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NYC car Sales Tax: Step by Step Guide 2022

Sales Tax Rate For Car Purchase In NYC.

In New York, large business commonly takes place in vehicle buying. This highlights the fact that in the United States, New York State can charge a large sales tax to the rest of the country.

Therefore our country demands one of the highest car sales tax collection from New York. The main theme of this topic is to focus on the most important characteristics of NY sale taxes regarding vehicle buying.

It is necessary to fully digest all the futuristics that go into the taxes and their fees such as registration, title, and plate fee, whenever you purchase a car in New York.

The country collects a 4% sales tax rate individually concerning car purchasing in NY, especially in Pleasantville. Besides that, there are also other county or local taxes which are up to 4.5%.

The elevated possible tax price is 8.88%. The moderate total car sales tax collected from NY State is 7.915%.

sales tax nyc

Sales tax exemption or sales tax payment in New York State

When you go to a department of motor vehicles (DMV) Brooklyn, in Atlantic Center NY, either you

  • Pay the sales tax.
  • Try to prove that you have paid your sales tax.
  • Try to prove the exemption from sales tax of your vehicle.
  • Try to pay county use tax when you register your automobile, most probably you will need it.
  • In the end, you will get a sales tax receipt from the DMV even if the settlement is exempt from sales tax.

Sales Tax NY main instruction:-

Sales tax documentation is not required if the name on the NY State Title Certificate will not vary. In case you were not a New York State resident and you bought the automobile, then please see the information below.

  • Provide the dealer’s copy of the invoice that proves you paid NY State sales tax if you purchased the car from a NY State automobile dealer or an out-of-state dealer that has the permission to take NY State sales tax.
  • Also, bring a completed Sales Tax exemption Form to the NY State Department of Tax and Finance (DTF-803) or a Dealer’s Invoice of Sale (MV-50) (NY State dealer only) (for an out-of-state dealer). The DMV does not receive sales tax

Table Of Content:

  • Sales tax exemption or sales tax payment in New York State
  • Are car trade-ins taxable?
  • Do auto dealer and rebates incentives are taxable?
  • Why NYC taxes are so high compared to other states?
  • Why NYC taxes are so high compared to other states?
  • New York used cars sales tax policy
  • Factors affecting NY used car sales tax 2021
  • Car sales tax calculator NY State.

Are you thinking about how to save car sales tax in NY State?

  • when you register for vehicle registration and do not issue a sales tax receipt if you submitted NY State sales tax to a NY State dealer.
  • Both buyer and the seller must set forth the Statement of Transaction in Sales Tax Form at the New York State Department of Tax and Finance if you bought your auto from another entity in a private deal (DTF-802).
  • Take the form to a DMV office.
  • The sales rate is calculated, received, and a sales tax receipt is provided by the DMV.
  • If the car was charter.
  • To get a sales exempt status if the car was present or was obtained from a family member, complete the Statement of Transaction in Sales Tax Form (DTF-802) at the NYS Department for Tax and Finance.
  • Show the out-of-state dealer bill of sale if you paid out-of-state sales tax. The purchase price and the quantity of out-of-state sales tax paid to the dealers must be stated on the sales contract.
  • To take the credit for local and state sales taxes you paid in another state, complete the Sales Tax Form at the New York State Department of Tax and Finance (DTF-804).
  • If NY State and another state have signed a sales tax agreement, this procedure can help save money on your sales tax. New York does not have an agreement with all states.
  • Use the option Sales Tax Exemption in Sales Tax Form at the New York State Department of Tax and Finance (DTF-803) to earn a non-resident exemption from NY State sales tax if you were not a person of New York at the time the motor was purchased.
  • The terms “non-resident” and “resident” are defined in Form DTF-803.
  • You can postpone your sales tax payment if you are a member of the United States Armed Forces and do not live in America or New York.
  • Submit the Sales Tax Exemption Form available at the New York State Department of Tax and Finance (DTF-803) If you are a proud citizen of New York State and are now a member of the United States Military Today, you no longer live in New York State or maintain a home there.

The Tax Exemption (DTF-803) form includes information and criteria that will enable you to postpone your sales tax. When you leave the army or come to New York, you must pay the sales tax.

Are car trade-ins taxable?

Many US dealer permits you to deal in your old car in turn for a credit given to the price of a new car.

The example you could sell your car and get more than $4000 credit in return for the price of $10,000 for your new vehicle making your out-of-pocket cost only $5000.

In NY, the tax price of your new car will be considered to be $5000 or more because the worth of your trade-in is not subject to sales tax. The meaning is that you can keep the sales tax or you would otherwise have to pay on $5000 value of your trade-in.

Do auto dealer and rebates incentives are taxable?

Many car dealers provide cash inducement or makers rebates on the sticker cost of a vehicle in case to encourage the business. Suppose that a $1000 cash rebate is offered on a $10,000 car, it means that the out of the pocket charges to the buyer is $9000.

In NY taxes on automobile buying before rebates and incentives apply to the price, which means that the purchaser in this case will give tax on the vehicle as it cost the complete full $10,000.

Why NYC taxes are so high compared to other states?

Sometimes it gives you anger thinking that why you have to give such a large amount in the form of sales tax on the car in NY, compared to other states like Alaska, New Hampshire, etc.

They are not liable for car sales tax. Well, it is all about the political reason because the revenue requirement compared to other states are more in NY, and the government levy taxes according to it.

The residents of New York State are in favor to pay high taxes rather than facing and suffering from poor and bad facilities.

More objectives to bear high sales tax in NY

  1. Because of the comparatively high paying worth of the state, especially of the Upstate NY.
  2. Enormous expenses for removing snow.
  3. Maintenance price of roads after winter.
  4. Responsibility to support senior citizens and veterans etc.
  5. The shortfall in the NYS budget.

Besides all this everyone is aware of the Democrat’s politics which are popular for their tax and expense policy. This shows why tax load is standardly up in NY state.

New York used cars sales tax policy

If you purchase a car in use in NY state then also you have to pay a used car tax but in the form of sales tax. But the tax amount is dependent on the seller and in case the buying cost depends on taxation.

For used cars also sales tax of 4% will be charged upon purchase, this also includes Pleasantville. This depends on whether you purchase a car from a car dealer or a separate one. Plus you may require a local or county tax of up to 4.5%.

This type of tax is called a county use tax. Counties that come within the metropolitan commuter transportation district (MCTD) will or may charge an additional sales tax of 0.375%.

In Pleasantville purchasing a used automobile in the area, you will pay a total of 8% in account of sales tax. In the other case if you were to buy the same used car in NY city then get ready to pay 8.88% used car sales tax.

Besides these taxes, there are also other individual charges for plate, registration, and title fee. Normally these charges plus up to a standard of about more than $74.

We may also need to give extra documentation charges of about more than $75 also.

Finally, we have to pay the dealer for a service relating to the filing of the sales papers and other correspondence.

Factors affecting NY used car sales tax 2021

Purchasing a used car from:-

Purchasing a car from any relatives. You will be awarded sales tax exemptions. But the seller must not be a registered auto dealer. File a TF-802 form whenever you buy it

If the dealer from which we have purchased the car, at the time of purchase if he factors in the sale tax then don’t bother to pay again during registering. If he doesn’t include the purchase price then you have to pay.


You can always get a credit equivalent to the cost of your previous automobile if you sell it at a dealership for just another used car. You also can take full advantage of any maker or dealership discounts.

As a consequence, if you are using your credits or cash refunds towards the buying of a car, you will pay fewer benefits because the overall purchase price will be lower.

Because of state of New York only taxes whatever you pay out of money, this is the case.

The place where you purchase the Vehicle:-

You may have state taxes if you buy an auto in some other state while living in Nyc. You also must submit documentation of payments of those taxes when registering your motor in New York to obtain a credit to lower the rate you owe.

You may not have been eligible to claim the benefit of the jurisdiction where you purchased your car doesn’t even have a sales tax agreement with New York. As a precaution, be careful.

Residency Reputation:-

If you’re not a New York resident when you obtained a used vehicle, you might be exempt from the state’s sales tax. In this case, you must complete and submit Form DTF-803 to make use of your non-resident exemption rights for sales taxes

The Automobile’s reasonable Market Value:-

The market price of used vehicles you purchase may influence how much sales tax you pay. So because DMV assesses sales tax utilizing fair vehicle assessments, this is the case.

If you bought a vehicle for less than its market rate, you may be qualified for a discount or refund for the difference in sales tax. As a response, make sure the seller’s statement section of the DTF-802 is approved and signed.

When purchasing a used car in New York, it’s a good thing to keep track of how much sales tax you’ll have to pay.

To prevent getting into legal trouble and needing to pay interest, be sure you don’t delay any money you owe. Do your due analysis, however, to stop wasting more than you need to.

Car sales tax calculator NY State.

Tool for calculating New York car sales tax:-

You can also calculate your own car sales tax by using a calculator tool available on the New York state department of taxation website.

Every person individually enters his zip code and address to obtain an estimate for the complete NY state and local tax which they are liable to pay for their vehicle.

Multiply your vehicle sales tax price with the rate provided for your address in NY.

Earth Odyssey Calculator:-

This is also another great resource you can find on the net for calculating car sales tax in NY. Following are the steps for inputting your data:

  1. Select your tax area where you are shipping your vehicle. It may be a county or a city within it. If you don’t know about your county, select your city.
  2. Then the next step is to enter the total price of the vehicle or automobile that will be bought.
  • In the end, finally, select calculate tax button to obtain the total sales tax on your car in your city or county.

New York CMVT requirements and procedures

It is the abbreviation for Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax (CMVT). It is also a sales tax on purchasing a vehicle that is used for business purposes in New York. This tax will be paid by the vehicle owner means the purchaser.

This tax is payable under different kinds of agreements after purchase, especially if the vehicle is running by the lessee for 30 or more days after buying, then he is responsible, and if the machine is leased for fewer than 30 days then the owner will pay this tax.

This tax is accountable for nonpassenger vehicles which include all the trucks and their kinds including cranes, quality towing service, all kinds of tractor machines, light delivery vehicles, power shovels, road building machines, sand spreaders, road sweepers, well drillers, snowplows, public streets operated fork lifters, earth moving equipment, and station wagons, etc.

More than 50% of mileage annually is mainly connected to the business located in NY city. These vehicles include cab services, roadside assistance manhattan, omnibus, and other small passenger transport service in the city that is working in return for revenue.

These types of small commercial vehicles are all liable to pay the CMVT in New York except those that are running under the responsibility of the port of New York authority which only pays some percentage of their gross earnings.

Are you thinking about how to save car sales tax in NY State?

I think after reading this content about NY car sales tax, you’re getting different ideas that instead of passing through so many hurdles for paying sales tax in New York State why not purchase a car in another state which has low tax and easy payment procedure to pay it or is tax less on used cars.

But I am telling you one thing there is no escape from the NY department of a motor vehicle. The DMV has the prediction that people will try to purchase cars from low tax states to save money that is why no option will be kept open by DMV.

The rule is the rule, there is no escape, whenever you purchase and register a car while residing in NY State you need to pay tax.

Just suppose if you are a NY resident but you bought a car in New Hampshire or around from any corner of the world where you don’t need to pay tax but when you return to NYS with the car and later try to register it in New York, then you have to pay the tax and other charges.

There is only one way to save yourself from the tax burden or to pay low tax or no sales tax, and what is that? The answer is to go to that place where they implement a low or no tax policy on buying and registering the car, settle and start living there. But it is a bit awkward.

There are several different factors to lay hold into account. To be enrolled in New York, an auto acquired outside of the state must fulfill the state’s emissions requirements.

If your vehicle does not meet the requirements, you will be asked to pay a surcharge for modifications.

Additionally, an out-of-state purchased vehicle must receive Vehicle Identification Number verification, which is an additional cost.

The essential message is to prevent playing a game with the DMV and to pay the sales tax on automobiles in New York.

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