7 Types of visas offered by the Kenya for indians

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Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. It is famous for its historic landmarks, safari parks, and beaches. Kenya has many beautiful cities and cultural events that have been a highlight for tourists across the globe.

Now, if you are an Indian who wants to know about the different types of visas offered by Kenya, we would urge you to read this post. In this post, we will tell you all about the visas for Kenya for Indian citizens.

You must know that a Kenya visa from India is very important if you want to enter the country. Some of the common visa types are discussed below.

7 Different types of visas are offered by Kenya for indians!

  1. Single entry visa for Kenya
  2. Multiple entry visas for Kenya
  3. Transit Visa for Kenya
  4. Diplomatic visa for Kenya
  5. Service visa for Kenya
  6. Business visa for Kenya
  7. Study visa for Kenya

If you think about whether is Kenya open for Indian tourists, then the answer is yes! The Kenyan visa for Indians can be obtained quite easily today.

Single entry visa for Kenya

The single entry visa for Kenya for Indian citizens allows them to travel the country for a short time. A single entry visa can be used only once.

This kind of visa is usually issued for Indians who wish to visit Kenya for medical, business, and tourism purposes. To get this visa, you need to clarify the purpose of your visit to the Kenya embassy in India.

Multiple entry visas for Kenya

Multiple entry visas for Kenya for Indian citizens are issued to those who want to regularly visit the country. People in business or who have families in Kenya should always apply for this kind of visa.

Transit Visa for Kenya

Transit visa for Kenya is given to those people who are traveling to another country via Kenya. This visa is valid for up to three days and can be used only one time. This visa can also be obtained on arrival on Kenyan land.

Diplomatic visa for Kenya

A diplomatic visa is given to only diplomats. Indian citizens who have a diplomatic passport can apply for this visa. This visa can only be obtained for serving official duties in Kenya. The diplomatic visa holders are usually the representatives of another country.

Service visa for Kenya

Service visa for Kenya for Indian citizens is only given to people who have a service passport. Service passports are always given to government employees who want to travel to Kenya for official work. Getting a service visa is not easy!

Business visa for Kenya

The Kenyan embassy in India also offers business visas to applicants who want to do business in their country. Kenya welcomes businessmen from all across the globe who want to invest their money over there. The requirements of a business visa are different from the visitation visa applications.

Study visa for Kenya

The education sector in Kenya is also growing rapidly. Kenya is offering cheap visas to Indian citizens/students who want to study in their universities.

If you want to apply for a university in Kenya, then you have to apply for a Kenya study visa!

These are some of the popular visas for Kenya for Indian citizens!