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How to Use A Coyote Call – The Ultimate Guide 2022

Huge patience, practice, and good lungs are needed for using a coyote call. Coyotes are clever creatures that approach even the smallest movements.

So, blowing crazy or moving hands won’t work. Using face masks while making the sound is often recommended.

When a predator is coming closer to a sound source, it will pinpoint the sound source. Place a decoy 10-15 yards far from you.

Some decoys come with a little speaker that keeps making a sound every 2 minutes once turned on. When you notice a coyote, stop making sounds yourself and let the decoy do its job.

How to Set up an Electronic Coyote Call: 4 Steps

Turn On the Device

Firstly, turn on the calling device and its battery. Now, look for the connection and opt for turning the device on and off the same way each time. Remember- choosing the right coyote calls is vital for success. 

Maintain Proper Caller Distance

As most electronic remotes can hardly reach up to 100 yards, we recommend you set the device up to less than 40 yards. Remember the distance of your shot will be depending on the distance you place the caller device. Also, killing coyotes from distance is exceptional.

Distance between Decoy and Caller

The distance between your caller and the decoy should not be more than 3 feet. Opt for setting them up near a small brush to help it break the caller’s outline. Make use of a dirt pile when you’re in an open field.

Remember- placing the decoy in a chunk of waste can make the coyotes attack the device or the decoy.

Caller Direction

Choose the call speaker direction considering how a coyote might come to it. You might not guess the right all the time but coyotes will try to understand the sound source when they will come near to it.

Directing down can make the sound louder and it attracts foxes to come. Coyotes also do it occasionally.

How to Use a Coyote Call: Major Considerations

Sound Selection

Sound selection depends on many factors such as the time of a day or a year. Also, the sound selection should be based on the territorial response, predator’s curiosity, and hunger instinct.

Predators Curiosity

Playing a sound stimulates a predator’s curiosity. You can opt for non-native sounds that can make the predators more curious.

Recommended Articles

Hunger Instinct

Rabbit distress, fawn distress, bird distress, or rodent distress can be effective. Never forget that the coyotes  want food so prey distress can be the best choice 

Paternal Instinct

Using distresses like coyote pup and canine is effective any time of the year. Although this trick does not always work it can attract a coyote. This type of distress may refer to a wounded coyote or nipping/conflicting for meals. 

Territorial Response

The peak of the breeding season is in the middle of February. During this time, coyotes turn extremely territorial and scream more effectively for attracting song dogs.

It’s not easy to learn their vocals even sometimes, they respond to a call but never come. Don’t lose hope. Practicing territorial sounds can lead you to success.

Proper Volume of Sound

32 is the maximum of a coyote call’s volume where 1 is the minimum. Starting with volume 7 is recommended. In case of a windy situation, raise the volume to 20. Also, never opt for higher volume in a calm situation. Keep silent and start with a lower volume.

Play Time

Playing time differs. Some hunters play for a few seconds, some for a few minutes. Do not feel hesitant to experiment with different methods and find what works. There are some more crucial factors like setting up the stand, finding, and scouting

Sound switching

Switching between sounds during a calling set is okay. Use up to three distinct sounds when calling coyotes. As an example, play lucky bird call for 6-7 minutes, pause it for a while, and now play mule deer fawn for a while. Before you finish, play pup screams call for a couple of minutes.

Do not feel hesitant to find out a calling preference that really works for you. Remember- calling the same sound constantly can attract more than one and put you in trouble.  

Length of stand

Opt for calling up to 20 minutes. Some hunters prefer calling for 30 minutes which is not recommended because it takes at most 15 minutes for a coyote to arrive.

If you stand for half an hour one day, stand for 15 minutes the next day. This is how you should experiment with what works well. Remember- the response time varies depending on various areas.

Final words

Hopefully, this article has helped you master how to use a coyote call. Right? We recommend you talk to the elderly hunters to get some tips from them and to listen to their experiences.

This will encourage you to go hunt and listening to their success stories will help you build confidence. 

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