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Impact of Parental Conflict and Separation on Children’s Mental Health

A child is an innocent being solely dependent on their parents for physical and emotional development. For him, happiness is simple. He needs to hug his mother while sharing the world of adventures and thrills from a storybook during bedtime. At that very moment, he feels like he and his mother have taken care of everything in the world.

On the weekends, he would seek the skills and vigor of his father to teach him the basics of football and make him fly high on his shoulders. Similarly, he is blessed with the knowledge that he is safe while splashing the water in the stream.

Alternatively, what happens when these events are replaced with conflicts between parents? A reliable psychologist in Dubai can address this question appropriately. He can assist you in understanding the needs of a child and how he is dependent on his parents for emotional well-being. He would describe how low-level conflicts between parents such as bickering, eye rolls, or giving a cold shoulder seem harmless in general. But it is a feature in many families that can be the seed of gloominess that will grow into a plant suffering from blight.

Yelling matches or throwing around furniture often leads to stressful events such as divorce, extra-marital affairs, separations and domestic violence. Such behaviors can be traumatic for many children and expose them to poor mental issues such as poor sleep, high anxiety and stress level, depression, deep-rooted insecurities or aggressive behaviors.

Parental conflicts harm children’s development in one way or another. Following are the unfortunate impacts of a toxic parental relationship on a child who ends up locking himself alone in a basement to escape hurtful conflicts.

Emotional Insecurities Bloom in Children

Children belonging to an unhealthy household have ugly scars that rob them of emotional security. Compared to adults, children are more vulnerable to the emotional impact of traumatic events between their parents.

Aggressive behaviors scare children to such an extent that they find content in hiding themselves in a small room, sealing their ears with trembling hands and tears rolling down from their doe eyes.

Interpersonal conflicts leave children alone struggling with social relationships. The best psychologist in Dubai can narrate a very vivid picture of children struggling to get along with their parents or with romantic partners in the long run.

Moreover, reduced parenting times with their fathers or mothers after a divorce or separation undermines their emotional security because they feel insignificant. Lack of daily and meaningful interactions reassures them that they do not matter to their family.

Are They Hypervigilant Superheroes?

Hypervigilance is the outcome of troubling times children experience while growing up. They are betrayed by those who were promised to protect them throughout their lives—negligence, emotional connection, and verbal damage, which converted them into hypervigilant little superheroes. High alertness is carved into their personality, which gives them the superpower of spotting a conflict. You will see hypervigilant children jumping at a loud noise or sudden movements.

They Are Struggling in Their Adulthood

Parental conflicts present themselves as traumatic experiences in adulthood. Consistent yelling, abuse, verbal insults, limited parental interactions and separation have a long-lasting impact on children.

Families are safe havens where a child is supposed to feel happy and protected in every aspect of life. If these needs are not met in early childhood, then they become dubious of others’ intentions. They struggle to form a cordial relationship because they are afraid of placing trust in people. Sometimes, they become desensitized, which can be problematic for them in the future.

High-risk divorces leave children at the risk of post-traumatic stress syndrome. Children happen to carry the horrors of their childhood into adult life which leaves them paranoid. Although they have left their parent’s home, the voices stick with them, making them hesitant to trust their romantic partners or peers. It is challenging for them to open up and be supportive emotionally.

Moreover, they struggle with nightmares and hallucinations. Such unpleasant symptoms can leave their partners as stressed and exhausted as their caregivers.

Stress and Self-Hatred Have Its Claws Deep In!

Children develop disturbing thoughts while suffering through parental conflicts. Some children blame themselves when their parents fight. Thoughts such as “I have made mom and dad fight!” or “I am responsible” birth into their fragile minds. Professionals of children psychiatry in Dubai express the primary importance of intervening in such thoughts for breaking through the walls of high-stress levels and self-hatred.

Feelings of self-hatred forge the pillars of depression when children fail to stop their parents from fighting. It diminishes their self-worth and confidence. Shame and guilt leave them damaged and disturbed to such an extent that they feel like walking on eggshells.

Children also develop anxiety in adolescence if they are brought up in a complex environment. They exhibit high levels of anxiety and stress when something triggers them. A stimulus can be a loud voice, harsh and vulgar words, and phrases, aggressive behavior or an event that reminds them of their family conflicts.

In worst scenarios, they find themselves on the top of a bridge or in bed, contemplating the painless effect of poisoning pills. They develop passive suicide ideation or wish to be dead. Thwarted belongingness, perceived burdensomeness, and scapegoating of a suicidal child trap them in chains of intensive loneliness and emotional isolation. This intolerable agony becomes unbearable when they don’t find a shoulder to lean on. As a result, the ugliness of suicide dissipates from the rational mind and presents itself as the ultimate solution to stop the pain.  

Reduce The Harm Immediately!

Dubai psychiatry clinics can offer counseling and other intervention activities to protect children and their futures. Parents unknowingly hurt their children so much during a conflict that rob them of a childhood full of amusement, fantasies, giggles, and toys. They grow up and mature faster than they age. Girls and boys respond differently. Boys show unhealthy behavioral changes while girls are at risk of emotional problems. Therefore, seek help with your parenting skills if you see changes in your child before you ruin a life!

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