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Canon Pixma mg2522 Printer is an inkjet printer that comes with a scan and copy setup. The printer works with both operating systems – Windows and Mac OS and is only usable through a direct USB connection. Canon mg2522 printer contains various features like Hybrid Ink System, My Image Garden, and Creative Park Premium.

Canon mg2522 is most suitable for home printing needs because of its ability to print quickly and its compatibility with option XL ink cartridge, so you have to replace the inks less often. It is known to be the product that enables affordable home printing.

In this blog, you will find how to perform Canon Printer mg2522 set up and its troubleshooting, how to connect canon mg2522 printer to Wi-Fi, how to do Canon Pixma mg2522 printer wireless setup.


The printer’s initial setup comprises unboxing the printer, setting preferences, and placing ink cartridges. So to begin the Canon printer mg2522 setup, you need to carefully remove the printer from the box and put it on a robust and dust-free surface.

  • Place the power cord into a socket and press the Power button to turn it on.
  • Preference (language, country, date & time) setting is the next step.
  • Remove the lid to place the ink cartridge in its spot, push up on it till it makes a click sound. Print an alignment sheet to see if all colors are printing well.
  • Now, download the driver using the CD you have received along with the printer. This driver eases the communication between the computer and the printer.


To execute the Canon Pixma mg2522 printer wireless setup, turn on the printer using the power button, then slightly touch the Wireless connect option on the printer to select LAN settings.

  • Choose the wireless LAN Setup,
  • then Easy Wireless Connect. Now, on the screen of the printer, tap yes.
  • Open the device you want to connect your printer to and tap Start Setup on the screen.
  • Select the preference most suitable to you, along with the method of connection.
  • Finally, select the router you want to connect the printer with and end by entering the correct credentials.
  • The setup will complete in a few minutes, and once it is complete, your printer is set up.


To learn how to connect the Canon Mg2522 printer to WiFitouch on the Wireless Connect option to initiate a printer network search. A list of networks will open, choose the desired network, insert a password, and connect. The printer will then connect to the said Wi-Fi network.


For Canon Mg2522 Printer Troubleshooting where Canon Pixma Mg2522 won’t install, follow the given steps in this blog and try again.

  • Start by turning off the printer and disconnecting the USB cable from the computer. On your computer, uninstall the Canon Software and drivers from Control Panel,
  • and restart your computer. For this process to run smoothly,
  • you will have to temporarily disable Anti-virus software because third-party software may be causing the problem.
  • Next, insert the CD-ROM into the CD/DVD drive of your computer.
  • As soon as you insert the CD, the setup program should start to run automatically.
  • Else, if the AutoPlay screen flashes,
  • click on Run Setup.exe.
  • Please note, if the User Account Control screen appears, click Continue.
  • Now, wait for the main menu to open then click Custom Install.
  • As directed by the steps on your printer’s screen, select all items that you wish to install and continue the installation.
  • Make sure that the MP drive is selected.
  • Soon after, the Setup Method screen should appear and when it does, click Next.
  • Turn on the printer. Then, connect the USB cable to your computer –
  • you should hear a beep sound. Beep sound indicates that the printer has been identified.
  • Finally, when the installation completes,
  • click Exit, then restart your desktop.

This should solve the Canon Printer Mg2522 troubleshooting issue. However, if Canon Pixma Mg2522 won’t install still, contact our experts for further guidance.

Canon Pixma Mg2522 is cost-friendly and user-friendly. It is readily compatible with computers and other smart devices. This printer can link with other printers through a USB connection and allows you to print both remotely or otherwise. It can connect to computers from Chromebook and Mac.

Moreover, Mg2522’s advanced version can directly link to cloud printing. Since this is also a network printer, it can be kept in a tiny office or by a single owner. The Canon inkjet service engine enables its users to set up the printer to their laptops quickly.

This blog consists of all possible information required to set up, troubleshoot, installation issues, connection to Wi-Fi, and wireless setup. For more assistance, feel free to reach out to our tech experts.

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