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Top 15 Modern Fonts for Logos Design & Branding in 2022

You might have heard of modern fonts often. But what are these fonts actually?

Till now some of us have heard a lot about modern fonts, but never tried to know in-depth and execute what they mean.

It’s even possible that many of us have already used these fonts in logo design but never tried to understand its font family. Well if you are one of those curious people, then you have reached the right destination. Read on

What Is A Modern Font?

Do you know that modern fonts came into existence over two hundred years ago?

Well, modern fonts are simple, minimal, and legible fonts. And just like modern architecture and design, these fonts feature thin lines, wide strokes, and light curves.

Due to these characteristics, they can look both beautiful and adventurous at the same time, especially when used for creative purposes. Moreover, they can be both serifs or sans serif fonts, with different graphics and characteristics.

However, the best trait of these fonts is that they never deliver an excessive emotion and prefer to produce a simple and uncomplex vibe.

They make certain that a business logo does not lose its classiness in any way and also reflects a premium and bold impression. Not just that, they also adapt to the essence of a project pretty easily.

This is what makes these fonts ideal (or great, if not ideal) for logo and branding design. And this is why modern fonts are widely used by a number of brands as well as industries across the world.

The most relevant and frequent use of these fonts can be seen in printed materials, ads, websites, applications, and programs. Whereas, projects related to design, creativity, architecture, IT, and technology use them more often.

Now the question arises, how to choose the best fonts for logos design among the wide range of modern fonts.

To help you out, we have listed the 15 most popular and versatile modern fonts that you can use to make your logo interesting and eye-captivating. Check them out in the section below.

15 Modern Fonts for Logos Design and Branding in 2022


Sugar is an attractive font, much feminine and not at all boring like other modern fonts. It is made with both curves and straight lines. Brands in fashion, packaging, branding and creative genre can choose this modern font.


The Asterone font is towards the cleaner side. It has a minimal yet professional composition and makes a perfect choice for corporate branding. It works best for designs related to advertising, fashion clothing, branding, and other creative areas.


The Mavera font is a one-of-a-kind font and not among the typical modern display fonts. The alphabets are differently and elegantly shaped, unlike other fonts. Brands of cafes, clothing, stationery, etc. can perfectly gel their brand name using this font.


As the name suggests, Classico is a classic font with a refined and minimalist approach. This is why it is one of the most chosen modern fonts of all time. Its design is sleek and brands with such essence in their identities can use this font.


Zolina is an absolutely pretty font, that features both curves and lines in an elegant way. Just like Sugar font, it has a feminine touch. It offers more than nine font weights and variable styles.

Its contemporary sleek lines make it a perfect match for brands into clothing, beauty products, luxurious items, home and living products, etc.


Monreal speaks of a far futuristic approach. Unlike the basic modern fonts, it features a greater definition of modernism with its strategic lines. This font may recall the spirit of nightclubs and discos.

Ventures like clubs, late-night party places, etc. can use this font to convey the enthusiasm delivered via the services.


Limpkin has soft rounded edges rather than cutting sharp. This font works well for digital banners, designs, logos, greeting cards as a result of its simple yet attractive approach. This sans serif font has got various file extensions like TTF, EOT, and WOFF.

Black Mango

The Black Mango font is a great option when it comes to choosing contemporary and trendy modern fonts. Its strokes are sleek and rather flat, seeming like drawn from a flat nib pen. Brands into publishing, restaurants, branding & packaging, stationery, etc. can opt for this modern font.


The Mogena font presents more of an enticing mid-century approach. It has round edges and tilted lines that make it appear like a flowing font.

Moreover, it speaks of timelessness and therefore works great for brand logos, banners, packaging designs, etc.

  1. Salsico

The Salsico font is an exciting blend of serif and sans serif fonts that delivers an ultra-modern appearance. The touch of Spanish essence makes us remind of a classical guitar magazine. Its artistic strokes make it a great fit for fashion & beauty brands, art products, design companies, etc.


The Adren font speaks simplicity, which is why it is chosen by a number of brands with similar objectives. It boasts legibility and has fewer curves, unlike many other modern fonts.

Being a versatile font, it can work well for a variety of purposes, like packaging, logo designs, book covers, stationery, merchandise, etc.


When it comes to choosing tall and classy fonts, the Mandora font is an enticing choice. It is a sans serif font with long and untangled features.

Even though it’s simple, however, creates an interesting impact on the viewer. It can be used for brands’ business stationery, logos, packaging, website banners, clothing, etc.


The Katrine font portrays a sparkling feminine look. Aesthetically, it is sharp, sleek, and clean.  Due to its stylish approach, this modern font can be used by fashion and jewelry brands.

Plus, projects with a retro-modern approach like branding projects, magazines, boutiques, etc, can also make fine use of Katrine in their products.

Mick Kelly

Mick Kelly, a serif font, is apparently a beautiful one. It is a smart choice for brands with a delicate and feminine direction.

The dynamism it features narrates the essence of old fairytale stories. This versatile font comes with both regular and light versions. And can be used for purposes like storybook covers, posters, event invitations, etc.


Galapagos is another modern font with a futuristic approach. It appears to be sci-fi inspired and gives a sophisticated message. Brands into clothing, packaging, beauty, etc. can find a perfect match in Galapagos.


So these were the most exclusive and trending modern fonts that have been chosen by several brands around the world. These fonts are capable to add style and meaning to your creative projects.

They are convenient to read and neutral in aesthetics and personality, and therefore evoke pleasant feelings inside the viewer. Moreover, due to their versatility, elegance, and inventive essence, they are often chosen by a number of organizations for both creative and corporate projects.

Hope the above list of modern fonts was able to provide clarity of what fonts to prefer first when it comes to beginning a creative logo design or graphic design project.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to try these out and find the one that suits best your objectives.

Need more assistance? Still can’t figure out what to choose and what not? Get in touch with a professional logo design company like Verve Branding, and start a successful brand logo design journey today.


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