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Mobile Game Development: How Much the Cost And Which Developer to Hire


Nowadays, we all are looking for different and innovative ways of entertainment. When everything is closed in the COVID-19 situation, there is no chance of going out because of the lockdown. So, people started looking for alternative ways to entertain and enjoy themselves. Some are watching movies while some are busy playing different games.

As a result, the mobile gaming industry has become the most significant sector ever. However, this sector is still growing. Many big companies are shifting towards mobile game development.

They are launching gaming apps to entertain their customers differently. In short, they want to reach more customers. On the other hand, it increases the demand for game developers. It is because most companies want to hire the top and best game developers that develop innovative games.

Several games hit millions of downloads. Peoples have become so addicted to gaming. It indicates that this will grow the market during the coming years. Businesses or new startups that want to enter the market, then they have to come up with the best and game app. It is because people have become so selective, they only go with the things or apps that put an impact on them.

On the other hand, people only choose the app with maximum downloads as there are too many available apps. Therefore, the gaming app must be innovative and entertaining that engage users. But remember one thing your game app doesn’t contain too many ads. It disturbed.

There are some aspects that every company or new business should consider before investing in mobile game app development. Like what the customer wants? The cost and usability.

The Cost of Mobile Game App Development in Different Countries

Nowadays, the cost of mobile game development is the latest topic. Many companies and organizations are showing their interest in learning more about game development because they try to enter this rapidly growing market. The cost can range from $12,000 to 2 or 3 million on average. However, it varies from country to country. Let’s take a look:

1. United States

If we talk about the United States, the 2D and 3D games development cost is between $3000 to $200000 depends on the complexity. In comparison, the development of 3D games is expensive as compared to 2D games.

2. Ukraine

In comparison to other countries, the cost of app development in Ukraine is typically lower. Although there is no compromise in quality, it remains high. A mobile game app will cost you around $5,000 and $15,000.

3. United Kingdom

An essential app costs about $15,000 in the United Kingdom, whereas an advanced and feature-rich game app with specialized effects will cost up to $55,000.

4. China

Game app development in China will cost between $4,000.00 and $12,000.00. However, a game app development company charges fees, or we can say price depends on different aspects like game standard, size, and complexity, or we can say the features of the app.

Which Developer Should a Company Hire for Developing a Mobile Game App?

As the market of mobile game app development grows, more companies are searching for top and best app developers who can create high-quality gaming apps with unique and advanced features. But what skills and knowledge does a game app developer have to ensure that the app is designed, reviewed, and released successfully?

Anyone interested in developing a game app should look into hiring a Unity developer. Such a developer typically possesses the necessary expertise, knowledge, and experience to plan and launch an effective game app. A game developer should have the following abilities:

1. Extensive Experience with User Interfaces (UX/UI)

A developer should have outstanding knowledge of user experience and user interface design and exceptional coding capabilities. Such features offer a better user experience and enable smooth operations.

2. Ability to Solve Problems

Developing mobile game apps can be a difficult task. As a result, the capacity or ability to quickly and effectively fix any concerns or, we can say, issues are necessary. When it comes to solving bugs or improving code, a competent developer must be patient. It’s also beneficial to be able to see things from diverse perspectives and angles.

3. Ingenuity and Creativity

Due to the enormous number of gaming applications accessible, an app must have distinguishing features to stand out. As a result, a developer should have a creative attitude and the ability to apply new ideas. To guarantee that current needs are satisfied, a developer should keep up with industry trends.

4. Ability to Manage Time

Gaming apps are complex products with many moving pieces. To put all of the details at one point, or we can say together, they frequently need numerous professionals to work and collaborate as a team. A developer must work proficiently under pressure and achieve all project deadlines to survive in this environment.

5. Exceptional Communication Abilities

Communication and interaction are crucial during the entire development process. As a result, the ideal developer should effectively communicate and translate concepts or ideas and viewpoints. A good gaming app developer should be cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Different Mobile Game Development Technologies

Several technologies are available in the market for mobile game app development. The most popular and famous technologies among the companies are Unity and Unreal Engine.


The majority of the companies use the Unity engine in multiple apps and games development. It’s adaptable and simple to customize. Unity has the advantage of being a cross-platform technology. It enables you to develop apps for multiple platforms at the same time using a shared backend.

Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine’s advantage is that it does not require substantial programming to make a game with it. On the other hand, it is powerful enough to create spectacular 3D graphics that attract users’ attention.

Mobile Game Development Costs

One question that comes to mind is how much a game app development costs from the idea generation to launching the final app. Answering honestly. There is no proper and exact answer available. However, the reason behind it is that the app development costs depend on multiple factors.

There are many things to be considered when you go for the app development process. Cost depends on the complexity, number of features, background sound, technology, and the game dimensions like 2D or 3D.

Game development can be started from $1000 for a simple game like a shooter game, and it can go up to $1000000 as per the requirements.

Final Notes

The above mention points will give you knowledge about game development. On the other hand, it also enables you to evaluate first before investing in-game app development. But still, you don’t know how to cater things.

Don’t worry. There are several companies that the serving their services in the market. You are allowed to visit their websites and compare the prize and competency of app developers. Cubix is one of the companies from top and well-known companies.

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