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How To Place 6×9 Rugs In Your Home

You love the perfect placement of furnishing items. You want everything to be at its best place and position. Either furniture, frames, knickknacks, or a floor piece. You want to keep it in a perfect position that looks neat and nice.

These are also the rules to perfect decor. You can’t throw anything anywhere and hope it will look fabulous. A slight mismatch position will give the whole interior an untidy look. If you put a frame in the wrong place, it will make your room theme unpleasant and negligent. 

With the position of furniture, rugs should be placed at an excellent and right point. The better option is to decide a style, first angular or round, then position everything according to it. First, place the rug and then position the furniture according to it.

Placement Recommendations

Rugs’ placement and position play a vital role in their comfort and charm. Placing in the wrong style may ruin the look. Try to move furniture according to the rug.

If you put your rug in an angular way, put furniture in the exact position. If the central place of rug plans furniture according to it. 

Here is how to place a rug of size 6×9 in your major areas of the house.

In the Living Room

A rug of 6×9 is a medium-sized rug. It is a versatile one for any part of beautifying a house. For a trendy style, put the rug in the center. Then place the large sofa in a way that its legs should be off the rug.

Put the front legs of the small sofa seats on the rug. Keep a coffee table in the middle if you want to complete the look and a floor cushion on the corner of the rug. For a better style rug should be a bit larger than the sofa.

In the Dining Room

Dining room rug position is essential. It should be placed in a way that chairs should move quickly on it or around it. To place a rug of 6×9 in your dining room, position it so that the chairs’ back legs should rest on the rug.

Leave at least 16 to 18 inches of floor barre between the rug and the wall to define the seating area.

A dining room rug should be a flat weave or a thin pile with a rug pad. A thick pile makes the chair movement uneasy. A dark shade rug is also perfect for the dining area because this area’s rugs are prone to spills and stains.

In the Bedroom

A rug in the bedroom must be comfortable yet stylish. This is the place you relax after a long day. You spend your me-time here. You want it to be trendy as well as cozy.

It makes your mornings joyful and cloudy. Your feet feel like heaven when you step on a soft sheen rug. You should place a rug in a position to cover the sides of the bed to provide softness and comfort in chilly mornings.

If you have a rug of 6×9 dimensions in your hand, place it in a way to roughly cover two-thirds of your bed. Keep side tables or nightstands entirely off the rug. You can also put a bench on the foot of the bed for a more chic decoration. 

In the Drawing Room

You decorate the drawing-room with utmost care and trendy items. You get the best furnishing for it as it is the guest spot of your home and gives your home’s entire outlook.

Rugs in the front or drawing rooms are a must to complete the chic style of the place. Place a traditional or contemporary rug of size 6×9 in the focal point of the room.

Place a sofa on the side so that its legs don’t touch the rug. Place two coffee chairs or small sofa seats in angular style on the other side of the rug.

Complete the look with a center table and cristal accessories on it. Neutral shades and traditional patterns are ideal rugs for the front rooms.

In the Kitchen

A 6×9 rug is suitable for your kitchen if it is a large one. You can’t place a medium rug in a small area. Otherwise, it will make the space confined.

If your kitchen is big, put a rug in the center or on the side of the aisle. Jute and sisal are perfect materials for the kitchen as they are organic and stain-resistant.

In the Backyard

Area Rugs make your backyard stylish and alluring. It makes the outdoor seating area outstandingly complete. Put a rug in the center and then place everything around it.

Place the sofa in a way that it should be slightly on the rug. The small chairs’ front legs should touch the rug.

Complete the look with a table in the middle and cushions on the grass or floor on another side of the rug. You can also put a bench or swindle covered with a small bohemian rug for an extraordinary outdoor view.

6×9 Rugs Material

Material is the main thing in rugs’ style and selection. To get the best rug for your home, you must know primary rug materials. Here is simple information about materials to make your rug hunt easy and enjoyable.

  • Wool is durable, soft and suitable for crowded areas like the living room. It is a natural fiber with a soft and smooth finish. It is the plushiest natural fiber.
  • Silk is soft and gives a luxurious look to the place. It is expensive and high maintenance. Silk is famous for its sheen finish. It is an excellent choice for bedrooms.
  • Cotton is affordable and easy to clean natural fiber. It is inexpensive and best for a home with kids and pets.
  • Viscose is a silk-like material. It is made of natural fibers. It can crush easily, so it is best to place it in the center of the room or corridor and entryways. It is a high-stain-resistant material.
  • Jute and sisal are natural fibers. They are durable and affordable. At the same time, they are available in beautiful hues and vivid patterns.
  • They are soft but mostly thin piles. Jute and sisal are the best options for the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor patio. 
  • Synthetic fibers like polypropylene and polyester are soft and durable. They are best for high traffic areas but a wrong choice for kids’ rooms and nurseries.
  • These rugs emit gases, and they should be put in highly ventilated areas of the home. You can easily buy any of your favorite materials at less price at RugKnots. They have a huge variety of rugs.

Summing Up, 6×9 rugs are the rugs your house desires. You can put them anywhere you want. But a better position will enhance the beauty of the rug as well as the room.

Coordination in the rug position and furniture is essential for organized and trendy home decoration.


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