What Is the Best Season for Family Photos?

Each season has its own perks and each has its charm and offers something different when it comes time to gather your family for a photo shoot. Choose the season that speaks to you! Let me tell you about the pros of each so you can make a decision.

Fall Family Photos

Let’s begin with the most loved family photo season.

Pros for Fall Family Photography

  1. Comfortable temperatures
  • You can often get away with either long sleeves or thin sweaters.
  • No one is sweating.
  1. The vibrant colors of leaves
  • We usually start with yellow leaves mixed into green and finish with orange and red before they drop. They are really beautiful!
  1. It’s so cute to see your kids throwing leaves in the air

Winter Family Photos

Winter is the best season to take family photos.

Pros of Winter Family Photography

  1. It is easy to plan
  • It’s so easy. I may be able to get you in this season the very first month you contact me. All the other seasons are booked 6-12 months ahead… which is incredible, by the way. (Thank you!!)
  1. There are many neutrals
  • This is the best time to match your decor to the images you have taken.
  • Tall, brown, and evergreen grasses (which have a beautiful recessive tone vs the yellow-green leaves of deciduous trees).

Spring Family Photos

The largest amount of foliage changes in spring is greater than in any other season. Select your month carefully.

Pros of Spring Family Photography

  1. Beautiful foliage emerges
  • Early April – Some trees will bloom (cherry and redbuds). Forsythia shrubs will also bloom. All other plants are still dormant and will appear winter-like.
  • Mid-April is when the grass turns green. It usually starts as neon yellow. On trees, yellow-green buds develop.
  • Late April – All trees are covered in leaves and the grass is turning a deeper shade.
  • May – Wildflowers bloom, starting with yellow varieties.
  • June – White wildflowers and daisies. Trees and grass have matured to a green color.
  1. Comfortable temperatures (mostly).
  • Pool weather is expected to arrive by early June.

Summer Family Photos

Pros of Summer Family Photography

  1. Sundresses, shorts, flip flops, oh my!
  • Season of laid-back style
  1. All season, beautiful wildflowers
  • It is rare for a session to take place in the summer without something blooming… or at least, where I do mine!
  1. It is easy to plan.

There you have it! What is your favorite season for family photographs? Are you open to trying a new one?

This post was written by a photographer at Christina Louise Photos. Christina is a St Petersburg Maternity Photographer capturing the intimate moments of maternity, motherhood, and childhood.

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