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Best Parental Control App for cell Phone & Computer 

Pc and mobile phone Parental controls are on the rise, and today parents are worried no time ever before. Do you know why? Online vulnerabilities for kids are on the rise parents do their best to set parental control on kids’ laptops and desktop devices.  The internet is full of dangers, and kids have become more vulnerable to stalkers, predators, cyber bullies, and many more online.

Therefore parents need to use the best spy software for PC parental control. You may think it is tough to get your hands on the best parental monitoring software but let me tell you.

It is false! You can find out the best one in the business to monitor and control kids online. Today, we discuss the world’s best kids monitoring software to safeguard adolescents online.

Best Parental Control App for cell Phone & Computer 

It is an application that works on phones, laptops, and desktop PCs. Parents can use spy app for cell phone & PC devices on kids’ devices. It is easy to install and operate via an online dashboard, and you can further activate the features to get instant results from the target digital device.

Parents are worried about kids because of their online dating, adult content, social media obsession, and interaction with online predators. So, parents can use spying software. You have to have physical access to the target device to install a spy application on the target device to set parental control on kids’ activities.

Why Parents Want To Use Spy Software for children devices

Parents want to protect teens from online predators, such as online bullying, sex offenders, predators, body shaming, and more. They want to prevent teens from using online dating, sexting, and adult content using the world’s best spy app for computers and cell phones.

Let’s get to know about PC parental spy software, and we let you know about the tools that work on the target computer devices running with Windows operating systems.

Reasons to use spy app for cell phone & PC

Here is the following reason to use spy software for parental control you need to know about.

  • The application is easy to install & take few minutes to complete its setup
  • It remains hidden and works sneakily on the target phone and windows PCs
  • It is a temper proof application
  • spy software remains undetectable on target devices
  • It takes only 3 minutes to complete its configuration process
  • It has an electronic web control panel to control parental spy software
  • The application is cheap but effective
  • It provides real-time activities information about the target device

These are the top reason that has made spying application for parental control and best in the business over. Let’s discuss it briefly in the following.

Top-rated Features of spy app for parental control

You can take a look at the following features, and use them on target phones windows laptops, and desktop devices. Here are the following features you need to know about.

Track Keystrokes

Users can use an online dashboard and activate keystrokes, loggers. It empowers you to capture every keystroke used on the target phone laptop and desktop PC. It can record passwords, messenger, email, and messages keystrokes with the schedule.


End-users can access what is happening on the target phone windows PCs to know what kids are doing on the target device. Users can capture screenshots and send them to the dashboard. It is easy to activate the screenshot feature on the PC using the web control panel.

Track GPS location & view location history

Users can track real and pinpoint the location of phones and windows PC devices using the location tracker app.  You can monitor location history, and set safe and dangerous areas for your target device user, and get notifications.

Spy on Social media messenger apps

Social media monitoring software is the best tool for cell phone monitoring. It enables users to spy on messaging apps and social networks. Users can monitor Instant messenger apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line, Viber, WeChat, and many others. You can read messages, chats, images, view share stories, voice and video calls, and voice messages.

Screen recorder on demand

Users can record live screens using spy software for parental control. It empowers you to record series of videos on screens, and save them to the dashboard. You can watch recorded videos and get to know what your child is doing in social media, messages, chats, and internet browsers.

Surround recording

You can access the android phone and PC remotely after you have done the installation process. Users can take over the target device microphone and start recording the surroundings. You can record voice conversations, sounds, and many other voice-related activities.

View Browsing history

Users can monitor and track visited webpages, and websites on the target device installed browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, and many more. You can also watch bookmarking activities of your children.

Block websites

You can block inappropriate websites, webpages, and many more. Parents can analyze the browsing activities of kids using spy apps for PC and android phones. Further, you can block websites using URLs into the filters.

Track Call

The iPhone monitoring app is the best tool for mobile phone devices to monitor their incoming and outgoing call logs, duration and user can listen to live calls and record phone calls. You can also save data to the dashboard.

Monitor Text Messages

Users can read sent and received text messages on phone devices using a mobile spy for the Phone. You can read messages with a schedule.

View Contacts list

Users can view the complete Phone book and get to know about the contacts with names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

How does Install spy app on digital devices:

Installing Spy Software on Target Devices like mobile phones, computers, laptops, Pads, etc. It is a simple and step-by-step process. You should know that physical access is required to install Windows Spy on any computing device. Do you want to install the spy app on windows? Let’s learn about the step-by-step process below.

Step 1: Get a Monitoring Software Subscription.

You can use your mobile phone or PC browser and visit the official web page of TheOneSpy. Then, go to Solution, and tap on the cell phone and windows Spy Software. You can read the product information and go to the Buy Now page and get a subscription. You will receive credentials via your email and check your inbox.

Step 2: Physical access to devices Phone Mac Windows desktop or laptop.

You must have physical access to digital devices such as Mac, phones, windows to perform the installation, and when you have done so successfully, you can activate the spy app on the target device. It’s time to go through the Surveillance software dashboard.

Step 3: Activate the web portal and enable Spy app features.

Use the password and ID you received earlier and access the mobile and PC Monitoring Solution Online Dashboard. Users can access the web control panel and enable features for monitoring data from the target phone and PC.


The theOneSpy spy app for android and PC is the best parental control for parents to safeguard kids from online dangers, and to prevent kids from inappropriate activities.

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