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3 Reasons You Need a Coffee Scale to Brew Coffee

In the morning, when I first get up, the first thing on my mind is coffee. It motivates me to get out of bed every morning like most of the world.

After drinking coffee for many years, I have discovered an important step, which is using a coffee scale to brew my coffee. Adding a scale to my coffee routine gives results that you could not even imagine. It creates a new coffee experience that everyone needs to try.

At most successful coffee shops, they use scales to measure their beans and water. And doesn’t the coffee from a coffee shop always tastes different from when you made it at home?

This is not a rare commodity in the coffee industry. This is an everyday occurrence for them. It is also not rare to find coffee fans at home brewing their coffee by utilizing scales- the benefits are great!

If you are like me, it is difficult to do much thinking before coffee. I get it, but there’s a step you should add to your daily coffee routine: using a coffee scale to weigh your beans and water.

To do that, we will look at 3 Reasons You Need a Coffee Scale to Brew Coffee


When making my coffee in the morning, I strive my best to create the same cup every day. I try to use measuring cups to make my coffee, but it always turns out differently each time. Without a scale, there is no way to know exactly how much coffee and water you need to use.

It is very easy to buy a scale and use the specific amount of beans that you want to use. It is important to know whether the balance of coffee and water is perfect.

A ratio that is recognized worldwide is that for every gram of coffee, you need to include fifteen to seventeen grams of water. With a scale, you will be able to use this ratio as a way to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

If someone were to add too much water or too much coffee, it can become too bitter for you to enjoy. This is one of the reasons that coffee at a coffee place always tastes different from when you make it at home. Precision is a major reason you need to buy a scale so you can make your perfect cup of coffee.

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Every single day, you make your coffee and it always ends up tasting different every day. A way for that to change is to get a scale for coffee brewing. The accuracy of what a scale can offer is it will give you the same perfect cup of coffee every single day. You will never have to guess how much coffee to use or how much water to add.

Even if you feel that you are doing the same amount of scoops per day, you can never really know how much you are using.

It could end up putting too much water and too little coffee or vice versa. To have a good cup of joy, you need to have consistent water to coffee ratio. This is done simply by adding a scale to your coffee routine.


When buying a bag of coffee grounds, you look at the back of the bag and see that it will last you around twenty cups of coffee.  In reality, it only lasts you around seventeen cups of coffee. This is always a disappointing occurrence because it causes you to have to go back to the store and buy more or have to go without coffee.

Everyone figures that in a bag of coffee beans, there are usually a certain amount of servings of coffee per bag.

Without using a scale, you can lose lots of coffee grounds that you are missing out on. When using the scale, you know the specific amount that you are using each time. You will also finish the bag with exactly how much the bag specifically promises.

This will save you money because if you are buying nicer coffee beans, they tend to be more pricey. Conserving your coffee beans properly with the scale is a major plus side to having a scale accessible to you every day to give you a perfect cup of coffee each time.

Brewing coffee with a scale will create precision, consistency, and bean conservation for every cup of coffee that you will make. It will be as if you have bought a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop.

To continue to have the perfect cup of coffee, you could use the Best Starbucks Coffee Beans or any other brand of coffee beans for your daily brew. Adding nice coffee beans along with a scale will add a new experience to coffee.

Picking what scale to pick can be a tricky decision on which one to choose. When looking for a scale it is important to find one that measures in grams and ounces. You also want to pick one that has a fast response time.

It is also important to have a scale that can measure beans that can fit a larger mug. Brewing coffee is something that can make your coffee perfect every time if you use the Best Digital Kitchen Scales.

Coffee is a very important step in an individual’s daily routine. It can come in many shapes and sizes, but one that everyone has in common when it comes to coffee is that people are very specific about it.

Many people have lots of opinions about the ratio of coffee beans to water. Adding the scale will provide a more universal opinion of how much water and coffee to add to your coffee.

You need to have a coffee scale to brew your coffee because of the precision, consistency, and bean conservation that it will add to your coffee routine Enjoy your next perfect cup of coffee with a scale!

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