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How to use seedbox with torrent

5 Things that Makes Your Torrenting Experience Better Using a Seedbox

So, you have been facing security and privacy errors when searching for torrents online. In today’s era, the cases of online data theft are at their peak and you don’t want your data to be monitored by the trackers online. However, without the support of a trusted tool, it is absolutely impossible to maintain privacy and security when torrenting.

Aside from security threats, users tend to face issues related to speed and ISP restrictions that make it harder to fully enjoy the perks of torrenting online. But have considered the use of a seedbox to avoid these problems? If not then it is high time now to get yourself this remote hosting server as it would be your one-stop solution for every problem related to torrenting.

You can get an amazing torrenting experience if you get a seedbox and choose a suitable hosting plan to enjoy its services. So, here we have listed some of the amazing things that you get out of using a seedbox. All the things listed here are sure to make your torrent experience better. So, without further ado, let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Anonymous Torrenting

The issue of security and privacy always concerns you when torrenting, right? Well, as soon as you bring home and install a seedbox, there is no reason for you to worry about it. Seedboxes have this amazing feature of hiding your home IP address.

When you are torrenting online using your home network connectivity, your IP is exposed to several trackers online. This raises the risk of tracking your activities and theft of your data. Also, your ISP monitors your torrent activities and limits your use, restricts several torrent portals.

However, a seedbox helps in keeping your IP address concealed when searching, downloading, or seeding torrent files online. You are completely anonymous online that makes it difficult for trackers to monitor your torrent activities. Even your ISP is unable to track you as the seedbox does not use your home connectivity to download or seed the files.

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2. Downloads Uploads at High-Speed

What if we say that you can download any torrent file at a high speed? Hard to imagine right. Well, you have been missing out on high-speed torrent downloads with your usual home network. Once you get a seedbox, there’s no stopping you from downloading torrent files at a high-speed rate.

But the great thing about seedbox is that it not only helps you to achieve high-speed downloads but also contributes to high-speed uploads. The real torrent users are more concerned about the seeding activity than the downloads. Using a seedbox allows you to get high-speed seeding no matter the torrent file size.

3. Good Ratio Maintenance

If you are an ardent torrent user then you must know the significance of maintaining a good ratio when it comes to torrenting. The criteria for good ratio maintenance give you access to private communities. You get more invites to join private communities online.

The scope of getting new and great quality torrents increases when you become a member of an elite private torrent community. Now, good ratios cannot be maintained when you seed your torrents over your home network. The seed to download ratio falters considerably if you choose home connectivity.

The use of seedbox, however, helps you to maintain a good ratio as you can seed files at a faster rate. The download to seed ratio is maintained and now you can gain access to private communities easily. The risk of you getting out of these communities diminishes as soon as you use a seedbox. Even the cheap seedboxes come in handy to maintain a good ratio.

4. Media File Streaming

The torrenting experience gets better when you make use of a seedbox. The remote hosting server comes along with many apps that you can install to amp up the features of the server. It also enables users to download streaming media apps like Plex or KODI which makes streaming of media files possible right from your server itself.

Yes! You can stream media torrent files right from the seedbox server. All you gotta do is use Plex or any other streaming app and enjoy streaming from your server. No need to transfer the files to your system. Also, many seedbox providers come along with pre-installed Plex app with Plex optimized hosting plans.

5. Storage Space

One last thing that will make your torrenting experience better using a seedbox is the added storage space that comes with it. Seedbox has the feature of in-built storage space that allows users to keep torrent files saved for as long as they want.

The size of the storage space varies as per the hosting plan and seedbox provider you choose. So, make your choice based on your requirement and enjoy the feature of extra storage space on your server.

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