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Printer For Your Home And Office

In this modern world, the printer has become one of the most essential needs in our daily life.

As we are working from home now, it become part of the course to have a printer at home and office. Or do you think it’s better to write in a notebook instead of a keyboard?

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Of course not…! Over the few past years, printers become more efficient and less expensive.

Nowadays printers are distributed in any category, such as some are good for photographs, some are for documents, and some for other purposes.

You must be very clear about your category. However, prices are one of the most important factors too.

An excellent printer must be very expensive due to having its feature which cannot be found in other low price printers.

While buying a good printer, you must keep the amount in your mind also.

Generally, a multifunctional printer or simple printer must provide you with copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities. To buy the best printer for homeschooling, you must keep some features in your mind. They are as follows:

Printer speed: The speed at which the printer operates is one the most important factor to be considered. At normal, 10 color pages should be printed and 20 black pages should be printed.

This is the minimal rate of the printer.

Printer quality:

Printer quality

 Usually, printer quality is measured in pixel per inch; black and white printers should have min 600 x 600 pixels per inch resolution.

A good printer print 2400 x 1200 pixels per inch resolution for black and white.

While, if we talk about colour printing, 1200 x1200 pixels per inch should be a resolution for min and 4800 x 2400 pixels per inch for high resolution.

Duty cycle:

 The maximum number of pages that should be printed per month is called the duty cycle. For an office, 20,000 to 25,000 pages for sufficient. and 5,000 pages are enough as we don’t need beyond that.

Laser vs Inkjet:

When we do a comparison between laser and inkjet, laser printers always defeat inkjet due to its pros.

Laser printers produce high-level quality images, they are more efficient in terms of cost per page, and laser printers print much faster than inkjet printers.

Although, laser cartridge is more expensive than inkjet cartridge they last significantly longer.

Scanner resolution:

For an excellent-quality image, a scanner should produce 4800 x 4800 pixels per inch but for high quality, 1200 x 600 should be minimum.

Scanner element type:

90% of people even don’t know that there are two types of scanner elements. Charge couple device (CCD) and colour contact image (CIS).

CCD is usually good for scanning graphic files while CIS is better for Text image files. 

Copy speed:

Once a scanner scanned an image, the user needs that copied. The rate at which copies of that image are produced is important.

If you have a slow printer, and you want a number of copies at a time.

Then it will be unfriendly for you and will take too much time. So an all-in-one printer should have at least 25 pages per minute.

Copied Document Sizing:

Printer quality

The prospect of contracting and expanding a copied resemblance straight connection from the scanner is a favourable characteristic to have in an all-in-one printer Document resizing from 25% to400% is a basic specification for most copier printers.

Automatic Document Feeder: Placing each page of a fax document on a scanner platform is not an efficient way to send a fax.

The automatic document reader needs to be the same with an appropriate number of fax memory.

Fax page memory: 

How many pages can be scanned and held in memory as the faxes are being sent is called fax page memory? These pages can represent faxes to multiple numbers.

Need a minimum fax memory of 100 pages.

Fax page speed:

 An all-rounder printer should have the capability to send a fax page in under 5 seconds. There are some other features also that users should keep in mind while buying a printer

Wifi or network connectivity:

 In this modern world, WPS is a common feature on most routers, and if the user has this feature available at home or at the office then a user should buy a printer with a WPS setup to make configuring the printer easy.

Memory card compatibility:

An all-in-one printer, there is a feature called memory card compatibility. And if you wanna take advantage of that then you should make sure that your memory card is compatible with this.

Duplex printing:

Nowadays paper is also getting expensive. And to reduce the paper cost you can print on both sides of the page. Though this half-page can be saved and it means you also save half from the total.

And that is called duplex printing. Only print cannot be duplex but scanning can also be duplex without any compromise.

The now who has Automatic document feeder, they also scan on the birth side of the page.

Without ADF you cannot do duplex scanning it means it is important to have an ADF feature in your printer. and if you wanna need duplex printing then it is important to have this feature.

Photo Printer:

Many of us like to save our pictures for the sake of memories.

And saving it like a soft copy might be risky as the device in which you save might lose and the memory may be damaged then your all memory lost which hurt the most.

So many people decided to take you the hard copy of it so that you can never lose it. And for that, you should have a quality printer. pictures should not be printed on a normal page.

they are printed on cards that have more width than the normal ones so your printer should have the ability to pass the card through the toner.

Some printers cannot allow cards to print; whether they jam into the printer or you get a bad result.

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 If these features are available in a printer is perfectly fine for your home and office work.

The printer might be expensive but don’t worry about that because you are investing in the right item that will surely be going to benefit you in the future.

These are all features you might not get in a single printer but Buy that one that has most of the features. So that you can take most of the benefit in a single printer.

There is another way of getting most of the features by buying two printers at a cheap price.

One printer should provide some features and the other provides some features. Like this, you can get all the features.

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