How to Create a Hotel Booking Website like LuxuryHost and Trivago?

Hotel Booking Website

In India, the travel industry has been at the peak for the past many years. A huge number of tourists visit various beautiful vacation destinations each year. In fact, the number of travelers is increasing year by year. Therefore, the hospitality industry is enjoying the taste of success.

There are a number of online hotel booking websites in the market. The most popular websites that make travel tranquil are Trivago & LuxuryHost.

Since both, companies are performing great on tourists’ expectations, many wish to create similar hotel booking websites. For all those people who aspire to create a hotel booking website like LuxuryHost & Trivago, this blog is worth a read.

Today, we will be sharing all the information about how to create the best hotel booking website in simple steps. Let’s begin!

Hotel Booking Website Business Model

Trivago & LuxuryHost are metasearch engines that help in online hotel search and online hotel booking. Additionally, these websites render other services also.

For e.g. online cab booking, online adventure activity booking, holiday packages, etc. However, the vital part of utilizing Trivago & LuxuryHost is price comparison.

From the time these websites have arrived in the market, the travel industry has become very smooth. More and more tourists are exploring new places conveniently.

Now, travelers don’t have to put in a lot of effort in order to plan a vacation. The hotel booking website gives all the major options to effortlessly plan holidays in part of India.

Core Features of LuxuryHost & Trivago

Both Trivago & LuxuryHost have several core features that encourage travel & hospitality industries additionally make it trouble-free. The features are categorized into two categories. The first one is for customers and the second for hoteliers. Now, let’s discuss both categories in detail.

Features for Customers

On website visit, customers will find the below-mentioned features: –

#1 – Sign In / Sign Up

The first and foremost thing for customers is to sign up on the website in order to grab offers. After sign up, customers can search hotels, book hotels, or other services available on the website.

#2 Personal Information

In the customers’ profile, basic customers’ information will be shown. For e.g. name, age and country, latest reservations, previous reservations, payment information, and reviews.

The information plays a vital role as these help in getting more discounts when websites see customers’ reliability.

#3 Search Bar (Hotel Search)

The major function of both websites is to help customers search hotels at the best price. On the website’s search bar, customers can search either by the hotel name or destination. Then, check-in and check-out dates for accommodation. Also, customers’ can add the number of people or rooms required.

#4 Geolocation

The map on the websites shows the geolocation. The customers can measure the distance between the hotel and nearby tourist spots. Moreover, nearby popular landmarks and transportation options.

#5 Customers Reviews & Ratings

After the reservation and stay, customers can answer some questions or review the accommodation based on their experience. In customers’ reviews and ratings, several things are included. For e.g. staff, facilities, cleanliness, comfort, overall experience, etc. Additionally, customers can add pictures and comments.

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Features for Hoteliers

On website visit, hoteliers will find the below-mentioned features: –

#1 – Sign In / Sign Up

Just like customers, hoteliers or vendors also have to sign up on the websites. Since only after signing up, hoteliers can post other information on the website.

#2 – Property Information

After signing up on the websites, hoteliers can post their property information. It is crucial for hoteliers to correctly add all the information regarding the property. Since based on the property information, customers will book hotels.

However, adding all the information on the website is extremely easy and can be done in a few simple clicks. For e.g. number of rooms, beds, parking, meals available, etc

#3 – Property Management Dashboard

On both websites, there is a dashboard for the hoteliers. The dashboard helps the hoteliers to keep an update on booking.

Whenever the hoteliers get a booking, they are informed via email. Moreover, the bookings can be confirmed or canceled by the hotelier’s dashboard.

How to Create a Hotel Booking Website?

Step 1: UX/UI

For a great hotel booking website, it is extremely important to be interesting, eye-catching yet easy UX/UI. Additionally, it’s vital to understand the requirements of the customers as well as vendors to deliver the best services. Every kind of information plays a vital role; therefore it’s necessary to elaborate everything in detail on the website.

Step 2: Back-End Coding

A vital part of a website is coding. However, the back-ending isn’t visible to the customers. Still, it is an important part when talking about creating a good hotel booking website.

The back-end developer will discuss the general architecture. Basically, the developer will elaborate on how the entire website will work. At that time, it is necessary to explain all the important features that are needed in the website. Once everything will be done after approval, the coding process can start.

Step 3: Front-End Coding

When back-end coding is in progress and the basic final design of the website is ready, the front-end coders can start their work along with the graphic designer. During the development of the hotel booking website, each team’s work must be top-notch to develop the best website without any bugs or errors.

Step 4: Release time

Once the website is completed, however, not completely, it’s pushed to hosting. At that time, consider improvising whatever is possible to make the customer experience effortless. The best websites never fail or delay adding on new things for a convenient experience.

Final Thought

Though in this competitive world, it might be quite fearsome to create a new hotel booking website still, many take the risk and succeed.

If there are any doubts left, consider reading the blog. We have shared each detail on how to create the best hotel booking like LuxuryHost & Trivago.

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