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10 Best SEO Automation Tools for Increasing Productivity

SEO Automation: Up the level of your SEO game

A successful SEO campaign can drive organic traffic to any website. However, it is easier said than done. SEO campaigns include keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, site monitoring, and more. Various SEO tools for automation can make these complex tasks easier. These small tasks can take a lot of your time if tackled manually. You won’t ever be able to complete a campaign in a given time.

So how will you accomplish these tasks without compromising the quality of your work? SEO tools for automation are the solution. There are several SEO automation tools in the market that make the process easy and quick.

SEO Tasks That Are Generally Automated:

There are a lot of common tasks in SEO that require a lot of time but hold less importance than others. A top SEO automation tool is an efficient way to speed up and up the game of your SEO game. However, it is not a new concept. If you are wondering which tasks you should automate. Look at these task lists:

Site Tracking– Site tracking is a crucial part of an exemplary SEO campaign. Nowadays, you can find many ideal SEO tools for easy and fast site tracking. These tools monitor many elements under site trackings like loading time of webpage, broken links, site uptime, and more.

You can easily track these elements and keep your websites and web pages up-to-date. A well-maintained website is far more attractive than websites with small errors.

Rank tracking– Rank tracking accomplishes a vital task in SEO. It gives you the rank of your page and helps you surpass your competitors. It helps to comprehend the changes you need to make to the page.

The main objective of an SEO campaign is to up your website rank. It can be achieved only if you keep a consistent track of your page position on google. A website with many pages can be tricky to track. You need to track the rankings of every page to achieve maximum upshot. It can be a tedious task if done manually and a waste of time. This is where SEO tools for automation come in handy. They make SEO campaigns better by improving them and reducing your manual labor.

Backlink Analysis– Backlink analysis means monitoring the backlinks of web pages for any error or bug. One should track sites consistently to keep the website up-to-date. SEO automation process also helps to enhance the quality of your backlinks. It makes sure the website is getting top-notch backlinks only.

Competitor Monitoring– You want to elevate your ranking in search results but find it difficult to track the positions of your competitors. SEO automation process can assist you in this too. You can efficiently keep an eye on your competitor and make appropriate strategies.

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Leading SEO Tools for Automation to Increase SEO Productivity:

SEM Rush

SemRush is one of the leading automation tools for a large-scale digital marketing company. This is one of the most promising and trusted platforms for SEO tools. It has various plans both standard and customizable. The price range is quite flexible too.

You can find top SEO tools for automation for almost all SEO tasks. However, choose the tools only after knowing your requirements from it. You can find exclusive SEO tools built for a specific task or can buy tools that fulfill more than one task.

SE Ranking

It is another excellent SEO platform with impressive automation features. Find relevant keywords and analyze competitors’ websites to create suitable strategies. The site has an ample number of tools to tackle ordinary yet time-consuming tasks. Some of its notable tools are a backlink checker, keyword rank tracker, competitive research, and many more.

Screaming Frog

Screaming tool unlike other SEO platforms has exclusive features. It is generally used to audit websites and or website crawling. It can be downloaded on your devices too. Schedule audits and auto-export data for you.


Ahrefs is among the best SEO tools for automation. This tool checks your backlinks and whether they add value to your page or not. Better backlinks improve the ranking of your website on search results. An ideal backlink should be bug-free and of top-notch quality.


The SentiOne is one of the top SEO automation software for AI chatbots, social listening, and client service. Social listening is a common process in an SEO campaign. It helps you track the opinions of users about your brand. It also helps you connect with relevant bloggers and content creators who can help you promote your website.


This platform is specifically used to audit websites and run SEO tests. To make sure your web pages are in the best condition possible.


This tool has a lot of benefits for competitor analysis and social listening. Though, it is a somewhat less known automation tool. It easily crawls your competitors’ websites and suggests improvements to yours.


This SEO tool for automation is best for finding high-ranking keywords. It can help you take your website to a higher rank in search engines.

Google Search Console

This platform is widely used by SEO developers as it is a free tool. It helps you track your website health, average keyword position, and other issues that a website is suffering from.


It is a platform to analyze and track SEO campaigns. There are various tools to choose from.

Successful SEO campaign:

These tools are a savior to make your SEO campaign successful. It can help you complete your campaign in an appropriate time-frame with no glitch. Try these top SEO tools for automation in your next campaign.

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