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Paypal fee calculator international 2021

There are some features that every eCommerce platform must have to do the business. Maybe the most important feature of them is to get paid. If you don’t receive payments through online platforms, then the main goal of your business to make will be impossible.

In the online marketplaces, you need at least one payment method for the transactions of money but having multiple payment channels is more beneficial for you. remember that online payment channels charge some fees for the transaction and it is difficult to calculate it.

So, you can give an account to the PayPal fee calculator to calculate the fee, which is charged by PayPal on every transaction.

eCommerce businesses have different online payment methods to consider, some of them promise to provide a secure checkout experience.  PayPal is one of the popular traction methods that is commonly used by online business portals.

It is specifically used in the United States for the transaction from one place to another. But PayPal charges a suitable amount of fee for each transaction so, before any transaction, you can use the PayPal calculator that tells the fee charged by PayPal on every transaction.

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When does PayPal charge fees?

There are so many reasons to charge a fee in each transaction but these reasons are somehow confusing and to an average person it varies slightly differently in each situation. The PayPal fee can be changed and it depends on various factors such as, location, the country from which you receive & send money, and business & personal account.

PayPal fee depends on different locations, so the PayPal fee calculator calculates the PayPal fees according to different types of payments or transactions. Here are some of the situations where PayPal fees can be applied:

  • When you receive payments from a purchased item.
  • When you are sending or receiving money from one different country.
  • At the time of sending payments through debit or credit card.

You can calculate these sorts of fees before making the transactions by considering the PayPal fees calculator. If you qualify, then there are some of the special reduced rates for the non-profits that can be beneficial for you.

but we are focusing on the fees that come from the business purchases and it is in the form of those that represent the majority of those selling.

The easiest way to calculate PayPal’s fees:

One of the easy ways to process the PayPal fee on each transaction is to input your fee deductions into Microsoft Excel by following these easy steps:

  • Download your yearly transaction history and import it into MS-Excel. Make sure to download the yearly history in commas or tab-delimited.
  • Change the format of the column accounting.
  • Hit the empty cell under the last amount in the fee section and then click the auto sum button.
  • After that press the enter key to finish the sum action. Then your total fees will be calculated and entered into the targeted cell.

PayPal fees that affect online businesses:

E-commerce business gets saddled with the cocktail fees in which two-part transactions, conversion of currency for free, and separate fees when receiving payments from different locations are included. In this section of the article, we are going to learn about the types of fees and when they are applied.

Maybe you will be confused about sending & receiving the money from different countries, so, in this situation, you can give an account to the PayPal fee calculator to figure out how much PayPal charges you to send or receive money.

Goods and services fees:

The fact is that the PayPal fee is applied when you receive money for the selling of products & services. Let’s figure out its specifics here. For the online web store owners, if someone purchases an item by using the PayPal payment method, then he or she will have to pay the fee to the merchant for the product that he purchases.

No matter what the circumstances are at the time of purchasing, you can calculate the fee charged by PayPal with the assistance of an online PayPal fee Calculator. Here, you can discover that how much does PayPal charge and the different fees that online stores should keep in mind:

Standard domestic (US) merchant fee:

$0.30 + 2.9 percent of the transaction amount is that standard fee, which is applied for the United States seller selling the product or services to the US customers. It might be possible that the amounts are slightly different if you are living in a different country. For instance, in the United States domestically selling incurs the fee of 0.20p + 3.4 percent of each transaction.

To calculate PayPal fee rates of different countries by getting the assistance of Google and then insert it to the PayPal fee calculator when purchasing the products.

International transactions from abroad to US-based accounts:

PayPal applies the fees when the payments are made internationally and between the two accounts registered in different countries. The rate of the fee would be a percent of the transaction amount + fixed fee but it totally depends on the country from which the payments are made.

The 4.4 percent is the result of the added value of a 1.5 percent fee to accept the money from a different country.

There are lots of exceptions regarding the rule and the fees depend on which country you’re living in and from which country you’re receiving the money. For these kinds of payment complexities, you can get the assistance of the PayPal fee calculator to calculate the fee amount.


In this article, we discussed the easy way to process the PayPal fee that is charged by PayPal on each transaction. Other related queries regarding the PayPal fee are also taken into account and we also discussed how to calculate it with the PayPal fees calculator.

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