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7 Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

Interesting facts about bed bugs? You must have wondered how those pests that many people dread can have interesting facts about.

Responsible for making your sleep miserable and leaving those bizarre spots on arms and shoulders followed by an itching sensation, bed bugs produce a lot of problems. If they have found their way to your home, don’t waste any time getting rid of them in the way you would do if you had unwelcome guests at your residence. To

There are certain DIY approaches but they do not eradicate them. You may leave some bed bugs behind and due to their high reproductive speed, you may find them again on your bed and other parts of the room in a few days. So, the best solution is to call a reputable bed bug exterminator Surrey and heave a sigh of relief.

Coming back to the interesting facts about bed bugs, we have shared some of them here. Read on to know more about them:

1.  They are Smart Creatures

They have a high survival instinct. They can readily discover hiding areas and stay there, particularly during the daytime. Furthermore, they can handle severe weather; whether it is too hot or cold. Also, they can live without food for several months.

Once a bed bug has fed, it travels to the hiding area for roughly 10 days. This quarantine period they spend digesting their meal, mating with other bed bugs, and laying eggs.

2.  You Can See Them Without Microscope

Bed bugs tend to have a flat and broad body with an oval form. They have a dark brown color. Contrary to the prevalent perception, you can see bed bugs, albeit bigger ones, without needing to use a microscope. Adult bed bugs are 4 to 5mm long. Although incredibly little, but discernible to the naked eye.

3.  They Can Live Anywhere

Due to their name, most people assume that bed bugs are found solely on beds. However, that’s a myth. These bugs may establish their home everywhere. Be it a retail store or hospital, office building, or school, bed bugs may readily live in such areas. Furthermore, they have also been detected on trains and buses. And, of course, movie theatres aren’t an exception either.

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4.  They are Night Owls

No! they don’t watch Netflix with you at night, it’s their time to feed. These are nocturnal pests that tend to be active throughout the period between midnight to 5 in the morning. The carbon dioxide human breath also temps them to come out from their hidings.

Having said that, they don’t follow any hard and fast rules. They might be active during the day as well.

5.  They Move Quickly

These little insects can travel a distance of 1 meter within a minute. Thus, you can call them speedsters. With this speed, they may migrate from one section of your bed to other parts rather fast.

6.  They Reproduce Quickly

As noted before, bed bugs multiply at a quick speed. If you have, for example, 200 of these pets in your room right now and you aren’t taking any action for bed bug elimination, get ready to share your space with 400 of them in only 16 days.

Then, not only they will be located on your mattresses but clothing, wardrobes, and other furniture items as well. So, it’s important to hire bed bug control Surrey services at the earliest. Failing to do so will result in bed bugs multiplying at a rapid pace, and the situation becoming beyond your control.

7.  They Release Pathogens

A more nasty truth than intriguing, but still worth mentioning. Studies suggest that these critters carry over 50 infections with them. That wasn’t the disgusting part. The way they leave infections in your room is something that will freak you out. It’s their fecal waste that conveys these diseases.

And having them distributed in your room is surely anybody would appreciate.

Whether or not you have found these facts intriguing, one thing is clear, you need to get these bugs out from your home and for this, you should rely on the services of the best local pest exterminator Surrey BC.

As already established earlier, DIY approaches aren’t successful. Bed bugs will come back sooner or later, like those visitors who refuse to leave. Thus, it’s preferable to engage specialists; for bed bugs.

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