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How Can Blog Help Boost Organic Traffic? Follow these 4 Tips

Even if you are running a business, you need to start a blog. The purpose of starting a blog is to improve keyword ranking so more and more visitors can land your website. You cannot make changes to your website every other day, and on-page SEO does not just include website-centric SEO.

You may need to modify your web pages, create some new landing pages, add and subtract content, and update facts used in your content, but these all things are not required regularly. This is where the blog comes in.

Search engines will improve the ranking of your website based on the type of content you share with your audience. The essential aspect they look at is user intent and whether you are offering value to your customers.

Website content generally talks about your products and services. The entire content is covered around who you are, what you do, and the benefits your target audience can obtain by using your products and services.

Why Blogging is Vital to Boost Organic Traffic?

Your audience does not just want to know the features and benefits of your products, but they instead want to see how you can make your life better. They want to get a solution to their current problems.

There are a lot of issues you cannot cover on your website because the content is limited to your products and services, but you can discuss them with a blog.

Blogging is essential to engage your users, and in other words, it is an indirect way of promoting your products and services.

For instance, if you sell financial products, you can create blogs on several topics like debt management, smart ways to buy financial products, and so on.

This is a great way to improve the knowledge of your customers as well as improve keyword ranking to increase the organic traffic to your website. When you create a website, you are restricted to creating several pages, but you do not have to face this problem with blogging.

You can create as many blogs as possible, provided they are worth reading. If they do not value your users, search engines will not boost the ranking of your website.

Tips for using a blog to boost organic traffic

You all know that you should consider creating a blog to boost organic traffic to your website, but most of you must not be aware of the right way of using it to achieve your purpose. Here are some ways how you can use a blog to increase organic traffic to your website:

Understand the needs of your target audience

If you want to create a successful blog, you should identify the needs of your target audience. Unless you know what they are precisely looking for, you will not be able to deliver the right thing. Understanding the needs of your customers will keep you in a better place.

If your customers are looking for short-term financial products, it is useless to sell them long-term financial products. Selling a product similar to short-term financial products will not help you either.

This is essential to serve your customers what they are looking for. Identifying your audience is one thing and identifying their needs is another. Therefore, you should try to know the current problems of your users and then serve them a solution with your blog.

For instance, if you are selling financial products to your target audience, you should try to identify what kind of problems they are suffering from. For example, you can create blogs around topics like debt settlement, budgeting, saving, investing, making money, and the like.

First off, you should create a buyer persona as it will help you identify your target audience, and then you should figure out their needs and wants. By knowing their needs and wants, you will be able to offer them what they exactly are expecting from you.

Identify the right keywords

No matter how great a blog you have created, you cannot increase organic traffic to your website if you have not used relevant keywords. Keywords are essential to understand to determine the ranking. These are search terms used by people to make their queries.

To know the search terms people use, you will have to use a keyword planner. You can get a lot of keywords in the keyword planner. Some keywords will have a high volume of searches, while others have a small volume.

Some keywords will be short tail while the others will be long tail. You need to identify what kind of keywords are used in search queries by your users. It is essential to use those keywords in your blog, so when your target audience makes a query using that keyword and if your blog topic covers that topic, you can show up on top results.

It is crucial to use the relevant keywords in your blogs so you can get better ranking results. Note that you do not need to stuff all keywords. You should use only those keywords that are relevant to the blog. Overstuffing keywords will also not help you either.

Understand the use of short-tail and long-tail keywords. If you use long-tail keywords, you will be able to get a higher rank sooner than short-tail keywords. This is because long-tail keywords specify the query. For instance, if you use long-term loans in the search bar, you can get a lot of results because this term is very generic.

Likely, you do not get the result you have been looking for by using this term. However, if you try to specify your query, you will likely get the desired result. This is why it is crucial to identify what keywords you should integrate into your blog.

Use Keyword Planner to pick the right keyword. If you do not know how to make a blog strategy, you should hire an expert to help you with this. If you do not have enough money, you should not worry about taking out long-term loans for bad credit with no guarantor.

Create new content

When you think of creating a blog, you find that a lot of blog posts are already flooding the internet. Do you think your audience will pay heed to your blog when there are already blogs on the same topic on the internet? No, anything but.

Though there are various blog posts on the same topic on the internet, it does not mean that you cannot create a blog on that topic. Search engines will likely shortlist your blog posts and assign a higher rank if you successfully manage to start a blog with new information.

Note that various authors keep writing on the same themes or genres, such as crime, but their writing is admired based on the creativity they introduced while designing the plot.

You all know how to know that murder, perpetrator, victim, witness, and evidence will all be there, but the intricacy of such things to form a plot will differ from novel to novel. Similarly, you can create a blog on the same topics, but you need to ensure that you are offering something new and unique to your audience.

Brainstorm new ideas about what you can offer to your target audience. By providing new and unique content, you can impress search engines. People also ask is a great way to know what people are exactly looking for. However, it is still not that easy. You will have to do extensive market research.

Identify user intent

Identifying the user intent is the most important thing yet tricky. Search engines rank a website after they know that the content you have created meets the user’s intent. Note that your ultimate goal is to engage your users, and if they are satisfied, they will keep visiting your website on and off.

Of course, it is crucial to prove that search engines that your content is worth engaging and reading because only then they will give a high rank to your website. Search engines generally check the user intent. It means they will see whether you have created the content that meets the intent of your users. Does it offer what your audience is looking for? If your content meets user intent, your website will automatically get higher organic traffic.

The bottom line

A blog can boost the organic traffic to your website, provided you understand what your audience is exactly looking for. You should know what they are precisely looking for, use the right keyword so search engines can pick it when a search query is made.

Make sure that you bring new ideas to your content. Otherwise, people will not pay attention to your blog. When search engines see that people interact with your content, the direct benefit you will get to your website.

Follow the tips mentioned above and then see the positive results in your website traffic. If you are still unable to see the results, you should hire an expert who can help you with this.

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