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How to Fletch Your Arrows in 8 Easy Steps

Fletching arrows in a proper way can lead your arrow to hit your intended target accurately. Having enough knowledge on fletching your own arrows can save both your money and time to go to your local archery shops. Fletching an arrow is not only a skill that every archer should have but it also helps keep a full quiver of arrows all the time.

Remember- fletching your arrows doesn’t require an expensive fletching jig and tons of times. Fletching arrows can be faster and easier by using convenient tools like an E-Z fletch. Well, this article covers how to fletch your arrows in 8 easy steps. Stay connected to bring your archery experience to an entirely new level.

Required Essentials

  • E-Z Fletch Tool
  • Bare Arrow Shafts
  • 2-inch Vanes
  • Alcohol
  • Glue
  • Towel

E-Z Fletch Tool

If you want to save your time and money, investing in an E-Z fletch tool can be the best bet. It will cost you around $50 and you’ll find the arms interchangeable for different fletching configurations and sizes of vanes.

In general, E-Z fletch tools goes well with the carbon arrows that have the 2-inch vanes. Using this will help you customize the colors. Remember- E-Z fletching is much faster than the traditional methods.

Basic Fletching Patterns

1. Straight: In a straight pattern, vanes remain straight on the shaft. This increases the arrow speed but results in less accuracy in long-distance shooting.

2. Offset: Vanes remain straight in this position but slightly angled to the left or right. This is for increased stability in flight for resulting better accuracy in long distances.

3. Helical: Vanes remain fletched along with a slight curve. If you want to achieve enough spin like a spiraling football, the helical pattern is your option. It won’t provide higher speed but increased accuracy.

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How to Fletch Your Arrows: 8 Easy to Follow Steps

Step 1: Cleaning arrow Shaft

The arrow’s nock end should be cleaned with denatured alcohol using a paper towel. Then let it dry for a while.

Step 2: Place the Fletching

All three vanes should be loaded into the perfect slots of the fletching jig. You’ll find two of the jig arms having the same color and the other is different in color.

Step 3: Apply Glue to the Vanes

Fo with a thin and even layer of fletching glue to the arrow vane. Gently apply the glue to make sure it won’t overflow and to keep your hands and clothes clean.

Step 4: Put the Arrow

Keep loading the arrow until the nock seals in the jig and the spring-loaded arms are released by pulling it back to the collar and the ¼ turn.

Step 5: Close the Fletching jig

Now you will be sliding the top collar to the arrow shaft and firmly place it into the place after aligning the gloves. When done, let it dry for a while.

Step 6: Remove the Fletched Arrow

Now, the sliding collar should be removed and the spring-loaded lower collar should be released. Then, remove the arrow.

Step 7: Remove the Excess Glue

If you notice any leftover glue in between the fletchings, instantly wipe them off.  Also, remove the oozed-out glues on the jig.

Step 8: Tip & Tail

You might like to increase the durability of the fletching. Right? Well, in this step, apply glue to the front and tail end to make the arrow more durable.


That was easy, right? Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn fletching your arrows in 8 easy steps. Now, you’ll be able to save your time and money by fletching or repairing your arrows yourself.

If you still feel hesitant on any of these steps, watching online videos is recommended. Also, feel free to ask for help from the expert archers. Happy hunting!

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