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How To Decorate A Column In The Middle Of Your Room

A load-bearing column is, as the name implies, a column that carries the central weight of your home and is cemented into the foundation. When designing an open space or opening up an existing space, these cannot be removed. 

You have many options when decorating around load-bearing columns or incorporating them into your space. We have reviewed multiple sources for inspiration and ideas on how to best decorate your column in order to make this process easier for you.

In some homes and rooms, there are columns in the middle of the room. Although columns can be a nuisance, there are ways to decorate them so that they blend in with the rest of your room or serve a purpose. 

You need to decide whether you want your column to be decorative or functional. The top 8 most popular ways (in no particular order) to decorate a column are as follows:

You need to answer other questions besides how to decorate the column in the middle of your room. Do you know if the column is load-bearing? What is the best way to disguise a support column? What color should it be? Find out in this article.

How To Decorate A Column In The Middle Of Your Room

The following are 17 ways you can decorate a column in the middle of your room.

1. Paint

By painting your column the same color as your walls, you can create a cohesive look. Add a decorative touch to your home by using the same trim as the walls. 

2- Contrast Paint 

Use contrasting paint to make your column an architectural focal point in your room. 

3- Two-Toned Paint

A second way to accent your column is to use two different shades of paint. In the example above, the grey bottoms of the columns provide a nice contrast to the white walls. 

4-  Molding

If you add molding to your column, it will look classic and sophisticated. The molding in the picture above is simple, complementing the overall look of the space. The molding also complements the barn door in the background. 

5. Tile

You can also add some color and texture to your space by tiling your column. Mixing and matching tiles can be a nice alternative to traditional tiles. 

Best Way to Decorate Column in the Living Room

1. Using Wall Art

Use some wall art or wall decor items in the column for a simple, effective, and cost-effective solution. In addition to making the column look better, you can add more artistic effects to your room.

Before you buy wall decor, it’s a good idea to measure the width of your column to make sure you buy the wrong items. Since most columns will not fit a large or wide art, you can buy a large or wide art.

As soon as you have the exact size of your column, you can search for wall decor items that you like. You can use a variety of decor items as decor for your column.

2. Cover Column with Wood Materials

Balance can be achieved in any room with wood-based elements. As well as adding some freshness and a natural vibe, its texture will also give the room an artistic feel. 

Utilizing wood to cover your column will have a double impact if you find that your room is lacking natural elements. It will provide you with the natural look that your room lacks, and it will be able to cover up your monotonous looks column to make it appear more fresh and attractive.

You can cover your column with wood materials in a number of different ways. You can cover the entire column with wood or you can use some wood board to wrap some part of your column, be creative in finding the best way that fits with the current design of your room.

3. Make Your Column a Bar or Dining Spot

If you don’t have enough space in your home to have a dining table or bar table, this is the perfect idea for you. Your column can be used as a bar or dining table.

You only have to buy a narrow table that can be placed right next to your column to accomplish this. For the best results, you can use a folding wall-mounted dining/bar table such as the one pictured above.

You can easily fold up a folding wall table when it is not in use so that it won’t take up space in your room. We used the following folding table for this design, in case you are interested:

4. Use Wall Lamp 

Lighting is an integral part of interior design that contributes to a great style. Any space can be made to look more sophisticated and elegant by using different layers of lighting.

It is possible to use a wall lamp to add some additional light to your column, and you can put this type of lamp there. Additionally, you will have additional lighting in your room, as well as making a boring column look much better.

In addition, those lamps also work as decorative items; you can choose the lamp that best matches the style of your room.

You can use the wall lamps we used in our interior design projects to decorate a column with.

5. Use Pillar With Wall Mirror

You can also use a wall mirror to decorate your living room pillar. This would not only enhance the pillar’s appearance but also provide a lot of benefits.

A mirror will reflect all the natural light in your room, so it will feel brighter and larger. If you go outside, you can also see your hairstyle and makeup.

It is possible to hang some best small mirror designs on your pillar if covering the whole pillar with a mirror is difficult for you. This is the most convenient and budget-friendly solution.

6. Decorate Pillar With Marble Stone

If you want a luxurious feel, you should decorate your pillar with marble stone on a budget. Asians often use marble for pillars because it looks so attractive. Therefore, they don’t have to decorate it.

It is not an easy task. Investing some money and hiring some experts is necessary. Royal castles and palaces were also built from marble, which is a beautiful and shiny stone.

The marble designs and patterns are available in many different colors, so you should select one that matches your outfit and room.

7- Use Modeling

Is there a rectangular pillar in your room? In addition to rectangular posts, there are also circular ones.

It is common for ancient architecture to use circular pillars, but you can also make your rectangular pillars look like an antique by using modeling.

It is possible to make your pillar look classical in many ways; you can use modeling on the bottom or top, and you can also do modeling on the whole pillar.

8. Use Curtains Along with Pillar

Another easy way to make your pillar look attractive is to paint it. You can install curtains with your pillar in two different ways.

The first method requires you to fix a curtain holder at one end of your pillar and a second holder at the other. Second, you can buy a curtain rod and hang it vertically/parallel to your pillar.

The second way is pretty simple: there is no need to drill into your pillar, and you can easily move the vertical rod from one place to another. These rods are also useful for installing room dividers.

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