Do solar panels increase home value in USA

solar panels

Why solar energy?

One of the reasons why a home with a solar energy system is valued is due to self-consumption and the sale of surpluses.

This is because a home that has a solar panel system connected to the grid can generate energy for the consumption of your family and also generate extras to said grid, which will pay you for the energy delivered that was not used at home.


This is what we mean when we say that with a solar energy system you can generate more than 100% of the energy and sell what you don’t use, that is, sell surpluses.


At the exact moment when your solar panel system is up and running, electricity consumption is drastically reduced helping you save, and also, you will always be protecting and caring for the environment and contributing to your community from sustainability.


Another reason why installing solar panels increases the value of a home is because buyers see it as an investment and not as an expense. Well, over the years, the savings they will get will be greater than that initial investment.

  • Increase The Value Of Your Home
  • Solar panels increase property values

It has increased the value of the home by 3-4% through the installation of a solar panel system. The first studies focused on established solar markets, such as California’s, and revealed that the value of homes increases by four percent or more when equipped with solar panels.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a research laboratory affiliated with the Department of Energy, continues to expand that research as solar energy grows in the United States.

The first studies focused on established solar markets, such as California’s, and revealed that the value of homes increases by four percent or more when equipped with solar panels. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a research laboratory affiliated with the Department of Energy, continues to expand that research as solar energy grows in the United States.

Carrying out work to reduce your energy bill is an excellent investment to gain comfort and increase the value of your property.

Do solar panels increase home values?

Yes, solar panels can increase the value of your home, but panels do not always increase the value of the property. Some of these factors are within your control, while others are not.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to own your solar panel system. A solar panel lease will not increase your home’s value. If you don’t own your solar panels, they are unlikely to increase the value of your home.

Property assessors often count solar panels that were purchased outright as a real estate addition to the home. The same will apply if you purchased the solar power system with a loan that has already been paid in full.

If you are still paying off a solar loan, the property and the added value of the home will depend on the loan agreement. If you don’t own the panel system directly, the panels are not yet a permanent part of the home.

For more information on how solar panel system ownership affects real estate transactions, see our article “Buying and Selling Solar Panel Homes.

” This article will give you a good idea of ​​how your solar panel system should take into account the home purchase or sale property value equation.

Whether you are making loan payments or have entered into a Power Purchase agreement, this article will help you determine what to do when transferring ownership of the solar panels.

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Environmental awareness

Being NON-POLLUTANT energy you help reduce the carbon footprint and global warming in the world.

Appreciation of your property

Just by owning a home that produces its own energy, it can even be valued by 4%.

More than 25 years of useful life, support the solar installation designed for your home in which you will see your investment returned.

Do you know the 7 myths about photovoltaic solar energy? Discover them here!

Now that you know; Perhaps these advantages are the final push to generate your own energy consumption and definitely switch to solar energy and thus enhance your home.

Increase the value of your property by taking advantage of the value of solar energy.

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Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

Thinking of installing solar panels?

Do you want to know if it will affect your home’s property value? Thinking of buying a home with solar panels or selling your home that already has solar panels installed?

  • In this article, we will try to help you better answer the question, “Do solar panels increase home value?”
  • Other benefits for solar energy
  • An increase in the value of your home is not the only benefit you will get from your solar energy system.

Installing solar panels could help you save money on your electric bill by paying less for energy than you could for your utility company.

Our solar representatives will help you custom design an ideal solar power system for your home. This investment will help you maximize your monthly savings on your electric bill and your independence from your local utility company.

Second, there are green benefits that you can also enjoy thanks to your solar power system. People love knowing they are part of a growing movement for more sustainable living. If you install a new solar energy system on your roof, you can enjoy the fact that you are doing your part to keep our air clean, our water uncontaminated, and our earth fresh.

  • Factors That Can Affect Your Solar Panel Home Values:
  • This rule varies depending on several factors, including:
  • The location of the house

Installations in active solar markets tend to produce higher returns than comparable installations in less developed markets.

Installation size

Property value increases are directly proportional to the number (and quality) of PV panels installed.

The value of the home

Larger homes generally receive higher nominal increases in property values. However, this increase often represents a smaller percentage of the total value of the home.

The exact figures vary from property to property and from installation to installation, but recent research shows an average increase in the resale value of $ 5,911 for every kilowatt (kW) of solar energy installed.

This means that a small 3.1 kilowatt (kW) solar power system can add an average of $ 18,324 to the value of a median home.

The benefits grow as the facility expands. A 5 kW solar panel adds an average of $ 29,555 to the value of a midsize home.

It is also important to note that these statistics vary with house prices and utility rates. As electricity prices rise, the benefits of solar power also increase proportionally.

One last positive: installing solar panels not only helps you get a higher sales price, but it also allows you to sell your home 20 percent faster.

If the savings on your electricity bill are not enough of an incentive for you to install a solar panel system, surely this estimate of how the value of your home will increase will convince you.

Contact a certified installer to help you assess your electricity needs and determine the type of installation that is best for you. We assure you that your investment will be insured.

Other Factors That Can Affect Your Solar Panel Home Values

Although solar panel ownership is the single most important variable that determines whether or not your solar energy system will increase your home’s property value, it is not the only one. Here are a couple of other factors worth considering.

Years: Solar panel technology is changing at a rapid rate. The solar panels of 10 years ago are not like the solar panels of today. If you have a new solar energy system, your home is likely to appreciate more than it would from an old system.

Also, as a solar power system ages, it slowly becomes less efficient. This means that potential buyers could benefit less from the system, as it possibly produces less electricity.

System size: You may think that the larger the solar power system, the more value it will add to your home. That’s true up to a point, but not as much as you might think. Studies show that people who evaluate solar energy systems value them regardless of their size.

They mostly appreciate the fact that their next home goes the extra mile to go green. As solar energy systems grow in size, the value of your home will likely increase as well. But only incrementally.

Neighborhood: It should come as no surprise that different parts of the country share different values. This is also true for solar energy. For some people, green solar energy is viewed more favorably than others.

The location of your home, and the shared values ​​of your neighbors, can influence how much potential buyers will be concerned that you have a solar energy system installed. There are many types of the solar panel see more solar panels from


When considering installing a solar energy system, the main factor you take into account is the savings you will achieve on your electricity bill; But there is another way that you earn financially.

Installing solar panels is one of the safest and smartest investments you can make, as you immediately start to enjoy much lower electricity bills.

During the 25-30 year life of your solar PV system, utility rates will increase, so your savings on electricity bills will gradually increase.

Considering this, if you never sell your house, the installation pays for itself many times over. But, if you decide to sell, you will get a better price, which will cover the initial cost of your installation.

The value of your home with solar energy is greater than without it, although it depends on many factors, solar energy is one of the most profitable. 

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