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5 best tips to follow for new bloggers 2022

Blogging has become one of the most profitable online businesses. The best thing about blogging is that you can start from zero and gradually sell up to achieve the heights of success. Did you know that some of the top bloggers earn hundreds of thousands every month?

SO, if you are good at writing and would love to turn it into a profession then blogging can be the best option for you. In this post we will mention the 5 best tips to start your blogging journey as an absolute beginner:

Choose the right topic

Start by choosing the right topic for your blog. This is the first and most crucial part of your blogging journey. Many new bloggers make the mistake of choosing a very wide general niche and include several topics- rights from business to technology and even hobbies like gardening.

They think that the broad range of topics will increase the reach of the blog and help in building massive traffic. The reality, however, is that you cannot justify working on various topics and it certainly affects the quality and consistency.

If you would check the blogs of top bloggers, you would notice that they concentrate on specific niches, which allows them to build expertise in a few selected and relevant areas rather than dabbling with too many topics without gaining any exclusive in-depth knowledge to gain a distinct reputation.

So, you can also concentrate on a specific niche that you are passionate about and have good knowledge of the same. Start enhancing your knowledge and gain expertise.

You would need to devote some time to studying and researching the topic so that you can gain some exclusive insights as well as understand ins and outs of the topic.

It will also help you create valuable, high-quality material which also plays an important role in marketing your blog.  It will give you a cutting edge and help you to create highly valuable materials that precisely solve the readers’ challenges and help them get the best benefits.>>

Buy an ideal domain name

Once you have selected the niche, the next thing is to buy a domain name for your blog. May new bloggers struggle to find the best domain name while others get confused between lots of options? One thing to remember here is that there is nothing like “Best Domain Name”.

You need to keep things simple and choose a domain name that can easily be memorized and provides a quick idea about your niche and USP. For instance, if you have started a blog on SEO that is focused on offering tips for beginners then the names like,, or can be an ideal choice.

The second thing is to choose the right extension. In general terms, the extension, in the context of domain names, refers to the final letters after the second dot (.). Like has a dot com extension while the extension for is dot org.

There are several extensions available but it is always best to stick to do come as it is the most recognized extension that enjoys a nearly standard position in the domain name industry.>>

Select a good Content Management System (CMS)

The third thing is to choose the right platform for blogging. Technically termed as Content Management System or CMS for short, this platform allows you to create, publish and present your posts.

Think of it as a foundation or a placeholder to place your website material, blog posts, graphics, and other assets of your blog. There are various CMS available in the market like Drupal, Joomla WordPress, etc. However, none of them enjoy the popularity claimed by WordPress.

It is because of its easy interface, availability of quick editing functionalities, drag and drop features, a quick designing option with the help of ready to use customizable templates, and last but not least several free and premium plugins to add extra chunks of advanced functionalities like in-built SEO analysis and management tools.

One thing to remember here is that there are two options and It is best to go for as has limited features while offers you complete ownership.

That said, nowadays most of the reputed hosting providers offer the inbuilt feature to integrate WordPress with just a few clicks.

It relieves you from the lengthy process of WordPress setup and integration. Just login o your admin panel and search for WordPress in the search box at the top. It will show you the WordPress installation option through a single-click application installer.

Just click to install WordPress and with a brief intuitive process, you can activate WordPress and start working on it. >>

Buy the right hosting plan

Another major requirement is to buy a hosting plan that best suits your needs. One thing to remember here is that WordPress can be quite demanding when it comes to resource consumption. To support its specific needs it is always best to purchase WordPress hosting plan from a reputed provider.

WordPress hosting plans are specially built and stocked with the right type/volume of resources to meet the special demands of WordPress. Thus it offers sufficient support to your WordPress website while also enhancing its performance, speed, and security. >>

Create high-quality posts and engaging material

Finally, you need to start posing the material. This is certainly the most crucial part for any blogger. There is no standard way or one-time solution here. You need to keep on posting high-quality material that meets the demands of your readers.

It is an ongoing process and you need to keep on monitoring the results and accordingly optimize your material for better outcomes. Start by researching the authentic sources of your industry to gain deeper insights. It will help you to develop keen insight and achieve a certain level of expertise.

Next, start recognizing the gaps where you can help. For instance, if your expertise is start-up then you can write material on how to register a start and get loans and approvals or grants to run a start efficiently. Be as detailed and direct as possible.

The main objective is to offer actionable tips to the readers – something they can follow in real-time. Along with research and value, it is also important to present your posts most appealingly.

For instance, you can use a good variety of media (images, videos, info graphs, etc.) to offer an interesting look to your posts. It keeps people engaged and prompts them to explore more material on your site.

Thus it increases say duration and click-through rate which helps in enhancing your SEO profile.


Blogging is one of the best options to earn a decent online income. It can be started with almost zero or negligible investment and you can scale it up as you grow.

Besides, blogging also allows you to enhance your knowledge and build expertise that can help you in different areas while also earning you a good social reputation.

However, in order to succeed as a blogger, you need to follow the right strategies right from the beginning. In this post, we explained some of the best tips for the new bloggers to gain maximum benefit and multiply their potential as a blogger. 

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