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Top 10 Trending and best tools for Designing a Logo Professionally

A masterly designed logo impersonates a vital part in influencing the consciousness of consumers. This design demonstrates the brand’s visual status while promoting your integrity as a company.

Most famous companies of the world and their logos

  • Coca Cola logo has an italic curvy red flowing font.
  • Apple has a ‘bitten apple logo’ representing gravity towards its consumers.
  • Amazon has articulately written its company name in black and bold font, but a floating arrow from A-Z symbolizes that they sell everything A-Z.
  • Toyota features a big oval and two smaller ovals perpendicularly overlapping one another, the logo looks like an octopus. The famous logo represents beneficial trust between consumers and the company.

What sort of philosophy you are going to conceive for your business logo?

The logo for your business should depict the concept of your company at first sight so that consumers can judge your products at first glance. Professional logo development is a crucial part, or you can hire a freelancer to design a logo if you need one.

If you don’t have adequate resources for that, how would you solve the dilemma?

You have to pay from 100 to a thousand dollars to design a logo for your company’s website. So it is better to design a logo by yourself. Generally, new businesses do not have such designing skills since they have a limited budget.

You can begin the procedure of designing a logo with the most reliable free online logo maker tools or, if you have the expertise to operate designing software, you can consider them.

You have to consider factors like researching the best approaches and determining the adequate needs to promote the brand or business. But if you need a quick design and have done all the initial steps, then jump to online logo-making tools that can help you to design a logo.

I have listed the seven best logo-making tools that will empower you to design a professional and eye-catchy logo by yourself.

  • Wix
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Tailor Brands Logo Maker
  • Looka logo maker
  • Hatchful


Wix logo maker is trending as the top free online logo-making tool. You have to create an account with Wix to enter the logo maker interface. It also provides a drag-and-drop website building tool. The ideal free tool for a brand new business.

By answering simple questions such as a brand name or a slogan, the Wix logo creator can create a logo template for you, and then you can edit every design feature accordingly – from colors to fonts and sizes.

With the Wix logo maker, you are not limited to get a custom logo for free. You will receive commercial rights too. It means you do not have to worry about the licenses or copyright. You will be the sole proprietor of your high-quality logo and, you can use it at every social medium.

If you have a more specific vision or want more customization, you can also buy Wix’s premium website plan by signing up. It will cost you around $11 to $24 per month. Wix Logo Maker makes it easy for anybody without design skills to make their logo. Because of the wide range of customization options, but not too many, it’s easy to create a professional-grade logo quickly.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a kingpin of graphic design software that proposes a pixel grid to align design features. A user-friendly and customizable designing tool in the design industry. Additionally, the creative software offers brushes,shape-building tools, and advanced path controls that give you the freedom to design your imagination can imagine. Like the other free tools on our list, you simply choose an icon, add your business name, and customize the fonts and colors.

Illustrator may seem intimidating to beginners because of its advanced tools. It costs $20.99 a month, so if you’re new to graphic design, you might be better off with a cheaper, uncomplicated program.

But Adobe Illustrator has made it possible for expert designers to a robust online presence or expand a business with sleek designs. Entrepreneurs, companies, and freelancers can now find all the tools they need under one roof – without any coding.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands logo maker is the top pick right now for creating an effective logo for your brand with satisfaction. Its AI-powered software will examine relevant aspects before providing you with a logo that you can tweak until you are pleased.

Tailor Brands is a stalwart graphic designing tool to help you with custom and unique designs. Getting a professional logo process stimulates queries about your industry, brand, and requirements. You will get your logo job done in less than 5minutes. If you do not like the aspects of the automatically designed logo provided by Tailor Brands, you can custom-built your logo until you are satisfied.

It is only possible to customize the logo if you purchase it. Basic logo access costs $2.99 monthly, while premium plans cost $10.99 monthly.

When you are done with the designing of your professional logo, you can download the high-quality logo file that you can employ for your website, business cards, or merchandise with full commercial rights included. You can also download ready-to-use graphics for social media posts.

Looka Logo Maker

Looka’s AI-powered logo maker combines your design preferences with your company name and business to generate a freakish logo. It will give you a brand kit to go with it. It means you can create your branding in less than five minutes.

Easily design your business cards, social profiles, emails, signatures, and more with 300+ custom-built templates to robust and repurpose the perception of the business.

Taking a logo in low-resolution costs $20, while multiple high-resolution files and color variations are $65 each. The enterprise package includes brand guidelines, a social media kit, and business card designs for $90.

Your brand gets exposure in the market from day one, ensuring success. You do not need designing skills to incorporate your vision into your logo. Looka generates endless opportunities for your logo to seem accurate like you imagined.

Once the logo is designed, you can begin building your brand identity. Looka’s Brand Kit uses your logo, colors, and fonts to create hundreds of branded marketing materials.


Create professional and high-resolution logos in minutes. Hatchful is specially designed for entrepreneurs. You can create stunning logos with over 100 templates, icons, and color combinations without much expertise.

Hatchful offers both free templates and premium templates for up to $8.99 each.

Hatchful is one of the most used logo makers procuring your business needs. Once you decide what type of logo you will need and how you will use it, it will generate a list of potential logos for you to browse through.

Modify fonts, icons, and layout until you feel that your affordable logo design will hit the market, and then download your logo in all the forms you are likely to need.

2021 The Best 5 Places to Design Your Logo

Without a doubt, a crucial element when creating a business is the logo. This component helps your idea or company start creating your customers’ identity with your products and services.

That is why you have come this far in the search for tools to create logos that facilitate the task both at a structural and artistic level that the design requires and at a financial level due to the cost be incurred in hiring someone graphic designer.

It should be noted before that. In addition to giving the company its own identity to its suppliers and customers, the logo also generates a sense of belonging to its managers, investors, and other collaborators.

In the case of budding businesses, the logo becomes an impulse and a personal identity of the entrepreneur. Without further ado, let’s check out these top 5 platforms to create logos.

The best 5 tools to try for making logos


DesignEvo is a robust logo maker with over 10,000 templates in various categories such as business, beauty, and education. Templates can be edited, so you can also create your logo from the template. And with a wide variety of fonts and logos, it’s also convenient to create your logo from scratch. In the PLUS plan, ownership of the copyright is recognized, and trademark registration is possible within the scope of self-responsibility.

Still, DesignEvo allows you to download your logo for free without watermark though in low-resolutions. So, this tool would be friendly if you want no-watermark logo files.

Logo Maker Plus

The best application to create the logo you want if you consider yourself creative. You can play with elements such as textured images, custom filters, icon color, color gradients, borders, shadows, 3D effects, and other options that the platform offers you. You can even use your gallery images to design your logo.

It is a free Android application, and you get the logos in the same way. As they mention in their description, they are among the most inspiring tools to design logos and publications in networks.

Wix Logo Maker

For some time, the website builder has been implementing a logo creation platform within his services in which he offers you two main options.

You can first contact professional designers who work with Wix to create your logo according to your business and needs. In the second, you can create the logo yourself, answering a series of questions that the platform asks you, which shows you various options for you to say or choose the one you like.

At the end of the process, both options lead to making a payment to get the logo, adding that the second can come in combination with creating a website.


This page is very easy to use, where all you have to do is enter the name of your business to later choose from thousands of options generated by the application. You have the option to edit your choice or leave it as is.

In the end, you provide your email for the achievement of the logo after making the payment.


It is perhaps the best of the logo creation applications if you already have a track record with your business. It is also the best tool in preparing your logo since employing a previous study with questions and style selection generates hundreds of possibilities to also edit to your liking.

Like everything good, it has a cost, but that goes beyond just the logo. They also include plans for personalizing your creation in different graphic elements, such as invitation cards, websites, social networks, publications, among others.


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