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Best Packaging ideas for retail products

The retail packaging sector is highly versatile with creativity knocking at your doorstep. Designing your packages by implementing new ideas can bring good exposure to your brand.

The biggest retail chains that are present in the U.S. and Europe are known for the look and feel of their packages and how they are displayed on the shelves. In this highly competitive market, packaging a new product is a big challenge for businesses.

Retailers are constantly looking for new ideas to display their products more innovatively and creatively. A packaging design is the most diversified thing as it fulfills different sorts of needs. Custom product boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, designs, materials, and colors.

However, the first impression you create represents your entire brand. Your product might be fantastic but trendy and creative packaging can seal the deal. It makes your products noticeable on shelves at a glance. Here is a complete guide on the latest packaging ideas for retail products that can take your business to the heights of success:

Make your Product a Part of the Package:

Combining your product with its packaging can create a unique statement. The ideas are unlimited depending upon the nature of your retail product. You might have seen how creatively the company designed Fit Buns packages. The buns are made the part of a custom printed box showing their high-protein nature to build your muscles.

The same is the case with Trident. The bubble gum is displayed so attractively in the illustration of the mouth leading to teeth whitening. Or just consider a simple little twist as Kleenex did! The brands which show special creativity in making their products a part of the package establish their name very soon in a retail environment.

Simplicity Creates Magic:

Minimalistic packaging styles are getting trendy these days. The most common and successful example is Apple. Just think how beautifully and elegantly, it created a masterpiece packaging that outshines the crowd.

Among hundreds of competitors, it has established a unique retail identity just by keeping things simple inside out. A white or a black colored box highlights four things: the name of the product, it’s the brand logo, the beauty shot of the product, and its basic information.

Inside things are equally minimalist as outside with an insert, tab, and notch at the perfect spot. Apple has worked well on providing maximum ease to the users by creating packaging that ties the entire brand together.

Tell Your Brand Story:

Creative packaging is a perfect place to craft your brand story, no matter whether it’s a fact or fantasy.  If you think from a marketing perspective, use a story to present your products more uniquely. Refine to make it concise and brief. Incorporate it into your packaging design to make it more appealing for the customers.

RioCoffee has started using travel stickers and postage on their custom coffee boxes to highlight the source of their coffee beans. It gives an idea to the customers that the coffee beans are gathered all over the world to provide them with the best quality. An Australian wine,

The Great Bonza turned his product packaging even more fantastical by telling a story about an Australian circus. Thus, your story can be anything that increases the customers’ interest in your products, highlighting them well in a retail environment.

Experiment with Unique Shapes:

It’s not always necessary that your custom packaging boxes are square or rectangular. Think out of the box and experiment with unique ideas to grab the customer’s attention. No matter which type of retail packaging you want to design, your box shape should look distinct on shelves.

You have a variety of options to choose from like circular boxes, triangular boxes, cylindrical boxes, heart-shaped boxes, hexagonal boxes, and a lot more. The choices are unlimited and depend upon your level of creativity. You may also introduce different shapes of die-cuts on your boxes to create an amazing display.

Let us take the example of Lanna Spa. The brand used nature-inspired leaf shapes boxes for their line of soaps. A textured material used to design the packages completed the illusion. It is perfect enough to reinforce the earthy and natural feel of the brand.

Introduce Seasonality:

When it comes to retail products, seasonal packaging is a big driver for sales. However, it should be planned well in advance to generate the best results. This is because custom films, labels, and other forms of printed packaging require advanced planning and machine modification.

These seasonal initiatives are often difficult to take but the results are worth considering. It might add some complexity but seasonal packaging is the best way to bring a rapid boost in sales. For example, if it’s Christmas and you are selling cupcakes, design their custom product boxes by using a Christmas theme.

Use red and green colors along with the images of Santa, Christmas tree, and jingle bells, etc. You may also attach some little wishing tags on the boxes to make them more interactive for the customers.

Focus on Sustainability:

With the rise in environmental concerns, businesses are moving towards sustainable packaging. Even the consumers prefer to purchase from the brands which step towards eco-friendly practices.

Using Kraft boxes material to design your custom packaging boxes is an effective way to grab customer attention towards your products. Its brown color indicates to the customers that the brand cares about the environment and is making every possible effort to save the planet.

Create a Packaging that Adds Value:

Creativity is not only restricted to creating a packaging that is functional, convenient to open, fun to use, or the one that extends the product life.

There are several other easy ways to add value. Design your custom product boxes in a way that they utilize paperboard design features like fifth panels, special cut-outs, surprise internal panels, inserts, die-cuts, or interactive sustainability stories.

You may also work on providing a better unboxing experience to the customers to make a prominent one on retail shelves.

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