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15 Most common Plumbing Problems :Tips to fix

Water backing up in a home and can quickly turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, it is possible to detect the signs of a fault in the water network and thus prevent serious damage.

Water leaks are not always easy to spot, which is why you should be particularly vigilant when traces of moisture appear. The intervention of a professional will allow you to obtain a precise diagnosis as to the nature and location of the leak. The plumber can then make the repairs appropriate to your situation.

Whether in a home or an office, we are all exposed to plumbing problems daily. We present to you the most recurring plumbing problems.

1 The taps that flow

Who hasn’t encountered a problem with a leaky faucet it should be turned off? This leaky faucet can keep you from sleeping. No matter how much you suffocate under the pillow, the sound of drops of water is unbearable.

Even if the leak is not significant, these drops of water over the long term will eventually turn into liters of wasted water. This is, unfortunately, going to be felt at the end of the month when you go to pay your bill.

Usually, leaky faucets can be repaired with simple gestures. All you need is the right tools

2 Water pressure problems

A drop in water pressure is very unpleasant. This problem usually occurs in homes that were built decades ago. Many causes can explain this problem:

  • Soiling of the showerhead
  • Corrosion of pipes malfunction
  • The presence of a water leak somewhere in the plumbing system

To solve the problem, you can clean your shower head as well as the aerators on your faucets.

3 Clogged drains (sinks, baths, showers)

If the water in your sink, sink, or toilet is draining slowly or not at all, there is a problem with the pipes. Usually, it is an unpleasant problem caused by unhealthy biological material that results in an annoying smell to those around it. We find quick fixes to drain drains and get water flowing as it should. You can, for example, use a suction cup. This will be effective in unblocking the plug.

4 A plumbing problem related to the water heater

A non – functioning water heater is a very common problem. Solving this problem is very easy. It could be an oversight of an indicator light. However, if the problem is inside the water heater, it is important to contact a plumber.

With an old water heater, the problem could come from the sediment accumulated in the tank. However, be aware that the average lifespan of a water heater is 10 to 15 years.

manufacturer of your shredder. If the problem persists, it is strongly recommended that you contact a plumber.

5. The leaky pipes

A problem with leaking piping can cause a very delicate situation. Very often, the origin of the leak occurs near the seals.

Note that only a professional plumber can thoroughly explore piping systems to find the source of the flow.

If you have not identified the right cause, it is useful to call on a professional who offers this type of service, such as

6 Low water pressure & Faulty water heater

When a single appliance has low water pressure, the problem can likely be solved by repairing it and the pipes that make it up. But if the water pressure problems become widespread and affect the whole house, the problem is quite different. If the water pressure in your home is low, the first thing to do is escalate the causes.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than feeling cold water on your body when you shower. The average lifespan of a water heater can vary from eight to twelve years, depending on the brand and the frequency of maintenance. The causes of this failure can be a poorly drained cumulus cloud, a resistance malfunction, among others.

7 The washing machine is leaking

Several things can cause your washing machine to leak. A clogged siphon, a loose water inlet hose, a punctured drain hose, a blocked or punctured hose, a leaky bearing, or a broken tub and it’s Niagara Falls in your laundry room.

If your washing machine is not leaking but is no longer spinning, look to the filter side of the washing machine and the drain hose. If you have not identified the right cause, it is useful to call on a professional from Knoxville Plumbing.

8 The siphon

The siphon (PVC pipe in which the washing machine’s drain hose fits) may become clogged. If this is the case, the water discharged during the emptying overflows instead of draining into the pipes. Then use an unblocking product.

9 The arrival of water

Is the leak coming from the water supply? Tighten each end of the pipe using a pair of multi-grip pliers. If the leak persists, replace the hose.

10 The drain pipe

With wear, the drain hose may puncture and water will escape while draining the unit. It will then be sufficient to replace this pipe.

11 The hoses

Your washing machine has several hoses. One is located between the drain pump and the tank. Another is located between the product canister and the tub on window washers only.

A tub vent hose is located between the product box and tub for window washers and between the frame and tub for top-opening washers. Monitor these hoses when your machine is running and change the hose (s) responsible for the leaks.

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12 The bearing

In addition to leaking, does your machine make a loud noise during the spin cycle? There is no doubt that the problem is with the bearing.

The latter is located at the back of the washing machine on a window machine or the sides of the top washing machine. Remove the metal sheets and check the condition of the bearing. It is probably rusty. s

13 Water consumption is abnormally high

Abnormally high water consumption is reported to you by the water service at the latest when your bill is received.

This overconsumption of water comes either from a leak in your sanitary facilities (tap, flushing water, cumulus, etc.), or from a hidden leak, or a failure of your meter.

Start by checking the sanitary facilities. If you find a leak, contact a plumber who will make the appropriate repairs. If there is no water flowing through your installations, it may be a hidden leak. To be sure, check your water meter.

If all the taps are closed and no appliance consuming water is in operation, the water flow indicator on your meter (if it has one) remains stationary.

If your meter has no indicator, read your water consumption before going to bed and check in the morning that the numbers are the same. This is not the case? Call in an emergency plumber.

Finally, the problem may be directly related to the meter. Check that the latter gauges the correct number of liters by, for example, pouring 5 liters of water into a graduated container. If your meter indicates higher consumption, contact your supplier’s customer service department.

14 The water heater or hot water tank is leaking:

While pipe leakage problems are common during the winter season, that does not prevent them from occurring in other seasons. Most pipes will start to leak near joints, so keep an eye out for wet areas on the floor or ceiling. Water damage in your home can be very costly, so making the necessary repairs is a must

Depending on the diagnosis, your plumber will suggest you:

  • change the flange gasket and install a pressure reducer;
  • dismantle, clean, descale the safety group;
  • replace the gasket of the fixing flange after emptying the hot water tank;
  • replace the entire bowl.

15 There is no more hot water

When you take your shower, you notice that there is no more hot water. Do not panic, most of the time this failure is resolved quickly. It may be due to a power cut, a problem with the thermostat, or the water heater.

Start by checking if your boiler, your water heater, or your tank is properly supplied with electricity. A power failure could indeed blow the fuse. Check that the latter is in the ON position in your electrical panel or that it has not blown.

If so, it will need to be replaced. If all goes well on that side, the fault may be with the thermostat. It is he who regulates the temperature in the hot water tank. It must therefore be constantly on.

If it is defective, it can be replaced. Finally, if the problem is neither a power cut nor the thermostat, it is your water heater itself that is the cause of your hot water failure. In this case, only a plumber can find and fix the problem.


Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, powder room, toilet, so many places where plumbing problems often arise and where repairs are urgently needed!

Pipe obstruction, a dripping faucet, flushing of water that does not stop flowing, leak in a pipe, make it necessary to quickly find a solution because it is well known, a plumber does not travel for so little or well takes you a fortune to change a simple facet joint. Yet the solutions exist: here are a few.

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