How to prepare for Ladakh Trip ! 5 Tips 2021

Ladakh Trip

When it comes to adventurous trips, the Ladakh trip tops the list every time. But can you blame it? It’s the perfect place to experience the real adventure of traveling up to the high altitudes. And that’s not it, you explore various magical lakes, ancient monasteries with rich histories, beautiful landscapes, and delicious regional food.

But planning a trip to Ladakh is a tricky thing, it’s not just like planning trips for other places. Because weather in Ladakh is unpredictable and many other things add up once you visit there. So, to be prepared, you need to plan in advance for every possible situation.

Let’s go through all the important steps one by one that you should take before going on a Ladakh trip whether, with friends, with a partner, or a solo bike trip:


Ladakh has very unpredictable weather, it may rain some days, some days are sunny and others are incredibly chilly.  So, do your homework before planning for the trip, check when the weather is moderate.

It’s given that the best time to visit Ladakh is between mid-May to October. During this time you can plan your bike trip as well because almost all the major routes open up during this time.

If there are some specific places in mind to visit there, then check if when they are going to be open for visitors so you can plan accordingly.


You learned about the best time to visit Ladakh, earlier. But who has control over sudden climate changes and Ladakh is one of those places which have very unpredictable weather.

So, you need to check for the routes that you are going through. Because due to snow or certain climate changes most of the routes get closed as they are risky to travel.

Some routes get closed for travelers and open only for civilians during the evening, keep a checklist of those places and plan your further trip according to it.

Even if you plan each step wisely, there still might be some delay on certain routes due to snowfall so, be prepared for such instances too.


Whether it’s a friends group journey or a Leh Ladakh Bike Trip alone, it is important for you to carry all the essentials. It is important to carry warm clothes along with you as you know that it is cold there throughout the year. But with that, there are other items that come in the essentials list.

  • Accessories- Carry woolen caps, scarfs, hand gloves, and socks with you to cover all the body parts that are mostly exposed in the chilly winds.
  • First aid kit- You need to be prepared for emergencies so, carry antiseptic cream, cotton, some medicines like aspirin, medicine for stomach & headache, medicine for motion sickness, etc. because you don’t know how the change of weather can affect you.
  • Cash- There are still some places that prefer money over digital payment. So, it’s better to carry sufficient cash with you during your visit. As there are only a few ATMs and that too in Leh city only. It might help you in times of emergencies.
  • Food items: Carry some dry food items that are easy to carry in your handbag or backpack. As at high altitudes, you might lose your appetite and not feel like eating but you need to keep your energy intact. You can carry dry fruits, healthy biscuits, and even some energy drinks.


Keep all the important documents handy. There are certain places in Ladakh where they check your id. You need to carry a photo id with you, it can be your aadhar card, license, or voter id card. Don’t forget to keep a photocopy of your id along with the photocopies of your ticket and the hotel slip where you’re staying.

These photocopies help you to pass the military checkpoints at certain places easily, as they request you to submit it there.

Also, along with the documents, keep a map with you because the cell reception might not help you through your journey through some routes.

Physical fitness:

Your body is not capable of adjusting to completely different weather that easily. So, when you start planning for a trip to Ladakh, start exercising a bit or you can do different physical activities like cycling, walking, etc. It helps in strengthening your body parts and makes them strong.

You can also include some breathing exercising too, it helps in breathing properly at high altitudes where the oxygen level is comparatively low.

There are several other things that come to mind while we start planning. Include them in your checklist along with the above-mentioned and you’re all set to go. Planning makes it easier to enjoy the trip and experience the adventure with fun.

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