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The best office environment in your company

We need to facilitate the work terrain in companies. Companies are where utmost of us spend utmost of our working time. They must be working duly since a favorable work terrain influences our productivity and happiness.

And it’s that to work in a favorable, relaxed, and accordingly productive terrain, it’s necessary to take into account specific measures that favor the climate in said work surroundings.

According to the OECD check” Wellbeing at work,” published in 2015, 62 European workers say they’re happy at work. Still, even though utmost of us are comfortable in our work, there are a series of conduct that we can take into account to facilitate the work terrain in our company.

In this sense, SendGift wants to come to the commanding platform in the request to facilitate labor relations between workers in companies. The company aims to facilitate working conditions by perfecting the chemistry between teammates. According to a study conducted by Stanford University, when there are good connections between teammates, productivity increases fully disproportionately.

A digital revolution that has just begun

The platform wants to launch a series of tools that help facilitate labor relations between workers. The platform offers the possibility of swapping gifts, congratulations, and special dispatches in group and cooperative cards in which all platoon members can laboriously share.

“The stylish companies are those in which all their members feel part of the same family,” they assure the company.”At SendGift, we want this to be possible not only to celebrate certain special and occasional occasions but also to be a tool for commercial use in which any hand can pierce at any time and produce a group card to compliment a birthday, celebrate a creation, congratulations on the birth of a baby or thanking a coworker who’s retiring for all the moments lived, for illustration.”

. As explained by the company, this platform allows workers to” produce and partake a digital card directly from work, without leaving the structure or spending time looking for a physical store to buy the typical card that everyone must physically subscribe.

But which is a process as simple as participating the card through any digital channel and the other people in the office will be suitable to add their dispatches.”

With the increase in remote work, an increase in an enterprise like this is also anticipated, which allows perfecting the work terrain both in brigades that are physically in the office and in companies that work entirely.

The benefits of digital cards are multitudinous since, in addition to saving time and plutocrat to manage the entire physical process, they facilitate communication between associates.

In 2022 SendGift aspires to become the leading company in the sector to perfect labor relations between workers.

The platform wants to be a reference in companies of all sectors and sizes, but especially in those in which workers work ever from their homes, and it’s frequently delicate for them to interact with their associates outside the usual work terrain.

Digital cards are a great way to ease working connections in these situations, as they remove physical and geographical walls. In addition, it allows workers to express their opinion and their passions in a straightforward way.

A great acceptance in the companies

With more than 10,000 group cards created, SendGift is positioned as the leading platform in its sector and aspires to revolutionize how any online event is currently held.

Solutions of this type facilitate interaction between people who, at a given moment, are in different parts of the planet. Once again, the great potential that technology has to improve society is reflected, and that is why we must be able to know how to use it correctly.

Due to this, one of the projects that SendGift pursues is to have a great social impact in any part of the planet, bringing friends, family, and acquaintances closer to interact in a group card to make a unique detail to whom everyone loves.

It may seem that creating a group card is a matter only for individuals who want to congratulate someone they know on their birthday, but the truth is that it is the companies that have become the primary users of the platform.

There are several occasions at work in which colleagues make a detail of this type to someone who is retiring, who is starting a new professional challenge, someone who has received an award or who has been promoted, or even for more personal situations as congratulations to colleagues who have had a baby or who are getting married soon.

There are so many occasions in which to create a group and digital card in companies, which can also help us improve the chemistry and morale of our employees.

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