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Trending Instagram Story Template Designs in 2021

In the era of social media, nothing is a more effective platform than these social media sites. Instagram is one of the social media sites which changed the whole scene of marketing strategies. This is one of the best platforms to promote or advertise anything.

Nowadays almost every company whether small or big started using this site to promote or advertise their brand.

This is the only way to reach out to the maximum number of people around the globe because most of the people are using these social media sites and through this people are connected. People or companies can promote their brands or advertise their services but the thing is how to make them look interesting and eye-catching.

So that people can notice what an individual is trying to advertise. No doubt using Instagram stories can promote the business or advertise the company but the most important is its designs and graphics.

For an engaging and quality promotion an individual needs to be more focused on the design of Instagram story templates and graphics. For this, either one has to be skilled or can hire some professional graphic designer for these templates.

To start with using these templates one has to be more specific and creative to share their Instagram stories consistently to their followers. That will help to maintain brand aesthetics and impressions on audiences.

Some Instagram story template designs trending in 2021:

Modern Instagram story template

This is one of the Instagram story templates which is trending in 2021 and has a lot of features. Using bold and thin typography with high-resolution pictures that are about 1080×1920 pixels with a well-organized layer feature.

Using this template one can gain more audience and followers. This template can be used by yoga instructors, for a gym membership, dance classes, etc. to promote their work and to get more followers.

Eva Instagram story template

 his template is more tempting including color variants with high-resolution pictures. This template suits perfectly to advertise floral dresses, perfumes or any discount offers with its puzzle style customizable features. This is very easy to edit and has almost twelve Instagram feeds.

Photo pick Instagram story template

 This includes ten amazing Instagram feeds that can be easily customized with any photoshop application. This template is very colorful and cool and one can use it to attract people with its bright-colored features. People like photographers, small businesses can use this template to promote their business.

Fruity Instagram story template

 As its name is indicating its features, which include various layouts and colorful editing. One can add text to this template for specifying the product. This template is mostly used by grocery stores to offer discounts on their products, restaurants to promote their food and services with these colorful layout templates.

Sports Instagram story template

 This template includes specific features to promote sports products with almost nine sports themes to add extra effects. This template is mostly used by bloggers, fitness influencers, athletes, companies to promote their products like skateboards, bicycles, etc. Adding stylish fonts and effects enhances the quality of the template.

Creative Instagram story template

 People who have started a new business and want to engage more audiences and promote their business are using this template. This template can create a professional feed with easy editing to add more effects. One can use different font styles to make the template more attractive and interesting.

Funky Instagram story template

This template is also trending in 2021 with its cool features and layouts. This template includes almost twenty stylish Instagram feeds with high-resolution

picture of about 1080×1080 pixels. This is one of the coolest and funky templates used by individuals like bloggers, influencers, business companies, restaurants, etc. With bright colors and amazing fonts and some funky effects and easily editable.

Marketing Instagram story template

This template is used to promote any events or concerts and also to engage people for marketing any businesses or campaigns. This template with creative storytelling features with high-quality pictures can add extra effects and texts to make interesting designs.

These are some of the trending Instagram story templates in 2021 but the list is never-ending. Also, there are many other categories of template designs like Flyer templates by Designhill, Poster templates, etc. There are numerous story templates used by people to promote their businesses.

These are the best and easy ways to advertise something which can spread quickly throughout the world. This is the power of social media where anything can get viral easily. People using these platforms in the right way to promote their businesses are getting their results.

A person with more creative graphic design template ideas has more chances of engaging the audience. This is a way to connect with followers or supporters and easily give them exclusive updates. Anyone who wants to start a business or blogging or any kind of stuff can take advantage of such a platform to get more audience.

One can use this feature for awareness purposes. Instagram story templates help people to create their design of choice and to keep consistent branding without any hassles. So people should take advantage of such platforms to expand their businesses.

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