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Why do the boxes matter so significantly?

Why do we see more subscription services around? The boom in e-commerce shopping has carved out a niche demand for such services. Customers wish to get their favorite items delivered to their doorsteps in enticing custom boxes.

E-commerce platforms like ASOS Marketplace, Etsy, and Amazon allow e-brands to post and ship goods to a worldwide market. Subscription services rely on a smooth and consistent shipping method. Whether you use third-party selling platforms or send products straight to customers, firm boxes are required more than anything else.

Why do the boxes matter so significantly?

Subscription brands don’t usually manufacture the products they sell on subscriptions. Their success is dependent on how well customers react to their services. Customized boxes are extremely valued in this industry. They perform more than one role in establishing the brand and prospering its potential among customers.

Effective subscription services are made up of 3 main factors:

  1. Protect the products from damage and mutations.
  2. Radiate a professional brand image.
  3. Include all the necessary information that customers would appreciate.

Offering valuable customer service should be prioritized. Brand reputation can be damaged, much quicker in the extremely fickle subscription industry. Statistics have shown that dissatisfied customers will tell 9-15 people about their experience with a brand meaning poor packaging is not only exposed to a lot more people but also it takes 5 good reviews to replace a bad one.

The good news is that there isn’t a single formula to devise the ideal subscription boxes. Customized packaging comes in various forms and options.

Staying sustainable

If there is one thing that customers are most concerned about these days, is the packaging material. They expect to see their subscriptions delivered in boxes that are eco-friendly and reusable.

Being environmentally friendly is a major stance among most millennials. Certain brands may not give importance to it, but using recyclable corrugated or cardboard boxes will make a huge difference to the environment. One ton of recycled cardboard saves:

  • 390 kWh hours of electricity.
  • 46 gallons of oil.
  • 6 million BTUs of energy
  • 9 cubic yards of landfill space

Customers are more aware of what they want and how they want it. Picking sustainable box materials is definitely a superior choice and lowers the negative impact on the environment. Rigid and Kraft cardstock has also been added to the material choices.

Sealing and sending

Subscription companies can get creative with their box structures. Modern box cutting mechanisms allow quirky box shapes to be formed too. Brands can get a wider choice of box appearances to send their products in.

Buyers focus on exhibiting their positive brand experiences on their social media platforms. It is a marketing opportunity that can be maximized using artistic custom boxes shapes and structures.

For instance, brands selling wellness products subscriptions can send them in custom trays. This adds extra worth to the brand and maintains the products throughout shipment.

Seals in the form of industrial tapes and stickers convey that the brand cares for the customers by providing them exceptional services. Easy-to-open and entertaining locks also serve to keep the products safe while making it memorable to access the packaged items.

Details inside and out

Obviously, customers want to know more about the subscription brand and the products they buy. While the primary product packaging at times is printed with such details, the boxes are what customers see first. These must inform them about basic product functions, using manual, nutritional facts, and more.

Additionally, the boxes come with vibrant and eye-catching brand logos. The company name and emblem shine on the front, top, or other prominent box location. It helps customers to feel intrigued about the subscription brand and feel compelled to find out more. Businesses usually put on their contact info including their social media and online portals to increase traffic.

Brands have a free hand on how they want this info to appear. From colors, font styles, and text placements, to create hand-written notes, every printing option is available to grab. Customers react strongly to interactive branded content and prefer to keep up with their subscriptions henceforth.

custom boxes

Customer is king

Remember that! It also signals how subscription boxes must be designed.

Subscription items can be anything; medical supplies, food items, books, and electronics to name a few. Naturally, customer demographics vary too. Brands can’t sell cosmetic products in CBD boxes. The reason is that every product has its own specifications and requirements in terms of storage, characteristics, and custom printed shipping boxes.

Customizing subscription boxes makes it easier to reach out to all kinds of customer targets. Certain subscription services allow customers to pick their box colors and get them personalized too. This way, the boxes become fool-proof and implore buyers to maintain their subscriptions with the brand.

Affordability rates

Small, medium and large subscription brands can find their boxes within their resources. So, if the brand is new and has a limited budget, it can conveniently pick box options that align with the set financial targets.

Using subscription boxes with marketing messages lowers overall branding costs too. Subscription providers won’t have to incur extra promotional expenses when the boxes speak prominently of the brand and its services.

Mostly, businesses mention their alternative service packages on the boxes to persuade buyers to try them out. For instance, instead of buyers subscribing to quarterly services, the brands can convince users to switch to full-year subscriptions by offering discounts, and so on.

With a buffet of custom options, it becomes possible and viable to achieve the ideal subscription box look. Customers want a reason to repeatedly buy from a brand.

Consistent branding and constant box updates are a good way to soar sales revenues. Custom boxes make operating in the subscription industry worthwhile. Otherwise, the intense competition can squeeze out the newest startups within the first year.


The main aim of this article is to emphasize the significance of creative and strong subscription boxes. It may be time to re-evaluate the present boxes and consider an upgrade!

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