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Garage Door Springs Calgary: Do You Need It?

The springs are undeniably the life savior of your garage door as they do all the heavy lifting work by regulating the “opener” function. Subsequently, they facilitate the upward and downward motion with such ease in a quiet soothing manner.

They operate by counterbalancing the overall weight of the door. Let’s say if the weight of the gate is 150 pounds, then springs of 150-pound force need for uplifting and balancing purposes. The common indicator that something has gone wrong is when your overhead door does not open.

Spring replacement on your own is dangerous due to stretch and torque. It involves certain parts that are connected to the spring system. And many injuries, accidents, and deaths have occurred of untrained ones.

In this article, we’ll guide you about springs, and their measurement, and help to decide if and how you need to buy a new spring at garage door springs.

Garage Door Springs Calgary: Do You Need It?


Mainly, there are two types of them i.e. torsion and extension spring. Each of them has a different function and is necessary for you to understand its mechanism of operation. So that you have a proper idea whether to replace gateway recoils or not and identify which hop you need to buy.

  • Torsion spring- These are stiff usually secured to a metal shaft above the garage door. They apply torque to the shaft with the drum at each to balance. They open and close the entrance by winding and unwinding to comprise the balance system.
  • Extension spring – They are lightweight, mounted along the sides of the parking gate or above the horizontal track. As the entrance operates, they stretch and contract to counterbalance the weight. They secure the springs to the garage track hang, pulley, pin, and frame with clipped ends.

Selecting the right spring

Springs that are sized appropriately and installed are vital for having a well-balanced parking gateway. That, perhaps- is important to enhance your garage gate’s opener lifespan.

Now you have a proper understanding of garage door springs, what are they, how they work, when they are not operating, and require replacement. Getting the right torsion or extension hop is an essential thing if you want to replace your gateway recoils.

Fortunately, this guide has everything to make you determine and choose the correct one. Following four necessary steps will help you to know which and what hop you need to replace every time. So let’s get started.

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Determine the wind direction

First, you need to inspect the recoils inside of the overhead. Mostly, the parking gate has two featured springs, that are separated by the gate midpoint mainly, left and right.

The left one has endpoints in a counterclockwise direction while the right one has endpoints in an anticlockwise direction.

Look out for the end of the wound hop to determine the wind direction. Both of the hops are separated by a stationary cone. So at the cone’s right, left-wound recoil is situated. On the other hand, the right-wound one is situated on a left cone.

You need to acknowledge the wind direction since it’s necessary to know about the function of the gate. Every recoil should turn in a specific direction for the door to move up and down. So if you buy the wrong one, this will lead to a malfunctioning gate.

Measure the wire size

Now you have a heading for replacement, particularly which one. Secondly, you need to measure the length of ten or twenty coils of the significant one by wire gauge or ruler and compare the measurement chart to acquire the correct size of the wire.

This step is simple as running your tap. All you need to do is measure the distinct distance between the coils.

Online browsing is a good tool for the comparison chart which you use to check the actual size of the wire per your initial measurements.

Even if your hop is broken, there are still ten coils that are spaced accurately and yield your exact measurement.

Measure overall length & ID

Thirdly, measure the overall length of ¼ inch and inside diameter to 1/16” of an inch.

One important component you need to examine before going to buy is the inside diameter (ID) of the replacement one. Some gateways have this measurement written on them.

If you see no figures, you have to do it by yourself. Put the recoil on a flat surface, and run the tape over it along its inside diameter. That numbers are the diameter necessary for identification and purchasing a new one.

Next is the overall length. This must be considered vital as its overall winding capacity. None of you either want to buy a small spring that will not provide enough lowering and lifting power. Measure the overall length of leap halves, only the coils.

Color code of spring

Springs are color-coded? Strange! Isn’t it? Yeah, commonly they have color strips over them different from others to make them look distinct and easy to recognize.

Color code has no impact on the functioning of the door. That’s just for recognition purposes. So all you need to do is to identify the right one, place the stripes and convey it to the suppliers at garage door parts Edmonton.

Having enough information about the parts and their identification is easy but replacing and repairing them on your own can be a life-risking task. In Edmonton, they’ll help you with all of your garage gate issues in repair and replacements. They have quality products, and services and 15 years of experienced and trained professionals.

Replacement cost

When you are ready to buy a new one, you should take into consideration of the overall cost of replacing and buying. The cost of replacing is not constant. If you want to check the precise cost, get in touch with the repair and replace services located within your area and can compare the rates.

Typically, a replacement’s cost can range from $50 to $290, but this can vary depending on the type of recoil need to repair.

Extension one is cheaper in price than the torsion one. Extension amounts to $50 to $59 while the torsion is worth $200 to $290.

On the other hand, the rates for replacing a worn-out spring vary from $90 to $290.

The average cost of having to hire an expert for replacement or repair ranges from $200 to $400. The overall cost also depends on the damage and supply.

Additional information

Don’t take measurements when your overhead is in active mode. Because when it is operating, the length of the spring is enhanced by the coils with every turn. Hence, you’ll get incorrect measurements.

It will be a good practice if you replace both springs above a gate when one of them has been damaged or has broken.

Things to keep in mind while buying spring

When you go for a purchase, always keep the following things in mind:

  • Have accurate and compulsory details
  • Correct measurement for diameter, overall length, wire size, and wind direction.

In this way, you’ll get the exact product that will expertly match your distinct needs. You can also have the expert’s suggestion to find the right one to suit your needs.

Meet a pro

Although you may want to do the project with some DIYs by yourself to save money, it would be better to hire a professional for this.

Why? Well, at first it might feel expensive, but you can acquire the guaranteed services and quality, for a particularly shorter time.

When it comes to garage door springs in Calgary, better to meet a pro. You can also get a free quote and estimation from them. Their professionals are experienced, trained, and highly skillful in handling repairs and replacements. They not only professionally resolve your problem, in essence, provide useful maintenance information.


At home, it is difficult for you to deal with most components of your garage gate. But you have to because even the toughest metallic appliances can wear and tear over time. So whether it’s left or right, torsion or extension, you must have essential information and details.

This will guide you to buy the proper recoil, or replace it. Even if it’s not what you are familiar with or you are inexperienced with, the following article will surely help you to cope with your repairs and replacement issues that may arise later.

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