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10 clever Roofing Marketing ideas to get More Client

If you have any roofing business for some time, you’ve already tried various ways to generate roofing leads. You have likely noticed a dramatic change in consumer behavior in recent years, thanks to social media and the internet. But you may not be sure how best to capitalize on these changes and new trends.

Today’s consumers are “self-directed shoppers.” They have all the information at their fingertips and have done extensive research online long before choosing which product or service to buy.

They get referrals from friends and related websites, go through reviews online, and generally end up selecting the company they think they can most trust to deliver quality, service, and value.

Nowaday’s shoppers have already gone 70 to 90 percent of their journey through the buying process before even contacting you, the seller.

But first things first. Generating leads is not that difficult. The real challenge is generating qualified leads.

Do you even know what those reasons are? It is surprising how many business owners have not determined their own Exclusive Selling Proposition (EVP).

The answers to the three questions above will apply whether you are using traditional lead generation methods (mostly outbound) or more current digital methods (mostly inbound).

which way to go with roofing Lead Generation

Incoming? Outgoing? Where should you put your time, attention, and resources to best serve your audience and your business?

Ideally, your marketing strategy should include a combination of entry and exit tactics.

Let’s take a look at various traditional and digital lead generation methods. We hope you find some practical and affordable ideas that you can implement right away to improve your current efforts for measurable and profitable results.

Here is a list of the most commonly used traditional or “outgoing” methods that contractors and business owners use to obtain roofing leads. Chances are, you have already tried some of them with varying degrees of success.

 The best options to increase your business base through new leads and jobs is to take advantage of the following 10 roofing marketing ideas:

1.Personal sales: Door-to-door, phone sales, and trade shows:

Have you realized that these days, we are all connected, but very few people know how to communicate? Face-to-face communication is so rare in our digital world that it can really help you stand out, make a lasting good impression, and start a sales conversation, as long as you get it right.

no advertising sign

These prohibitions, and the website equivalent of the rules against spam, make personal selling a challenge.

Door-to-door sales calls are generally not appreciated by owners. They are also time-consuming and labor-intensive for you, as a salesperson. However, they may be worth your effort if the prospect is definitely qualified (for example, there is visible damage to the roof after a storm).

You can also take a less direct approach by simply hanging a sign with your contact information on the doors of houses in a neighborhood where you have recently started or completed roofing work.

The controversy is sparked by phone sales. While some would have you believe you are dead, Marketing Sherpa stated in a business technology marketing presentation that “selling by phone is the second generation lead tactic, after referrals.”

Here are the three “Telephone Selling Rules for the 21st Century,” according to Stefan Tornquist:

Have a list of goals.

Before starting a phone sales campaign, you must understand the people you are trying to reach. Create an ideal customer profile (often called a “person”) to establish your qualification criteria. Don’t waste time trying to sell something that the person you call doesn’t want, will never need, or can’t afford.

Where do your prospects live? Do they have a family? Are they young professionals or retirees? Do they subscribe to home decor, landscape architecture, or similar sites and publications? What problems at home keep you awake at night?

Answer your potential customer’s question: How does this benefit me?

This requires a bit of research on your part to discover what solutions you can offer that are relevant to the needs or wants of your prospects. Are you concerned about energy efficiency and the environment?

What are the problems they are currently facing and how can you help solve them? How are you different from the competition that benefits your customers? (This is why knowing what your PVE is so important.)

Understand the goal of your call.

Too often, salespeople think the purpose of a phone call is to make a sale. This mindset creates pressure for both the caller and the potential customer, which can create negative feelings and generally does not lead to the sale.

A sales phone call is nothing more than an introduction to you and your business. It is a reciprocal learning process and you, as the caller, should always listen more than you speak.

Ask open-ended questions to focus on the potential customer’s needs and strive to become a friendly advisor who seeks to help rather than sell.

The time to sell comes much later in the cycle after you’ve built a relationship and build trust. An open question prompts your prospect to answer with more than one yes or no. For example, you can ask him to tell you what is most attractive about a neighbor’s new roof.

Become Customer-Ready Online:

Most customers search for services online before deciding. This means they will be reviewing your social media account and website while reading reviews from other sources about your company. Therefore, you must have a website to ensure they can find your information.

3.Direct response and print advertising:

Albert Lasker was a pioneering advertising executive who once defined advertising to President Kennedy as “the art of selling in print.” Before the advent of electronic media (radio and television) and digital/social media, direct mail was the most measurable and results-oriented type of advertising.

Advertisers bought lists of names that matched their product demographics and sent physical letters (the longer the copy, the better the response) and included a very specific call to action. The documents were based on shortages, discounts, and / or limited-time offers and always included a response mechanism.

Direct mail still exists today but is now under the umbrella of “direct response” to include means other than traditional or “postal” mail. However, since regular mail has largely been replaced by online digital advertising, it can be extremely effective, especially in local markets. Like personal selling, the letters in the mailbox have become so rare that they really stand out from the crowd.

Long-form, copied direct mail letters may not perform as well as they used to, due to reduced attention span and information overload. But simpler postcards and other similar documents can keep your roofing company’s name in front of potential customers, and you can tailor your ads to include a specific offer or call-to-action that allows you to measure response and response. Effectiveness.

To get the most value from your ad spend, make sure your flyers or print ads in your local newspaper or magazines follow direct response principles, as they include a specific call to action that allows you to quantify and measure results.

4.local paper classifieds ad:

Electronic media was once the domain of image or institutional advertising for large companies with deep pockets and national reaches, such as Coca-Cola and General Mills, to create brand awareness. Although television and radio advertisements could somehow be targeted based on audiences for programming on those channels, in reality, they were a shotgun approach to mass marketing that could not be quantified to determine its effectiveness.

Media fragmentation is both a curse a and blessing for advertisers today. For one thing, only large conglomerates like the above can afford to advertise on sufficient channels.

Every page or screen on your website must have a clear call to action, to generate roofing leads. This call to action can be a request for more information, a button to download a lead magnet, or a Lead Magnet (which is a marketing term for a free offering of valuable content, such as a consultation, roof inspection, etc.

in exchange for an email address), a chat box to speak with a sales representative or any other action relevant to the content of that page. People want to know the next steps.

Is your website responsive? A responsive site is viewed easily on any device (desktop, mobile, or pc). If your current site crammed the information across your desktop screen, it’s time for a general overhaul.

A scrolling site works best on mobile devices, so keep your content and graphics sharp, clean, and uncluttered.

Again, the most important thing you can do to generate leads is to make sure your website has SEO. People in need of professional roofing services will begin their search by entering keywords such as “roofing contractor in my area” into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, but inserting keywords into their text, adding fresh content regularly, including videos on their own website, and backlinks from other sites to yours. All of this will help you rank higher in search results. This Forbes article details 12 effective SEO techniques that are currently working well.

If you’re not sure what keywords people will use to find your site, check out the free Keyword Planner tool on google. When you enter a search term that you think people can use, you’ll get a list of other term suggestions that you may not have thought of.

Keywords like “roofing contractor” are called “short tail” keywords and generally have a lot of competition. By using a long-tail keyword like “residential roofing contractors in (your city here),” you will have a better chance of ranking higher.

Learn more with John Jantsch’s primer on keyword research specifically for small businesses.

Dominate Local Searches

If you have a customer-ready website then it must follow search engine optimization best practices to ensure your company can be found. Finding the best keywords will give you the best shot at appearing in local searches for roofing services you can use Roofing Marketing Agency. Make sure to complete your Google Business listing and link it to your website.

My Blog.

While blog posts don’t generate many direct leads, blogging can be one of the most effective ways to drive traffic (prospects) to your website, especially if you host your blog on your own website, which is very recommendable.

Because Google and other search engines seek out and reward fresh content with higher rankings, writing keyword-laden blog articles regularly can attract a ton of qualified prospects to your site.

Every time you write a blog post, you can and should promote it on Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook. Services like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social make it easy to coordinate and manage your social media platforms from a single dashboard.

Longer blog posts have been shown to work better for SEO purposes. Aim for a minimum of 1,350 words per message, but make the content easy for readers to absorb and relevant to your business. Divide the text with subtitles; include embedded lists, infographics, images, or videos; and use fonts that are pleasing to the eye.

Incorporate links to areas of your own website that correspond to the content of the article. Invite visitors to comment and thank them when they do.

7 Use Social Networks.

Companies first used social media to promote their brand and generate buzz online, but increasingly, they are using it to generate leads. By creating a presence on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Google+, and other popular platforms, you can start conversations with potential customers and find out where prospects live online.

Being active on social media allows you to engage directly with potential customers and can give you a wealth of valuable information on how they talk, what their challenges are, etc.

Find opportunities to be of use by participating in online forums and answering questions. Once you are known as the person “in charge” of the roofs, you will begin to attract potential customers to your website.

8.Offer Free Estimates & Populate Local Profiles:

Offering free estimates and roof inspections is a great way to start a new business relationship and put your company at the forefront of its current and future roofing considerations.

Many customers utilize sites like Yelp to find contractors, so your profile must be complete and engaging. This helps customers find you and improves your search engine ranks when backlinking from your website.

Sponsor Local Events:

While local events shows are more often associated with business-to-business selling, most communities have annual or semi-annual home shows that are well attended by consumers looking for very specific products and services related to construction, renovation, and construction. house repair.

Like yours! These events offer you a great opportunity to meet and build relationships with potential clients, collect email addresses ethically, distribute company advertising, and position yourself as an expert on the subject, especially if you are capable of conducting seminars. on how to do it or deliver valuable educational content.

10 External advertising.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on giant billboards or billboards to keep your name in front of potential prospects. Professional looking, clean, well maintained, and consistently branding vehicle graphics and garden signs using your company name and colors will help people remember you and think of you first when they need your services.

If your roofing business has the wherewithal to invest in billboards, be sure to keep the message simple, large text with consistent fonts and sizes, and clean, simple design or artwork. Passing motorists don’t have time to read your company’s history and accreditation, and they won’t squint to see the fine print.

Develop the message to understand and solve the problem of your prospect; don’t do it all about you. When it comes to outdoor billboards, writing as little as possible is best. car wrap graphics for the roofing business

Engage in Local Networking:

Networking is still an excellent word-of-mouth advertising option. By joining the local Chamber of Commerce and attending local meetups, you can become the authoritative company in town.

Focus on property managers and real estate agents who may regularly need your services for engaging local networks you can use a roof marketing agency.


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