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Working principle of inline magnetic separator

Everything you need to know about using a magnetic filter

It is common knowledge that over time a lot of debris and rust can end up building in the pipes of your central heating system. This can lead to a lot of bigger issues further down the road right from the inefficiency of the heating system to constant boiler breakdowns. If you intend to prevent such issues from happening then you might want to consider using magnetic filters in your central heating system.

You might be wondering what exactly are these magnetic filters are being talked about, how do they function, and just why are they important? Continue reading further to know everything there is to know about magnetic filters.

What exactly is a magnetic filter?

Magnetic filters are designed to catch the sludge in the central heating system and hence prevent the various issues associated with the formation of sludge. Just like the name implies, a magnetic filter in Ireland is magnetic which means that it will be very effective in attracting and removing the corroded iron and steel material within the sludge.

What are some of the most important benefits of magnetic filters?

Let’s have a look at some of the most important benefits of magnetic filters, in no particular order

  • Efficient heating system
  • Much lower energy bills
  • Much reduced carbon footprint
  • Considerably longer boiler lifetime
  • Much increased length of boiler warranty
  • Substantially reduced risk of expensive repairs

Where should you fit the magnetic filter?

One of the best ways of using the magnetic filter is by fixing it to the pipe that returns the water to the boiler after the water has traveled around the central heating system. A magnetic filter Ireland is added to the boiler mostly right at the time of the installation of the boiler. Sometimes it can be possible to fit the magnetic filter Ireland onto existing systems but this might not always be possible given the location of the boiler.

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If you happen to be quite unsure if there’s enough space near the boiler to add a magnetic filter Ireland to the return pipe, then it would be in your best possible interests to go ahead and contact an engineer of central heating systems at the earliest.

Would you need to clean magnetic filters?

Yes. If you plan to use a magnetic filter, then yes, you will need to clean it regularly. This is because the sludge that the magnetic filer is cleaning needs to be removed from the filter itself now and then. You can engage the services of a central heating engineer for getting the magnetic filter cleaned during the annual service of your boiler.

What do you do when you don’t have a magnetic filter?

If you don’t have a magnetic filter for preventing a build-up of contaminants then times are not far when your entire system would be in the need of a power flush. You might need to engage the services of an engineer to carry out a power flush and the same can take anywhere between 6-10 hours. If you happen to be particularly unlucky, then you might end up with a system that is so damaged that it needs to be replaced altogether.

The Bottom Line

When people choose to get a new boiler installed they usually do it in the hopes that the boiler will easily provide them with heating and hot water for many years to come. This is where you might avail a lot of benefits by using a magnetic filter.

Over time, it is only but inevitable that sludge and dirt will begin building in the pipes of the boiler and this might make your boiler a lot more inefficient so the result will be higher energy bills. Thus it makes sense for you to begin using a magnetic filter that can catch all the dirt and debris before the water gest prevented from flowing through the system.

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