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Instagram Stories: 11 Hacks You Must Know To Create Stories

Instagram stories are a great deal. They were launched in late 2017, and now it generates over 300 million views every day for Instagram.

Instagram stories are similar to Television. Brands and users use Instagram stories to share about their works, experiencing, and producing every day. And with your favorite profiles and brands direct access, it is tough to imagine story content on Instagram not getting a hit.

If your brand is on Instagram, then this article is helpful for you. Here are the unknown hacks you should know while creating your Instagram story content. Read thoroughly to come up with practical and intelligent content. Let’s dive in.

Craft Your Instagram Stories Like A Pro

Designing your stories would play a significant role in grabbing and converting your target audience into customers. But not every design is the same. It is good to understand the designing ideas while crafting stories because you want to include them in every content you add to your stories content.

Here’s the thing you need to take care of while creating Instagram stories:

     Using Contrast

If you add one or two elements that make more contrast, your design would be appealing. The contrast is gained quickly via using various sizes, colors, shapes, and element positioning in your Instagram stories.


Always picking the exact colour combination is not an easy thing in this world to do. Using a colour wheel brings an easy way to choose colours for your story content on Instagram. You could glow up contrast via using various colours providing the viewers a continuity and harmony sense. Do you want to attract a larger audience? Try out the different colours from the colour wheel.



The size communicates the element’s importance. For instance, a significant wording in your Instagram story tells your fans that the text is most crucial.


Shapes are used to take your audience’s eyeball to specific content and CTA(Call To Action) or information organized in your Instagram stories so that they’re easy to understand.

For instance, squares represent stability and honesty, so use them regularly to grab more audience to your story content on the platform. Also, the circle resembles peace, and protection, so use it effectively.


You can use a position to grab the audience’s attention. Place a picture or any symbol at a specific location to pull out your viewer’s attention. For instance, placing an object improperly with all other objects in the correct position creates a massive impact on your viewers to check your Instagram story deeply.


It primarily creates an incredible feeling of harmony and balance. Because it grabs the eye quickly to the patterns, it says that the subject is crucial and consistent to the brain.


If you use the alignment properly, it brings a great sense to the eye. Well-aligned content with the patterns even grabs the eyes quickly.


It’s the elements relating to each other. For instance, if you need to bring up a heading along with the body part texts. You can place heading and information closer, so it grabs the audience’s attention. 

     White Space

It is specially used for eye balance. If you interpret white space in your stories, your audience gets attracted to every element of your story content. Make sure to limit the elements that you would add to your story.

Glow Up Your Audience Excitement With The Paint Brush

Are you planning a competition or product launch? Are you searching for exciting ways to catch your audience’s attention with extreme views for your Instagram stories and make them more excited? Naturally, the reveal hack helps you a lot in this.

  • First, upload a picture that you need to reveal through your Instagram story.
  • Click on the drawing tool, tap the paintbrush, and choose your desired colour.
  • Then paint the whole picture. In simple words, paint your entire mobile screen.
  • After painting altogether, now select the eraser tool and unselect the areas that you need to reveal. Here’s a great way to build up more excitement. 

Utilize Hashtags And Hide Them

Are you worried about your hashtags taking too much space in your Instagram stories and hiding your primary visuals? Here are the perfect two ways to overcome that and achieve your story content visuals and hashtags.

     Blend Your Hashtags

Post your desired picture and make sure that the picture has a space with a single colour. In this way, you can easily hide your hashtags and take your hashtags into the play effectively. 

Then, include your needed hashtags and bring them smaller. Then place your hashtags in that colour space and change the hashtags colour to the exact matching colour for that background picture colour. So you can easily blend your hashtags within your picture.

     Hide Your Hashtags Behind Elements 

After adding your picture and including your needed hashtags, you can add another element or any smiley symbols on your resized hashtags.

Craft Instagram Stories Fun Via GIFs

If GIFs are relevant to your content or picture, then they are the pleaser. GIPHY is the thing that most audiences around the world use in their stories to make fun of. 

If you don’t know how to utilize GIPHY in your Instagram stories or have not done that before, you want to download the GIPHY application. GIPHY is accessible for both Android and iPhone users. If you download the GIPHY app, it would be easy to add desired GIFs to your stories. It’s just like this:

  • Find the GIF you would like to use and click on the send button.
  • Click on the Instagram option.
  • Select the “stories” icon.

Again the GIFs relevant would be the best ones. GIFs play a significant role on social networks because they play with human emotions. While using GIFs, make sure your objectives tie the heartstrings of your audience.

Explore Interesting Story Content With Text

Since most people use stories for a long time on the platform, they would look for interesting and exciting story posts to pass their time. A perfect way to bring this is to upload attractive images and video content with conversational and well-written content.

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Schedule Your Stories At Right Times

There are various tools for scheduling story content perfectly, like different social media tools for Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook. Scheduling content properly is a great way to balance the content strategy and creation demands. 

If you don’t use these tools for your marketing standards, you will miss out on target audiences for your business. You can save more time if you correctly use the right scheduling tools.

Save Perfect Stories And Reupload Them Later

Do you have any story content on the platform that contains the most crucial info you want to spread with your potential audience more than once? The platform allows you to save your story content in the mobile’s gallery for future use. Here’s it:

  • Go to your story content that you need to keep for future activities.
  • Tap the three dots on your mobile’s right-hand bottom corner.
  • Click on the “Save” button.

Mention Other profiles Artfully

Mentions are the perfect way to obtain Instagram story engagements, but you need to attract your mentions to get valued and attention.

How would you catch the profile’s attention you need to mention in your Instagram stories? Just go with the stunning imagery with positive emotions. Brand love will be amplified whenever it is combined with appealing and robust imagery.

Utilize The Font Of Your Brand

Activeness on the platform is always a great one for brands. It is about creating a familiarity around your brand that goes a long way while making purchasing plans. So you can use a unique font for your brand and use it in your Instagram stories. Here it is:

  • Install the over-application for Android and iPhone users. It makes you post crucial content for later use. It adds colour palettes, fonts, and logos.
  • Utilize Airdrop from the application to get every font from your cloud storage and download them to your mobile device. Make sure that the file is in.OFT
  • Then, launch your story, and you can choose and utilize the font of your brand.

Bring Up Gradient-Coloured Message

The color gradient option is one of the most favored editing options In stories. It makes you craft stunning colour effects for the texts, bringing your messages to stand out.

This story hack on Instagram is a gem because it’s significant that the audience stays at your story’s content for more time.

To bring up this, launch stories on Instagram and choose the “Type” option. Include and highlight your text and then click & hold down the colour slider. You would be listed with many colours to select from. Please choose the colour you need to use and apply it to your texts.

Do Translucent Backgrounds

You want to colour outside the facts sometimes to craft appealing content. It involves making professional-looking story content. Here’s the way:

  • Post the picture you like to use in your Instagram story.
  • Add your text via clicking the text option.
  • Then click on the drawing tool and marker options.

Here, you can select the colour for your picture background from the color options below. For more colours, click on the colour to find out the color spectrum. If you find out the color you want for your picture background, then click & hold till the picture background changes to the color you have selected.


Crafting captivating stories means going innovative. The hacks mentioned above for Instagram stories help you bring up interacting content for your target audiences. Keep every design fundamental in the mind while creating engaging content. Going more visuals in your stories grabs more audience’s attention to the content.


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