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About Meta Tag Generator

Free meta tag generator

Meta tags are HTML tag content that creates metadata about your website these are title, description. Meta tags are used by search engines to index and to provide relevant content on their search results page meta tag are a must for any website if they want to have their presence online.

What are meta tags?


Meta tags are the first impression potential visitors get of your website through organic listings; They are also identifiers that search engine robots use when crawling your website. Your meta title and meta description are the two tags that represent your website within Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) for SEO. However, before we delve into your tags, let's take a look at the tags that users don't see, the ones that search engines use to identify you.

These search engine tags deliver a strict set of instructions to engine bots. how to behave on specific web pages The tag is the robots meta tag. This tag allows you to block or allow the crawling of a page by robots. If the tag says 'no index' it will tell bots not to add the page to search results.

The settings should only be used on pages that are not useful to users, such as the login or admin pages. A Meta Robots tag with 'index', on the other hand, will allow robots to include the page in their search results. Another instruction that meta robots tags can have is 'follow' or 'no follow'. Unless circumstances suggest otherwise, you should always set your page links in the 'follow' settings.

This is because a 'no-follow' setting tells bots not to click or "follow" the links your page displays. We also offer a free Robots.txt generator tool that allows you to control how Google indexes your site. Another example of a search engine tag is the canonical tag.

This tag is used to educate the search engines on what the master / original copy of a page is. Using the canonical tag avoids problems with duplicate content, also known as the same content that appears in multiple URLs. Now that you know how to generate meta tags using our tool, here are some instructions on how to optimize those tags.

Meta Description Tips

  • Most Important: Most search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc use the meta description tag in their search results. Proper meta description tags help to improve your website click rate and bring organic traffic.
  • Your meta description should be catchy and easy to understand users who search for topics related to your website will see it on many search results pages.
  • The meta tag must be a sentence to a couple of sentences long its length should be about 155 to 160.             
  • Each page on your website should have its meta tag description.
  • You must strengthen the keywords in the page title, targeting alternate versions.
  • You should typically add multiple versions of the keywords and keyword phrase modifiers, hitting other permutations that are not heavily focused upon in your page title.
  • Your meta description should also help transform your site from other competing ranked sites from your niche.