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How to Import an OST File into Outlook PST Easily?

Importing an OST File into Outlook

This post will help users answer the question that everyone is asking these days: importing an OST file into Outlook

OST is a data file used by MS Outlook to hold user mailbox data. Outlook saves all emails, contacts, calendars, and other information from the user’s mailbox in this single file. When there is a server connectivity issue, it allows users to access all email information.

When a user configures their Exchange account in Outlook, it generates these OST files. However, for a variety of reasons, these files become unavailable, and it is also unable to simply import these OST files into MS Outlook, prompting users to seek a solution.

Which is the Best Method for Importing an OST File into Outlook?

Although it is not feasible to directly import an OST file into Outlook, the procedure of OST to PST Conversion is a possibility. There is a variety of tools accessible on the internet that allows you to Import OST files to Outlook PST files.

However, in order to convert an OST file quickly and easily, the user must use the best software available. We propose the OST to PST Converter Tool for this purpose.

It can easily repair any corruption faults in the Outlook OST mailbox and export all data from OST files, including emails, notes, calendars, and so on, to PST in a few simple steps.

OST to PST Converter Tool’s Best and Most Important Main Features

With the help of this tool, users can see a preview of all inner mailbox contents from OST files.

Graphical user interface: The Tool has a graphical user interface that is simple to use for both technical and non-technical users.

Convert an Unlimited Number of OST Files to PST in a Single Process: The tool may convert an unlimited number of OST files to PST in a single process.

It is capable of recovering all data from a corrupt OST mailbox, including emails, contacts, attachments, journals, and so on.

A large OST file can be readily divided into multiple smaller PST files by users.

Bulk conversion: It enables you to convert a single OST file or numerous OST files with a single mouse click.

Users can utilize this software’s email filter capability to convert or recover emails from OST files with certain dates.

PST, MSG, ICS, EML, MBOX, ICS, EMLX, and other platforms can be converted from OST files.

Users can obtain a free demo edition of the application, which allows them to recover up to 25 mailbox items from each folder of an OST to PST file.

Converts OST files from all Microsoft Outlook versions, including 2007, 2019, 2000, 2010, and 2016.

The Most Effective Methods for Importing an OST File into Outlook 2019.

  • OST to PST Converter Tool should be downloaded and installed.
  • en, click the Add OST Button to load an OST file into the app for conversion.
  • By selecting the Select OST Button, you can select the appropriate OST file for recovery and conversion.
  • Load and extract all mailbox folder items from OST to obtain a live glimpse of the contents.
  • Select the relevant OST folders and click the Save OST button.
  • Finally, select the Export PST button radio button, specify the destination directory for the output, and then click Convert to begin the conversion process.


Users who need a quick and straightforward way to convert OST to PST without losing any data should attempt the OST to PST Conversion method. Simply follow the steps above and use OST to PST Converter Software to accomplish this.

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