommerce product you can sell in 2021.

7. Looking Glass Portrait-O

This new eCommerce product changes the way we see ourselves, our friends, and our future. The looking glass portrait was designed after years of trial and error and is the world’s first portable and personal holographic display.

Using rays of light from various angles you can now create 3D holograms at the push of a button giving you the most realistic 3D experience ever imagined using nothing but your phone’s camera and a standard photo.

The looking glass portrait can analyze your photos and create shockingly realistic 3D holograms that you can place on your desk or mount on your wall allowing you to see your favorite photos with real-world depth instantly.

You can even create animated holograms or install a variety of hologram apps that have been created with unity to give you a fully immersive augmented reality experience without additional hardware or gadgets.

You can also connect the app to third-party software to create a large variety of other holograms including videos, 3D models, and much more.

Looking glass portrait is the future of hologram technology.

6. BioLite FirePit

All-new Biolight FirePit is the perfect accessory eCommerce product for all your outdoor needs. This new FirePit can burn either wood or charcoal using an amazing dual fuel system technology. You can fit up to 4 to 16 logs on the pit making it perfect for any cookout or night with your friends.

The included replaceable grate allows you to instantly turn your FirePit from a wood-burning furnace into a cooktop with the hibachi grill cover.

The patented airflow design also means that you can create super-hot flames without emitting any smoke or other harmful contaminants. One of the most striking features of the Biolight FirePit is the X-ray mesh body that gives you the illusion that the fire is floating.

You can easily pack the FirePit away and store it for later use.

It can condense down to a size of just 27 inches by 10 inches weighing about 20 pounds. It is Bluetooth enabled as well so you can monitor your heart and control the speed of the internal fans with your smartphone.

5. Openseed Meditation Pod

Meditation could change the way we experience life and the Openseed Meditation Pod can help you achieve peak meditation in no time. These ponds were designed to give employees or others relief from the daily grind.

Designed to be placed in any public work or other busy settings.

The pods use a combination of sound and guided meditations to help you achieve a maximum level of relaxation, clearing your mind of pacing thoughts and worries and help you stay focused on your goals. The pod also uses essential oil mists and sophisticated lighting technology to fully immerse you in your meditation experience and alleviate the stress of your struggles.

The open seed is designed to fit into virtually any room and will help you achieve higher levels of awareness, increase creativity, and make you more productive throughout the day.

An independent study also found that Openseed pods are far more effective than meditation on their own. If you’re looking for the world’s best meditation experience that was designed for those of us who work in hectic busy environments, the OpenSeed Pod is the best eCommerce product for you.

4. FlexPai 2

FlexPai 2 is a brand new type of foldable phone that can change the way you use your smartphone in your daily life. This phone was designed with multitasking in mind.

It isn’t much larger than a normal smartphone however it can be unfolded to reveal a much larger screen.

You can use this extra screen to watch videos while browsing the web, check stocks while making notes or so much more. The FlexPai 2 is almost like having two phones built into one device.

You can instantly fold and unfold the device to reveal or hide certain features and apps.

Android multitasking features take this phone to a new level allowing you to quickly change the sizes of certain apps and run as many apps concurrently as you’d like. When you’re ready to store the phone away, just fold it in half and place it in your pocket.

This is the most versatile phone we have ever seen, best of all, the phone is still compatible with all features accessories, and products that work with a standard Android device. If you’re looking for a phone that can do it all you come to the right place.


We can often underestimate the usefulness of a great massage. Massages from businesses can often be very expensive but they don’t have to be with the new DOACE massager.

You can use this eCommerce product massager on yourself and alleviate tired muscles.

There are multiple replaceable heads and tips that you can use to dial in that perfect level of pressure with pinpoint accuracy. This is one of the very few massagers that can be used by you or a friend giving you endless possibilities for a great massage,

however, this massager also offers electrotherapy pads that can penetrate deep into your muscles to relieve the most difficult muscle tissue knots and strains.

These pads send pulses of electricity deep within your muscle to alleviate pain and stiffness as well as help you recover from an intense workout.

The rechargeable battery means that you’ll never run out of power just plug it in or charge it when not in use. The digital display also allows you to dial in the exact parameters you like for your massage increasing the depth or speed of the massaging head.

2. Keychain

The Akaso keychain is a brand new type of 4k vlogging camera that can be taken everywhere you go. This camera can attach to anything from your shirt to your backpack to your purse, the possibilities are limitless.

This tiny camera offers stunning 4k video with EIS 2.0 stabilization to ensure that your shots are smooth and not shaky and stutter.

You can record up to 60 minutes of video with a 124 degree viewing angle. The camera is completely hands-free after turning it on. It can be paired to any wi-fi connection to transfer your files to your computer or smartphone.

You can even capture 20-megapixel photos or time-lapse videos with ease.

Best of all, this camera is IP56 waterproof making it perfect for any hiking trick or adventure on the lake. This is the only camera that was built for everyone and the fact that it is the size of a standard keychain, makes it even better.

1 Tactika Facewear

In a world where we must wear masks for the safety of others, it can be difficult to find a mask that is stylish yet also easy to breathe through. Tactika Facewear has designed a new type of mask that can still show your face while protecting yourself and others from harmful contaminants in the air.

This mask was designed to magnetically clip onto a new brand of glasses that Tactika has launched.

The mask has tiny magnets around the top that allow you to quickly and easily swap out different masks or clip on a mask. When entering a public area you can now breathe easily and safely with a mask that still allows others to see your face.

There will be no more difficult straps to mess with or muffled voices you can live life as you normally would while protecting yourself and others from illness.

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