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Benefits Of High Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot pressure washers offer an efficient method for sanitation and cleaning. Jetwave is an international producer of equipment for cleaning, offered an overview of the advantages from hot-water pressure washers.

Heating Speeds Up The Process Of Cleaning

Heating energy plays a crucial factor for speeding and increasing the efficiency of cleaning. In addition to the mechanics, detergents and the time the temperature is among the four parameters interdependent which determine the effectiveness in the process of cleaning as per the Sinner cycle. Jetwave is a leading Australian producer of equipment for cleaning has provided an overview of the advantages of Hot Water Pressure Washers.

Everyone Has Learned That Hot Or Warm Water Is Crucial In The Cleaning Process

For professional cleaning tasks the introduction of heat guarantees that dirt and lubricants are broken down rapidly Each 10degC increase in temperature increases the speed of chemical processes and reduces the time of reaction.

Soot, Oil, And Grease Are Released By The Heat And Are Removed Faster

The oil and grease also are able to emulsify faster when hot water is used. A variety of real-world examples – from a car garage to a workshop to a massive industrial enterprise – demonstrate that using hot water can decrease the time for cleaning by as much as 40 percent.

Lower Costs for Labour

Another major reason for the use of high-pressure cleaners heated is the shorter drying time. The surfaces that are cleaned using hot water are left slightly hot and dry faster.

An ice water machine with equivalent capacity and pressure could cost more than twice as much as a hot-water pressure washer. The cost of acquiring, on the other hand, is quickly amortised due to lower operating and labour costs.
The necessity for expensive technology, notably in the shape of the heater, is the main reason for the increased purchasing price. In addition, the higher energy consumption of the heating system must be taken into account when calculating maintenance costs.

Use less Detergents and Fewer Bacteria

While traditional cold water units are able to get the desired results when paired with a cleaning agent that is suitable hot water units will complete the task quickly.

Usually, the dirt that is stubborn, like resin, encrusted grease or oil residues, begin to break down after hot water is used, meaning you don’t require nearly the amount of detergent.

In most cases it is not necessary to use any cleaning product at all.

It’s not just good for the environment but can also be beneficial to the bank balance of the owner.

Smooth and Gentle Surfaces

Pressure washers that are heated are ideal to the most difficult cleaning tasks. Water cleaning chemicals, hand-scrubbing will not be sufficient.

This is apparent when you use the steam stage: by applying mineral-free steam to temperatures of up to 155°C that even the most difficult dirt can be easily removed without the necessity for cleaning agents.

This method is especially suitable for cleaning surfaces that are sensitive that require a thorough cleaning effect can be achieved using significantly lower pressure and a smaller amount of water.

Additionally, this particular method is a green method to get rid of bitumen coatings the soot and paint algae and lichens. The lower consumption of water means less wasted water.

Another benefit is evident using steam that is hot allows to get rid of as much as 99% of germs and bacteria.

Highly Efficient

The main benefit that hot-water pressure washers have is their outstanding degree of efficiency in the economy. This benefit is evident whenever the equipment is employed often for commercial uses. The longer and more frequently you utilize the machine, the more obvious the benefit is.

The hot-water pressure washer could cost more than twice the price of an ice water machine that has similar capacity and pressure. However, because of the reduced operating and labour expenses, the cost of purchasing is rapidly amortized.

The main reason for the higher purchase cost is due to the need of expensive technology, particularly in the shape that of the heater. In addition the heating system’s higher energy consumption has to be considered when looking at the maintenance cost.

But, these two price factors can be quickly offset with the potential savings offered by hot water heaters. Savings begin with running and maintenance expenses and the cost of heating the water is soon offset by the savings that are derived from a less water usage and cleaning chemicals.

This is evident when using the steam stage: even the toughest filth may be quickly removed without the use of cleaning products by using mineral-free steam to temperatures of up to 155°C.
This method is especially useful for cleaning sensitive surfaces that require a comprehensive cleaning effect that may be done with substantially less pressure and water.

When analyzing profitability it is essential to take note of the fact that cleaning time is reduced by 40 percent when you use hot water.

This number affects the cost of labor which, over the total period of operation of a commercial high-pressure washer will be several times more than the cost of purchase and operating.

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High Pressure Washers from Jetwave Group

Jetwave Group is a high pressure washer manufacturer. We are dedicated to providing top quality and affordable pressure washers. We offer a wide range of pressure washers including gas pressure washers, electric pressure washers, stationary pressure washers and the new hot water turbo cleaning units.

Final Words:

The necessity for expensive technology, notably in the shape of the heater, is the main reason for the increased purchasing price. In addition, the higher energy consumption of the heating system must be taken into account when calculating maintenance costs.

However, the potential savings given by hot water heaters can quickly offset these two price issues.

Savings start with operating and maintenance costs, and the cost of heating the water is quickly offset by savings from decreased water usage and cleaning chemicals.

When calculating profitability, it’s important to remember that using hot water cuts cleaning time by 40%.  This figure has an impact on labour costs, which rise over time.

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