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How to Start a Health and Wellness wordpress Blog 2021

If you’ve got a passion for writing health and wellness-related content, you can definitely create your own blog, where you can impart knowledge to your viewers related to the importance of wellness in life.

Mere creating a blog wouldn’t suffice to sustain the platform; you have to know the basics and tactics to sustain your blog in the long run. There are few tactics that would help you earn money by driving the traffic to your blog.

Make sure you read the whole article to start a profitable health and wellness blog.

#1. Choose a perfect name for your blog

This can be a complicated task to do but once you select a creative name for your blog; it’d get easy for people to remember you.

Find a name that can be catchy, easy to pronounce and something which is unique. If you aren’t able to select a creative name for your blog; you can choose your name as well.

It’d be a great option as it’d also help you to create your own personal brand and would be easy for marketing.

And if you aren’t able to add your name due to non-availability, you can add something with your name, so that whenever any visitor visits your website, it’d help them know you better.

#2. Choose your niche

It’s essential for you to choose your niche, as it’d keep the audiences more engaged with your content.

You can get a lot of different dimensions in health and wellness, which are distinct from each other. Here are a few listed options:

a. Physical Wellness

This aspect of the niche covers all the physical activities, which will help you keep fit considering healthy nutrients. You could give tips in relation to maintaining optimum fitness.

You could educate people on the importance of self-care, to focus on wellness, in order to stay mentally fit.

Also, you could tell about the importance of healthy nutrients in a diet to keep your body healthy.

This aspect again can get sub-divided into different dimensions. This is a wide topic and hence you could choose something indifferent as well, for eg, you could go with the importance of various multivitamins and minerals in the body,  for staying fit.

b. Occupational Wellness

Well, this is an underrated or less-addressed topic related to the occupation. It says about,  how can a person’s health deteriorate if not in the right profession?

It’s extremely important to get satisfied with what you’re doing.

Being in a profession where you don’t enjoy doing your job, can lead to workplace burnout and can exhaust your mental health.

You can spread the awareness in your blog and reach out to the people in need, or who are undergoing the same thing. It’d help you get more connected to your audience, making them hooked to your blog.

c. Intellectual Wellness

Intellect has nothing to do with the number of degrees you’ve obtained. Instead, it tells about the creativity of the person, be it the creative ideas, problem-solving skills, interaction and various skills which interest a person.

It stimulates the creative part of the brain, which helps the person to expand his intellectual boundaries and tells about his cognitive acuity.

You can use your blog as the medium to impart to the audience about the concept of Intellectual Wellness and can build a community for better interaction.

d. Emotional Wellness

The emotional quotient is as important as the other quotients. It’s important to introspect yourself at the time of hardships, to become aware of your emotions, and to assess their impact on your life.

By going with this niche, you can reach out to people and make them aware of the importance of having a good emotional quotient and why is it important to have a positive attitude towards life.

e. Spiritual Wellness

Spirituality talks about the discovery of meaning and the true purpose of life. How you deal with the challenges or hardships in life to maintain the balance.

You can talk in the blog about the importance of implementing different laws like the law of attraction or law of vibration; for maintaining spiritual integrity and what’s the role of the Universe in helping you attain your goals

#3. Install WordPress

Once you’re aware of your niche which you want as your blog, you can start your blog.

No platform can be as great as WordPress, as it doesn’t charge you anything for starting a blog and it could be the perfect platform for content creation. Also, it offers you the plugins, so you don’t have to get them added.

But before hopping to WordPress, you’ve to choose a hosting plan. Initially, you can purchase a plan which is inexpensive, reliable, consists of SEO, to enhance the functioning of your blog.

After selecting the plan, you can get started with WordPress where after installing the website, you’ve to upload the WordPress package to your account and select the domain name (remember choosing a domain name that is unique will help you to describe your blog). After that, you’ll be able to install the app.

#4. Choose a creative health blog theme

Those who don’t mind splurging money on premium themes can purchase themes from the websites.

There are tons of websites that offer creative and premium themes. And if you don’t want to spend money, you can browse through free themes as well and can select the optimum one for yourself.

There are certain points to consider while picking up a theme for your blog:

  1. Know your priorities, as in, the features you’re looking at in the blog
  2. Don’t get a theme overloaded with tons of features, as it’d deteriorate the performance level of the blog.
  3. Select a theme that is responsive, as it’d be easy for you to operate.
  4. Be vigilant while selecting the colors of your theme. Choose something aesthetic for your blog!
  5. Don’t go with stylish fonts, choose a font that would be easy to comprehend for the viewers.

Spending money on paid themes on WordPress or other websites offers you premium features that would eventually help you build a better blog with great technical support.

#5. Implement a right keyword strategy

It’s quintessential to conduct thorough research on the keywords, as implementing the right keyword strategy can drive huge traffic to your blog, giving you effective results.

You can use good research tools to boil down all the suitable keywords for your niche, which would bring more traffic and audience engagement and would subsequently rank you higher in the search list.

One efficient keyword can bring a tremendous change to your blog while one cliche keyword can literally rank you lower.

Hence, it’s vital to do your own keyword research and narrow down all highest searched topics, queries and prominent keywords for your niche.

#6. Write relevant content

We cannot emphasize the importance of delivering relevant content to your readers.

Informative and indifferent content can keep your audiences hooked on and would be great for the long run.

There are some ways to help you create great content:

  1. It’s important to understand your reader. What kind of topics interest them and they are looking up?
  2. Prepare content calendars for keeping an organized list of activities.
  3. Include the topics that are trending.
  4. Make it more creative and informative by adding videos.

Curate blogs that specifically cover your niche, as it’d amplify the information, which most of the people don’t know and hence would interest them.

#7. Monetize your blog

Who doesn’t want to earn money with a Blog? One of the prime reasons behind starting a blog is to make money out of it. Though, people start blogging to write their thoughts, what if it starts paying you?

Initially, while creating a blog, you can’t rely on that indefinitely as a source of income, until you become an established blogger; which requires a lot of patience, consistency and audience engagement.

Once you become an established blogger, you can start earning from it, through various prominent methods like Displaying Ads, Selling eBooks, Affiliate and email marketing and much more.

The Takeaway

Initially, never start a blog as a medium to earn money. You’ve to put in a lot of effort to make your blog stand out and get traffic.

Once you start becoming consistent with your blog and gain enough readers, you can start making money out of it through various options.

Every field requires patience and hence blogging requires too, don’t forget to be consistent with the content you want to create for your niche, as it’d help you drive more audience towards your blog, and would help you to earn money.

Always come up with unique content and never include cliches in your blog. Also, keep your marketing skills optimum, and you’re good to go!

I hope these ways will help you run your health and wellness blog successfully! Happy Blogging!

Which niche are you planning to start with and what tips did you find most useful? Tell us in the comment section below!

Author Bio: Shristi Patni

Shristi is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes. She enjoys creating a list of “Things That Make Happy” or coming up with creative Food Blog Names. Formerly the Chief Content Officer at Raletta, she is currently working on her second cookbook.







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