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9 Incredible TikTok Marketing Ideas To Double Your Engagement Rate

Do you have an idea of tapping your brand into TikTok? The choice is perfect! In recent days, TikTok is streaming as the new player on social media networks and becomes the world’s fastest-growing platform.

In 2019, TikTok surprised us by gaining more than 2 billion downloads with more than 800 million monthly active users. It is an unpredictable growth by researchers.

The stem of success on any social media site is engagement rate. When more audiences gather on your TikTok account, the popularity of your brand or business rises. People on TikTok spend 52 minutes daily on the platform, whereas Facebook users spend 58 minutes which is more or less equal. 

Higher engagement is one of the fastest tracks for creators to gain more offers from brands for healthy collaboration. Millions of influencers and brands carve for engagement on TikTok and get organic reach. So, consider TikTok a new growing place and reach the target audiences with a perfect marketing strategy.

Boost your visibility with the following TikTok tips and attain organic growth with a large engagement rate for your account.

TikTok Basics And Its Growth

TikTok is an engaging platform sharing short, interesting, and entertaining videos. Like Instagram stories, you can loop your video content between 15 to 60 seconds, providing a unique concept.

Since TikTok is an energetic platform, the work of getting higher engagement is quite easy. Also, build your favorite soundtrack into your content and go viral with great editing.

Some of the popular videos on TikTok include:

  • Ice-Bucket challenge
  • Choreographed dancing
  • Lip-syncing videos
  • Prank videos
  • Singing challenge
  • Instant comedy videos

We are coming to the TikTok growth statistics!

Truly, the year 2020 is an excellent year for TikTok that attained incredible growth. Let’s see the achievement of TikTok that helps to get a better start!

  • In 2020, TikTok achieved the best downloading app in Q1 with 315 million downloads, overcoming YouTube and Twitter.
  • 15.4% increase in daily app usage.
  • During the pandemic situation in Mar 2020, TikTok gathered 115 downloads globally.
  • 46 million downloads were from the U.S.
  • TikTok becomes the sixth-largest application for active users.

TikTok Marketing Ideas To Maximize Your Engagement Rate


When you decide to use TikTok to improve your engagement rate, start discovering how to shine on the platform from every nook and corner. Connect with the audiences by following the TikTok marketing ideas in the below article:

#1. Build Community With Authenticity

If you want to be successful on TikTok, be authentic while preparing content. Yes! You came across the word “authenticity” in recent times, mostly on social media, and it seems overused. However, authenticity leads to original or genuine content. However, when you are authentic on TikTok, it really builds a strong and trustworthy relationship with your audiences.

Keep in mind that never push sales. Instead, inject the fun, informative, and creative elements into your branded content and express satisfaction on your TikTok account. Spend time browsing videos and your audience performance regularly to know the needs. When you gather a loyal community, then it becomes easy to convert your fan base into your customers.

#2. Provide Value To Your Stories

TikTok streams with lots of content, so show your uniqueness to be different from others. When you are looking to stand out from the crowd, choose an option to tell an informative story like educational content, providing value to the user. If you give valuable content regularly, you will soon become the go-to resource for audiences.

Get a bonus point in audience engagement by adding fun to your educational content. Be a successful brand by explaining the ways to use your product to audiences. A good initiate on TikTok is that the app invested 13 million euros into the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok. So, the experts and brands are gaining commission by sharing educational content.

Share valuable stories and build trust with higher engagement with your audiences!

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#3. Become Popular With UGC Content

The basic technique that takes you to success is by repurposing the user-generated content. Suppose you are not a creator but a brand, no worries! Encourage your local community to share the videos by using your services or products. The UGC content drives more engagement than the usual or branded content. 

The main thing to gain more UGC content is building a good relationship with your potential audiences. With the engagement rate, brand awareness also increases. Then you do not need to push sales from your target audiences. The potential leads pour into your brand automatically with the help of UGC content.

#4. Leaving Frequent Posts

The two significant factors to be considered while posting TikTok content are:

  • Frequency
  • Consistency

Those two phenomena remain the primary tool to increase your engagement level and provide popularity on the TikTok platform. Gain the audience’s attention by leaving regular posts and engaging your audiences with mind-blowing content.

A frequent posting leads to brand identity and accelerates the growth of TikTok followers that enhances the audience’s engagement. You may also schedule your content to save time and to launch content at the perfect time.

Also, create curiosity in your content and engage audiences to land your video on the For You page. Become trending with your consistent and informative content!

#5. Effective Hashtags On Caption


Incorporating the trending hashtags on the captions are more likely for audiences to discover your content. The hashtags remain an excellent tool for attaining success for your brand. Use the same technique to fly on success!

Since you can include your hashtags on the captions, TikTok limits with only 100 characters to leave on the caption. Be specific while selecting the hashtags. Better use the combination of general and niche hashtags to gain higher engagement. For example, if you are in a travel niche, choose generic hashtags like #tiktoktravel or city names like #newyork, #usa, etc.

#6. Come Up With Trends


TikTok is prevalent in viral music and has licensing rights to use the latest songs and music in your content. But the TikTok trends keep on changing. The main variable on the TikTok trends is the music. Recreate the trends according to your brand concept and become famous. 

The For You page on TikTok is a powerful place to find the trending topic. Yes! When you are scrolling down the FYP, the same song or theme may repeat. Then fix it as your first trend and be the first to implement it in your content for attracting new audiences. It is harder to adapt to trends but is an adaptive method to gain engagement.

#7. Stream On TikTok Live


Like Instagram, TikTok also offers to come upon life for making a good connection with your followers. When a strong relationship builds with your followers, the engagement rate automatically rises. You can also make money using live features because TikTok allows audiences to gift their favorite creators.

Do you want to be your audience’s favorite creator? Come up with an exciting concept and live title to grab audiences’ attention and make them donate gifts with the videos that suit their interest. It optimizes your profile since it appears first in your audience’s inbox. The only concern about joining or streaming live is, the follower’s count should exceed 1000. 

#8. Use Q&A Feature

The Q&A feature on TikTok came into existence in March 2021 and became an attractive feature for creators to increase the audience’s engagement. Currently, only the creators can access this feature. This feature peeps on the profile section, where users can leave questions like a suggestion box.

TikTok users also give suggestions or ideas for your next video with great improvement. Why are you waiting? Launch into the feature by following the below steps:

  • Change to the creator account on the settings option.
  • After that, again launch on to the settings for clicking the creator option.
  • Then tap on the Q & A option to turn it on.

When the feature turns on in your account, your followers get a notification to leave their questions.

#9. Immediate Reply To Audiences

The comments section on social media channels is an excellent path to create higher engagement. Through this feature, you can easily understand what your audience loves to watch and create content accordingly. Never miss your audiences’ comments since it is an important way to show your presence and get genuine followers.

Instead of leaving a normal text as the reply, respond back with a video to attract the audience’s eyeballs. The steps below provide a way to use this feature:

  • Tap into the comments section of your video content and click the comments you wish to reply to.
  • There comes a video camera icon at your left.
  • TikTok takes you to the screen for recording video to reply to the comment by clicking the icon.
  • Once finished making a video, you can place it anywhere on the video screen to capture their eyeballs.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is constantly evolving with new features to shine your brand or business among global audiences. Attain success on this platform by creating viral content and gaining the audience’s attention towards your account.

Before publishing content, ensure the video is of high quality. So are you ready? Go with the above marketing ideas to drive higher engagement on TikTok!

Achieve your goal with the new TikTok features and take a unique place in the audience’s mind!

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