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Discover How To Maintain Your Kitchen Garden And Control Insects All Year

All You Need to Know About The Seasonal Kitchen Garden Care and Insect Control

It is important to maintain a kitchen garden on a seasonal basis. It requires pest control using advion cockroach gel Dubai and essential care.

We need to maintain our kitchen garden because it provides us with food. It also saves money, as we don’t buy packaged foods from the store.

Fresh produce is healthy for you. Since it doesn’t have pesticides on it, there are no detrimental chemicals or additives in your vegetables. If you have your own garden produce, you can pick out what goes into your creation. Moreover, our kitchen garden allows you to create recipes just how they are supposed to taste!

Spring Season Kitchen Garden Care

In the spring, this includes removing winter debris, fertilizing, and planting new crops.

Removing Winter Debris:

The first task in the spring is to remove any winter debris from your garden. This includes fallen leaves, branches, and other vegetation. Remove as much of it as possible, but be careful not to damage any plants in the process.


After removing the debris, you’ll need to fertilize your garden. Use a balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10 or 20-20-20. Be sure to read the label carefully to make sure you’re using the correct amount. Apply the fertilizer according to the instructions on the package.

Planting New Crops:

Once the garden is fertilized, it’s time to plant new crops. Consult a gardening catalog or online source to find out what’s in season and plan your garden accordingly. Plant seeds or starter plants, depending on the type of crop you’re growing. Be sure to water and care for your plants as they grow.

Summer Season Kitchen Garden Care

In the summer, tasks include watering, pest control, and harvesting.


One of the most important tasks in the summer is watering your garden. Gardens need 1-2 inches of water per week, depending on the weather and soil conditions. Be sure to water deeply so that the roots can absorb as much water as possible.

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Pest Control:

Pest control is also important in the summer months. Monitor your garden for pests and treat them as soon as you notice they’re there. Here are some common garden pests and the best ways to get rid of them:

Slugs and snails Use bait or traps
Cucumber and Japanese beetles Use spray insecticides on small infestations, but it’s best to hand pick larger numbers of beetles
Aphids and Ladybugs Attract ladybugs with a nectar plant such as spearmint
Cockroaches Use the best advion cockroach gel Dubai*


* Advion cockroach gel Dubai is the best cockroach killer gel in UAE. This best advion gel contains indoxacarb that is an oxadiazine insecticide. It is marked for its high efficacy in killing all types of cockroaches.

Advion cockroach gel Dubai is best for outdoor use. All you need is to apply a small amount of advion gel in nooks and crannies of walls and pots.

Moreover, advion cockroach gel Dubai is non-toxic for humans and pets. Get the original Advion gel from The Pest Control Shop.

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Be sure to check your garden regularly for ripe crops. Each crop has its harvesting window, so consult a gardening book or online source for specific advice about when each crop should be picked.

Fall Season Kitchen Garden Care

In the fall, tasks include removing spent plants, preparing for winter, and planting bulbs.

Removing Spent Plants:

In the fall, it’s time to start removing spent plants from your garden. This includes flowers and vegetables that have stopped blooming or producing fruit. Remove them carefully so as not to damage any remaining plants.

Preparing for Winter:

In preparation for winter, you’ll need to clean up your garden and add some mulch. Remove any debris from the garden and spread a layer of mulch over the soil. This will help keep the soil moist and protected during the winter months.

Planting bulbs:

The final task in the fall is planting bulbs. Tulips, daffodils, and other spring-blooming bulbs can be planted in the fall. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package for proper planting depth and spacing.

Winter Season Kitchen Garden Care

In the winter, tasks include removing snow, protecting plants, and watering.

Removing Snow:

In the winter, it’s important to remove snow from your garden. This will help protect your plants from the cold weather. Shovel or plow the snow away from your plants to allow them to breathe.

Protecting Plants:

In addition to removing snow, you’ll need to take other precautions to protect your plants from the cold weather.


Finally, you’ll need to water your garden throughout the winter months if it doesn’t snow enough to provide moisture.

Winter conditions can be harsh on plants that don’t receive enough water, so make sure they’re getting an appropriate amount of water during this time by checking soil moisture every few weeks.

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