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Crosley Turntables Reviews: Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Crosley Turntable

The turntable is not just music equipment it is a whole experience. You can play vinyl records on it to show your passion for music. Multiple brands are available for the musical turntables are Crosley is one of them.

It is a famous brand in the market but still, people have a question whether Crosley turntables are worth every cent or not.

It is a good question that all people should ask themselves before buying a turntable to listen to music.

This is because you have to spend the money to buy this musical piece. If you do not get the right feel with the turntable then your money will be wasted.

So if you want to save money and still want to feel the music then there are some record players under 100.

By buying these record players you can save money and listen to enjoy the music that you love. Now, come back to the Crosley as you too have this question whether you should select this brand for buying turntable or not.

Do not stress yourself on this as in this article, we will discuss why you should consider the Crosley turntables and why you should avoid them.

We will also do a little comparison to help you in selecting the right brand.

So, without taking your further time, let’s start the discussion.

What You Should Know About The Crosley Turntables?

Crosley turntables come into existence in 1992 when the Crosley radio developed its first turntable.

Crosley Radio is an electronic manufacturing company that is located in Louisville in Kentucky.

The market thought it was a smart move by the Crosley radio to enhance the rate of their less sales.

This thought was right as now Crosley is one of the leading companies of turntables and other musical equipment including radios, jukebox, and much more.

With time, Crosley has achieved success and in 2017, the company has launched the Vinyl Rocket.

The company marketed Vinyl Rocket as the single current production of Vinyl jukebox in the whole world.

The best part is that The Crosley became the first vinyl jukebox in Crosley’s collection.

This efficient jukebox can hold more than 70 records and is capable of playing all sides of the vinyl that offers up to 100 selections.

Do Crosley Brand Produces Good Turntables?

Crosley turntables are famous among people who love to listen to music on vinyl records. Especially with online shoppers, Crosley is quite popular. But still, most people get confused about whether they should buy the Turntable or not.

The answer is simple as all you have to do is to reconsider your needs.

You should make a list of features that you want in a turntable. If you get all the features in the Crosley Turntable then it is right for you.

But if you think any of the features are missing or you will not get what you are expecting then Crosley turntables are not for you.

However, if you are looking for a simple turntable then you can consider the Crosley brand.

This is because they have a wide range of varieties. Their tables are cute, colorful, and have a retro style. If you want a stylish turntable then Crosley is your brand.

On the other hand, the people who love listening to music from vinyl records have different opinions.

They even argue that many other brands are producing better turntables as compared to the Crosley.

But we will start with the positives of the Crosley so that you will get to know why you should consider the Crosley.

So look at the advantages of the Crosley turntables.

Advantages of Crosley Turntables:

Following is a list of advantages of Crosley turntables that will make the Crosley brand better than others.

So have a look at these advantages if you are looking for a simple turntable.

  • The turntables that Crosley makes are attractive and unique.
  • Therefore, they attract the attention of many customers who want a stylish turntable to listen to their favorite music
  • The Crosley tables have a compact shape and they are easy to carry.
  • You can even put these turntables into your suitcase and carry them with you anywhere
  • A Crosley table is available at a reasonable rate.
  • That’s why it is the first choice of the people who run out of the budget to buy a turntable for music
  • The main advantage of Crosley tables is that you can set three different speeds on them without any problem

Why You Should Avoid The Crosley Turntable?

Most people that listen to music from vinyl records have problems with the Crosley brand.

They even criticize the brand for its poor quality and performance. They also say that turntable is not made with the durable quality due to which it breaks down easily.

The one example of a Crosley turntable is the Crosley Cruiser.

People do not like this turntable because people say that it can destroy vinyl records due to poor tracking. In addition, people give negative or bad reviews to the Crosley turntables.

Do Records Get Damaged Due to Crosley Turntables?

The major drawback of the Crosley turntables is that they are made with low-quality material due to which they are inexpensive.

Moreover, Crosley used ceramic cartridges which means your costly and precious vinyl records get prone to scratches.

This is because of the additional weight of the ceramic cartridges. Furthermore, these cartridges are poorly calibrated that add extra drag to the surface of the vinyl.

Which Brand You Should Select Instead Of Crosley?

As we discussed earlier, many brands are available that produce good quality Turntable. But some of the brands that we prefer are

  • Music Hall.
  • Victrola.
  • Rock ‘n Rolla.
  • Audio Technica.

Now, you might be wondering? Is Crosley turntable better than Victrola? This is the most asked question too and we have the answer.

You can consider the Victrola if you want to buy a turntable that is vintage-inspired and suits your budget.

However, both the brands provide the same quality level and sound clarity. But if you want something cheap then go for Victrola.

The second most asked question is whether Audio Technica is better than Crosley or not.

The answer is yes, Audio Technica is better the Crosley according to many music lovers that have vinyl records.

The reason is that their overall performance is good and provides better sound quality.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

We hope that all the details that we have discussed above help you to select the right turntable for your vinyl records.

If you just want a fancy table within a budget to listen to normal records then buy Crosley turntable.

But go for other brands if you are looking for better quality, performance, and material that does not damage your vinyl records.

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