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This Lockdown 5 Most Obvious Reasons For That You Should Say Thank You To Your Mom

There are millions of reasons for that, you should thank your mom. She does everything for you. Sometimes she does something that nobody can do for you. That’s why I heard somewhere, mother love is divine. It is a blessing, no one can love you, more than your mom.

She tolerates everything your anger, stress, failure, sadness, craziness, and happiness. It doesn’t matter how bad you behave with her. She will still love the way, she does. In this lockdown, everybody is on holiday.

But her work increases many times than before.

For making your birthday special

In this lockdown, everything is close. So you can’t order online order cake delivery, by Bloomsvilla. But still, your birthday is celebrated with the same charm. And with your birthday cake. She does everything from, decoration arranges your favorite chocolate. She made your day is as special as you never thought. She didn’t let your fun decrease.

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For fulfilling your delicious demand

The whole world is close, everybody is in their home. You are on holiday. But what about your mom. Her work increases instead of decreasing. You wake up late, but she still wakes up at her usual time. Now she can’t even take a small nap.

You know why because, you want something interesting to eat. Because you are feeling bore. She makes your breakfast to dinner, everything on time. Her household works increases. Because all of you at home 24×7 at home.

For teaching you

After doing household work and cooking, she teaches you. She clears all your doubts. Sometimes she has to study it before teaching you. So she can teach you very well. But you never, notice it. She wakes up you for your online classes. When you are studying, she left her so many works.

You know why because maybe, you will get disturbed by any noise. But you know, because of this, her work time increases & you can send flowers. Now she forgets to do breakfast, and sometimes lunch too.

For playing with you

In this lockdown period, she becomes your game partner. She left her work to play with you. Now she forgets to watch her favorite TV serials. You know why because, now you can’t play with your friends. So you don’t feel bore. You don’t become upset.

She forgets her friends because you can’t meet your friends. Now she can’t watch television. Because you have to watch your favorite show. But she never said to you to change the channel.

For your morning sleep

I don’t think anybody in this world, who hates morning sleep. I’m one of those people, who can sacrifice breakfast but not morning sleep. After scolding your father, after that she let you sleep. You know my dad has a habit that he does every morning. He switches off the fan.

I am sure, most of your dad also does. But mom every time switch on the fan. So that your sleep doesn’t get disturbed. When dad screaming at you, for your late morning. She always supports you by saying, it’s off time, so let him or her sleep. After that, you always screaming at your mom. But she never complains to you. Your late-night movie and hunger.

Somewhere I read that the mom means wow. But according to me the full form of Mom should be, Master Of Magician. Don’t you think, it should be. Because she is the only one who can do everything? She can change your tears into a smile in a second.

She fulfills all your wishes, without your saying. Because these things a normal person can’t do. I think only a magician can do. That’s why I make this full form. I know it seems nonsense, but still, I made it. So help your mom at home. Give her love as much as you can.

I know you love her so much. But this time shows her. Go and tell her to thank you. When lockdown will be finished, go movie with her. Take her for lunch.

And does everything, she is doing for you. And the most important thing, give her time from your schedule. Because she always gives you, whenever you need her. So it’s your time to show your love and say thank you, Mom.

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