How to do wedding makeup yourself

How to do wedding makeup yourself

When it is your wedding day there will be hundreds of people coming to the venue. You need to understand that it will be stressful and thereby take possible advantages to handle it. The better you are capable of handling the situation better it will help you to get help.

There will be several rituals that you need to attend and maintain a time parameter as well. Among these, all humdrum your makeup needs to be perfect. The better you have makeup the better you will be able to get access to the same on your wedding photography.

These are memoirs that you make which help you to go through your life. Some of the biggest disasters based on wedding makeup that you might need to avoid are detailed as follows.

The infamous Raccoon eyes

Several emotions will be involved during the wedding session of any bride. A girl leaves behind her entire childhood within a matter of span. What better way to seek assistance at this time than to choose waterproof makeup?

You might be thinking that going for waterproof mascara at the time of the “bidai” is essential. In reality, you might not even know when you will be shedding tears. The best way to be assisted to get a proper value is to go with waterproof makeup.

Try to ask the wedding hair and makeup to choose a mascara that has waterproof properties. This will in a way help you to get rid of the unnecessary drama that you might have been facing.

Complete transformation

Sometimes, brides tend to ask the makeup artist to completely transform them and go with the flow. Remember, years from now these will be the most cherished memories of your life. You need to keep a steady control over the process and get help from it.

The last thing you might want to go through is looking in awe at the complete transformation. This is the main reason; you need to ask the wedding hair and makeup to choose natural makeup.

It will help you to get a positive look and provide a better appearance as well. Try to focus on significant bold lips or dramatic eyes. The better you are capable of choosing the right one to focus better your overall makeup will be. It is recommended that you use the right amount of highlight to bring out the aura.

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Awful trend blunders

Some brides crave to go with the trends. Trends are fun to choose and switch to. However, several measures might not help you to get what you have been looking for. Fashion and trends change now and then. Try not to use excessive experimentation on your wedding day look.

Remember, you need to be natural and work with the basic look. The better you are capable of acting with the trendsetters it will suit you up. Trends are good but you need to choose the right one to get proper help.


Are you a craver for dewy and glowing skin? if yes, the best thing to choose is that of shine. Shine indeed is the ultimate perfect and your all-time favorite. However, try to ask your photographer to make the shine look glossy rather than greasy.

It will help you to get a better overall impression. Matte photo look is always better than that of the glossy ones. Try to choose what is best for you and start your bridal day preparation now.