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Develop Smarter Rank Higher Reactjs for an SEO Friendly Website

Everyone is aware of the importance of SEO when it comes to increasing your online visibility among your audience. SEO is one of the most vital digital tools that enable the growth of a startup or an enterprise.

Mastering SEO automatically implies that your website will receive more traffic, better opportunities, and profitable business. This article will reflect why SEO with React is ideal for getting ahead in the competitive market of websites and web apps.

But before we move on to understanding why you should hire ReactJS developers for an SEO-friendly website, let’s start with understanding the importance of SEO.

Why is SEO important?

SEO holds utter importance as it ensures the search results of engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing remain fair. It eliminates the possibility of manipulating the search engine rankings via unfair practices.

You can think of it as a regulatory body that maintains the fairness of market competition; without it, manipulating search engines can become manageable.

In simple words, Google determines the rank of a particular keyword or query entered in the search bar through SEO. A good website needs to fulfill all SEO-related requirements while appealing to the visitors that arrive on it.

Another great thing about SEO is that it is cost-effective. Many companies pay up huge money for paid ads, hoping for a better reach. However, companies that work on a precise budget may use SEO to get identical results in a little longer time.

ReactJS Single Page Applications:

Tech giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many more prefer ReactJS Single Page Applications (SPAs). It is primarily because of web development with react js and redux powers developing a fast, effective, responsive, and animation-rich web app. These applications offer a rich and smooth user experience, complemented with a beautiful user interface.

Since every coin has two sides, many people believe that developing a React-based application can restrict the SEO capabilities; there are a few pre-built SEO solutions that help overcome such complexities.

What is a SPA, and why should you use React?

A SPA refers to a web application that works within a browser and doesn’t require a page reloading while it is being used. This is because the content of a single page application is developed in a single page HTML, and this page updates dynamically without requiring a reload with every single user interaction.

Applications like Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Github, and Google Drive are brilliant examples of single-page applications. One prominent example that provides SPA is a dynamic and responsive user experience.

You can develop a SPA using any of the famous JavaScript technologies like React, Angular, and Vue.

When developing a SPA, most entrepreneurs and project owners prefer using react js web app development, thanks to its component-based architecture that makes the code easy to reuse and enhances the possibility of dividing the extensive application into short fragments.

Complexities of SPA optimization for SEO:

Optimizing a SPA is a tough nut to crack, as it possesses several challenges. As we discussed above, the working of SPA is in such a way that pages initially load on the client-side, which works as an empty container.

This container is then filled with content written in JavaScript.

Moreover, you will also need a browser to run the script into your single-page application. Only then will it load the pages dynamically.

When the search engine bots visit a SPA, they will not be able to crawl. They can only crawl if the content of the entire page is already updated in the browser. If your website fails to provide bots the content they were looking for, the bots will term it blank and poorly made.

Therefore, many business owners and developers think that web app development with ReactJS is not ideal.

There are some other concerns as well, including:

  • Delays in content fetching
  • A limited crawling time
  • Encountering JavaScript code errors
  • Multiple pages become troublesome
  • You would have to provide unique meta tags and descriptions to each page

Although the above problems are faced by developers when developing with ReactJS. It is still possible to create an awe-worthy website or web app using ReactJS while making the project SEO friendly and high ranking.

How to overcome the above challenges for best SEO with React?

As we’ve mentioned above, many people face such challenges while developing SPA with ReactJS. Still, you can tackle this intelligently when you hire a ReactJS developer to make your website SEO friendly.

The following are ways:


Pre-rendering is one of the more famous approaches to make websites with single and multiple pages SEO friendly. You can start pre-rendering with well-known tools like

The method is mostly used when bots fail to render the pages correctly. In such cases, pre-renders can be used as programs that intercept all requests to the website.

Advantages of pre-rendering:

  • Simpler and easier to implement
  • Supports the latest web novelties
  • Executes all types of JavaScript via turning it into static HTML
  • Requires almost no codebase modifications

Disadvantages of pre-rendering:

  • Paid services
  • Not suitable for websites or pages that display frequently changing data
  • If the website consists of many pages, pre-rendering can become time-consuming.
  • Each time you modify the content, you will have to re-build the pre-rendering.

Isomorphic React Apps:

An isomorphic react application can run on both server-side as well as client-side. By using isomorphic JavaScript, you can run the React-based application while capturing the rendered HTML (usually rendered by the browser).

This HTML file can be sent to any user who requests the HTML.

An isomorphic application decides whether or not the client can run these scripts. If JavaScript is on, the code rendering will be on the server. This allows the browsers and bots to access all the meta tags and content in HTML and CSS.

However, developing a real-time isometric application can be troublesome as it can consume considerable time. However, a few frameworks can help developers create react js web apps faster and easier. The two popular frameworks are Next.js and Gatsby.

Since Next.js is one of the most prominent tools to create an excellent isomorphic app, let’s get a deeper look at the technology.

What is Next.js, and why is it best for SEO?

Next.js is a ReactJS based framework that paves the way for hassle-free reactjs app development. It enables automatic code splitting and hot code reloading.

Next.js is considered a robust and powerful tool for optimizing the website as per SEO guidelines.

Let’s check how to use this powerful technology.

How to optimize the Next.js application for best SEO?

Follow the given steps for SEO with react:

●     Make your website crawlable:

Use the two options provided by Next.js to make your website crawlable; they are: pre-rendering or server-side rendering.

●     Create a sitemap:

Creating a sitemap holds utter importance in SEO as it allows the search engine to index your website appropriately. Therefore, you must hire a ReactJS developer to make your website SEO-friendly by creating a sitemap.

●     Add Metadata:

Adding metadata to your website is one of the best SEO practices to make crawlers efficiently understand the content of your page. Next.js automatically adds the relevant metadata to your web pages, including the content type and viewpoint.

Note: You can also create your web application with react and redux if you need fast development.

Redux can speed up the development process while easing it out.


Single Page Applications, also known as web applications, offer a top-notch seamless experience and more excellent performance than native applications. Moreover, they also provide a lighter server payload and ease of web development.

Since these applications are an easy way into the competitive market., you must understand how to make headway in the competition using the best SEO practices.

Therefore, keep a check on all the data mentioned above when your developer develops your reactjs web app. Your application must be built to gain significant ranking from its initial days.


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