Few “secret” tips to crack the Prelims crash course


After having interacted and observed many top performers For Prelims crash course attentively over time I have observed these traits to be the common thread among all of them.

  • They have a singular focus on what they would like to achieve.
  • don’t have several goals such as making money, getting the right date, and also getting through UPSC.
  • They are ready to exert their full effort with no anxiety of failing.
  • They don’t stop once they’re exhausted, they only stop when they’re finished.
  •  always go the extra mile, squeezed and taking the best advantage of each day of their time to prepare.
  •  Aren’t afraid of making mistakes. Learn from mistakes as well as the mistakes of others as well and do not repeat them.
  • They establish extremely realistic goals and set a plan for them. Not a highly-trained 14 hours daily schedule that causes them to exhaust themselves within 2-3 days.
  • They do not get emotionally involved about their success or failure on the exam. Their approach to the topic is as a physician, take the necessary work and then proceed.
  • They are able to hold off gratification for a while. They aren’t looking for immediate results. They’re willing to put in the effort required today, knowing that the results will be evident in a few years from the present.
  • They’re highly flexible. They won’t allow things like bad food, bad accommodation or bad companies to get into their cooking. Room doesn’t work? Then they move to the study room.
  • They must be responsible for the results rather than blame it on the circumstances. “If my friends weren’t so distracting, I would have done well in the Mock tests.” It’s not true.
  • They keep a positive attitude in all circumstances, even under tension. If they fall, they lift themselves up and are back on the road.
  • They’re focused .If they’re attracted by a dinner or movie plans that their friends are planning, they know when to stand firm and say no when they have to.
  • They aren’t subject to the pressures of society. Do not base their work on what family members or peers think of their accomplishment or failure to pass the exam.
  • They are, at a certain point, quite independent. They don’t take what other people around are doing as their reference point. They simply do their best.
  • They don’t look for numerous sources for information for study. You can only study the same subject from a variety of sources, as you’re aiming for only the “BEST” material. Instead, they stick to the basic subjects like NCERTs, Yojana, The Hindu newspaper and so on, and learn these sources thoroughly.
  • They are able they can manage time. This is true both in the preparation phase and during the exam. “First 10 questions – extraordinary answers, didn’t have the time for last 5 questions.” In this category do not make it on the list.

The end of it all, I don’t believe that the top contestants had any regrets, regardless of the suffering and struggles.

After seeing their names on the final ranking I’m sure they regretted having missed their favorite movie or been left out while everyone else went out to a party. However, I’m sure that all who weren’t cleared had plenty to.

Tips to be followed while preparing for Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

Whole syllabus of the ethics has been divided into two parts

1) For Theory Part

  • Acquaint with terms mentioned in the syllabus. An Aspirant should be able to express terms in simplest words and minimal possible words. For Example: Values meaning preferences; Ethics meaning guide about right or wrong; etc.
  • The terms and values which are mentioned in the syllabus, try to relate them with one’s personal experiences.

2)  Case Study

Get a compilation of solved and unsolved case studies. And with unsolved do practice.

Some Online sources are:

  • BBC Guide to Ethics
  • What is Ethics? – Cambridge University
  • https://edenias.com/book-store

Six vices exist that include: 1)) Anger or violence 2.) Greediness, or corruption, 3) Illegal sexual activity or sexual activity, 4)) Exuberance to the life, 5) Ego and six) Jealousy.

From the six those three sins are the most serious and can lead the soul to hell, since the three sins harm others. The last three sins do not bring you to hell if there isn’t any harm done to anyone else. If you’re interested in the people for Ethics Integrity and Aptitude you shouldn’t go to hell if the attraction to your spouse or husband, or other issues or money do not cause harm to others. Your ego, too, won’t go to hell as you don’t harm other people. In the same way, jealousy toward other people will not result in any punishment in hell as long as it doesn’t harm other people. Sometimes, jealousy helps you to develop. If you consider the first three sins your anger or violence will definitely harm other people. In addition, your lust for money can lead to corruption, where you are taking advantage of others’ money, and causing others to suffer. In the same way, your illicit sex can cause harm to other people.

When Dharma raja sought advice from his grandfather, Bisham regarding the meaning in justice Bisham said that the fundamental principle of justice is that one shouldn’t do something to anyone else, and that when done by someone else to him, results in harming him. Thus, the criminal nature of the offense that leads to the punishment of a person is the damage you have caused to other people. Therefore, God in the Gita stated that just three sins are the primary entrances to hell. These include financial corruption, violence and illicit sex.

The most serious sin is that kills living beings in the name of food or to repress a personal anger. God Brahma is furious at this act because He alone is the one who can give lifelong living.

If you don’t have the authority to grant life to dead living creatures You don’t have the authority to kill any living thing. The death sentence handed down by a judge must be the final sentence. This means that prior to imposing a death sentence to an alive being you must give several opportunities to the soul to correction of sin through reformation. Reformation is the primary goal of any punishment, not revenge. The person is being hung to death with the sole reason that the offender could be able to kill someone else. If the person is reformed and the crime isn’t repeatedly repeated, there’s no need for punishment. In the same way killing a living creature to eat is the highest in this very first crime. It is essential to think that you are being held by a demon that will eat you! Any pain you feel at that moment, and also during the moment when you cut your own body through your demon’s jaws that same pain is experienced by the living creature dying for the sake of food! God Brahma symbolizes the qualities of Rajas, and the violent anger is solely due to Rajas.

This is the connection between quality and quantity.

The second kind of sin is theft by the use of fraud or theft through force. Money is the Goddess Lakshmi and thus this kind of crime causes God Vishnu to become furious. Nowadays, nearly everybody is a victim corruption. Before you commit a crime in the name of money, it is important to consider the damages caused to other people particularly the poor.

 At a minimum, you must be aware of corruption when it comes to the case of people who are poor. If you steal the wealth of a sinner, the wealth should not be enjoyed by you or the members of your household.

It should be used for the benefit of the poor or to fulfil a spiritual need. It is possible to ingest even the some of the deadliest poisons, however, not sinful cash that can destroy you as well as your loved ones.

It is believed that the illicit money you earn is like a train engine that is able to move away, linking to your money earned by means of justice. It is like a number of compartments positioned on the track at the platform’s side

A majority of people use money in a way which leads to their demise just. The act of giving or spending money will also send you to hell. Everyone spends a lot of money for events giving to family and friends who are able to eat in their home.

You don’t offer food to the beggar who is suffering from hunger. You decide to offer food to a worshipper or spiritual leader who is visiting your home, and he or she assists you to increase your spiritual understanding or dedication.

It is not wasteful because spending it will result in positive results (Punya) or harm (Papa). Even if you dump money into a river, and then claim it waste, such an action is also considered a sin. Therefore, you must be extremely careful and conduct a thorough analysis whenever you earn or spend money.

The third kind of crime is illegal sex, that is a result of blind lust that is linked to the qualities of Tamas.

God Shiva symbolizes Tamas and gets angry because of this sin. It is a matter of observing Lord Shiva who stomped out the cupid’s anger in any living thing.

It is imperative to always think of Lord Shiva to prevent this error. If you’re cheating an alcoholic husband by going out to his house with his wife or stealing the father by taking his daughter, think of yourself being in the shoes of these father and husband! If you’re in pain, it is not a good idea to repeat the same mistake to other people like the above mentioned by Ethics for UPSC

God created the world and is extremely conscious of the peace, justice, and harmony of the society. You should stay clear of these three types of sins, if not because of the fear of hell, which was created by God. This is the minimum and the maximum expectations of God from human beings. God is not angry when a human being is an atheist as long as the person is able to avoid the three categories of crimes.






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