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What are the best techniques to boost business sales

Sales Techniques | Boost your Sales with These 10 Tips

According to many experts, selling is the foremost profitable activity within the 21st century, which should come as no surprise. Companies that want to earn and grow got to sell more. For this, you would like specialists who, on the one hand, have the proper character traits, and on the other hand, their sales skills are very strong.

To realize the status of a specialist, you want to first of all study sales techniques and methods that ought to be used when contacting the client. Without it, the event is going to be impossible, also as effective sales.

1.  Price – Benefit

Using this selling method is extremely common. The popular “sandwich” is one of the most frequently used tricks of traders, which at the same time often brings excellent results. It consists of presenting the benefit of the product or service first.

Then the less favorable issue is talked about (usually the price or the contract time) but the next benefit is immediately given. Online Payday Loans also has benefits for you. Not only is the inconvenient issue dominated by the positives, but usually the customer will remember the trait least of all inside.

2. Imagination

It is a selling method very similar to “feature – advantage – benefit” and are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference here. By providing benefits, you will create in the client an idea of ​​how his life will change when he uses your product and service.

A simple example. The car has soft seats (this is a feature). Thanks to this, you will be very comfortable with them (this is a benefit), which will allow you to travel for hours and not feel tired or in pain (this is an image).

3. Contrast

We’ve talked about the contrast technique before, but it’s worth saying a bit more about it. This is because it is an extremely effective sales method that is used very widely and regardless of the industry. Usually, the customer is presented with a higher-priced product and then offered a cheaper one. Cheaper, i.e.

the one that we ultimately want to sell. Thanks to this, the seller does not say what is expensive and what is cheap. It only gives a point of reference thanks to which the customer will most likely choose a cheaper product.

The most important thing in this technique is always starting from a higher price to a lower price! The price difference should be decided individually. This can also affect your sales performance.

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4. Visualization

The consumer buys what he wants, which will change his life. And even in the absence of willingness to buy, which results, for example, from the small financial resources at its disposal, it often still decides to invest. This is due to the good presentation of the product or service, which was mentioned in the “feature – benefit – image” sales technique. If the customer arouses the desire to have, the chances of persuading him to buy will be greater.

What should be done to effectively use the visualization technique? First of all, present the benefits to the customer and give him an idea of ​​how his life will change and how positively a given product or service will affect his everyday life.

5. Minimization

Often, when discussing the topic of increasing productivity at work, we talked about dividing a large task into small ones. Then the work goes better. And a similar rule also applies in the world of trading! As it turns out, the price can also be properly “broken down” and it is not about installments, but about a certain image created in the client that will convince him to invest.

6. Dosing the Offer

Effective sales techniques are those that allow the customer to be positively surprised and contrasted with his arguments. Dosing the offer is just such a method. Its essence is not presenting the client with all product features or benefits at the beginning.

Thanks to this, in the event of a refusal, it is possible to surprise him and “add” something else to him. The method is especially recommended in call centers. It is then that telephone sets are sold and after the client rejects the offer, he is offered “unlimited calls to everyone within the network completely for free”.

7. Unavailability Rule

The principle is simple – the less something is available, the more we want it. Even if we don’t need it. The unavailability rule is extremely effective and allows you to exert some pressure on the customer. When he finds out that there are, for example, the last pieces of a product left or the offer for a given service ends in a few days, he will be more likely to make a purchase decision. He realizes that if not now, then never again.

The saying “only today” or “only for the Lord” works similarly. This makes the offer exclusive and more attractive in the eyes of the client (even if it is not at all).

8. Reciprocity

This is another of the rules that make use of social psychology and how a person behaves in specific cases. The rule here is that if someone has done something for you, you should reciprocate and do something for him.

Because it’s fair. That way, when the seller offers a free product sample or grants a free one month of service usage, the customer will feel grateful and more likely to take the offer.

9. Only Two Options to Choose From

According to numerous studies, the customer will decide to buy more quickly if he has two products to choose from than if there were, for example, 10.

The greater the choice, the greater the problem with making the final decision. However, a resigned customer often gives up the purchase completely.

Therefore, sellers very often present one product and then give the customer an alternative. Thanks to this, the choice is easier, and the high quality of the goods makes it highly likely to make a quick decision.

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