Print iPhone Photos

Print My iPhone Photos

If you like to keep pictures forever have printouts of them. Because there’s no guarantee of having your pictures saved on your mobile phone.

If you lose your phone or have any kind of software problem it might be possible that you cant get your old memorable pictures back.

But having a printed form picture is great. Not only does it stay with you forever as well as it feels great too.

Seeing them with your family or friends and refreshing those memorable moments provides you with an amazing feel.

If you have small-sized pictures you can easily store them or make albums out of them Or if you have pictures in a bigger size you can frame them and hang them on your walls.

So the most asking question is, how large can I print my iPhone pictures?

It completely depends on the quality of the picture you desire. Different models produce different sizes and qualities.

Our today’s topic is all about the size of iPhone prints. How large can I print and much more?

So without wasting any time let’s move towards it.

Resolution and Pixels:

Resolution and pixels matter the most in size of the picture. If a picture has a high pixel it definitely has high resolution. 

If a picture has high resolution it will provide good quality printed pictures. And high resolution also allows having big size printed images without fuzziness. 

If you want to have pictures in large size use an iPhone with 12 megapixels.

iPhones and Photo Resolution:

Print My iPhone Photos

New iPhones have more megapixels than older ones. So if you have an iPhone with 8 megapixels it will not provide good quality large prints.

Given below points help you to know how large can you print a photo from which model of iPhone;  

So if you have an iPhone 5, 6, and 6 plus with 8 megapixels then;

  • The good quality picture will be at 21.76 inches x 16.32 inches.
  • The better quality picture will be at 16.32 inches x 12.24 inches.
  • The best high-quality picture will be at 10.88 inches x 8.16 inches.

If you have an iPhone between 6s – 13 pro max with 12 megapixels camera then;

  • The good quality picture will be at 28.59 inches x 18.99 inches.
  • The better quality picture will be at 21.44 inches x 14.24 inches.
  • The best high-quality picture will be at inches 14.29 x 9.49 inches.

These resolutions are only for real iPhone images which are not cropped or anything.

From the above points, it is clear that the smaller in size the picture is the more high quality it will look. If you want a smaller size picture in polaroid style check the best polaroid printers Printers guy reviews.

How Large Can I Print A Selfie?

Selfies are very easy to take that’s why most people prefer them.

Having them in a printed form is a great way to keep them as a memory. You can easily print up to 16 inches x 24 inches pictures from your iPhone 6s till iPhone 8 plus.

iPhone X – iPhone 13 pro max allows you to print much more selfies than the previous one without fuzziness.

Can I Print Large Pictures Using Airprint?

Yes, you can easily print large printers using Airprint. Make sure your printer supports wireless connectivity technology so you can easily connect air print with it.

Following are the steps that will help you to print large photos from AirPrint.

  • In your iPhone(any model) open Gallery.
  • Tap on the picture you wanted to get printed.
  • When the picture opens tap on the share icon.
  • You will see many sharing options. Select the printing option.
  • It will provide you with different printers nearby.
  • Select the one you have.
  • If you want to make any paper size changes you can do it by clicking on options. You can enlarge its size easily.
  • After this select Print. And there is your picture in a printed form.

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Can I Print iPhone Photos From My computer?

Print iPhone Photos From My computer

Maybe your AirPrint is not working or your iPhone model didn’t support AirPrint.

There’s no need to worry because you can easily print your iPhone pictures from your computer or Macbook without any difficulty.

Your question may be is How can I Print? So the following points will guide you to print easily from a computer.

The most common method includes the following steps.

  • Open your PC.
  • Connect it using a USB or wireless connection whatever you feel better.
  • Transfer those images you want to print to the computer from your iPhone.
  • Select those pictures in your printer.
  • After selecting click on the print option.
  • Choose the printer that is connected to your PC.
  • Select print/ok. There you have your picture output.

This method is commonly used and is very easy but it has risks too. Sometimes pictures while transferring get lost and there is no way to recover them.

Always have a copy of your important data while using this method.

If you want to transfer your data safely you can use another method that includes these steps.

  • Download the transfer data app(there are alot of options for iOS) on your computer.
  • Open it on your PC.
  • Allow access.
  • Connect your mobile phone to the PC.
  • Select the pictures
  • After selecting you will see the ‘TO PC’ option select it.
  • If you want to see the images you can open them.
  • Select the printer.
  • Click on the Print option.

This method is really easy and safe also.

What Quality Print Do You Need?

Picture quality matters a lot. If you want high-quality pictures use photo papers rather than normal papers.

Photo papers allow you to have more detailed and sharp pictures. Photo papers are of different sizes. It completely depends on you which size you want.

Printing bigger pictures at home is a bit difficult so going to a nearby print shop is a much better option.

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Wrapping it all up!

Printing pictures from iPhone is not that difficult you can easily print bigger pictures but you have to keep a few things in mind discussed in this article.

Always remember the more image size gets an increase the more quality of the picture gets decrease.

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